Introduction To Trading

First of all, you are probably skeptical of our results. I don’t blame you one iota. Just to let you know, you can buy a zoom pass and watch all of this performed in real time… on any day of your choosing. Not a problem. I welcome “showing” you around.

Learn To Trade

Learning the art of trading closely resembles mastering the game of chess. The basics appear elementary, simple and straightforward. Then it gets complex rather quickly. It is best to start with the fundamentals, while at-the-same-time watching/studying other players games/moves/strategy during a live chess match… which in our case… are our daily zoom sessions. With our Full Membership, you’ll have a seasoned “chess champ” to dissect your own game plan, charts, levels, and trades. The game is afoot.

If you are searching for a reliable and high-probability system to generate consistent daily income in the S&P futures contract, then our approach may interest you. This system could be the missing piece to your trade plan.

Our method follows a simple rule: “when A PLUS B happens, then do C.” . We do not just “jump into trades” on a hope and prayer. We have concrete rules for drawing our lines. We interpret price action as it unfolds; witnessing the tempo and cadence of the market to help with our leverage/risk decisions. It is part science (the lines drawn) and art (tempo/pace/cadence – reading the heartbeat of the market).

Read on to learn more.

Now, before we proceed, I must provide two warnings.

FIRST WARNING: If you want to make a lot of money fast, this is NOT the group for you. Go find a high stakes options group that swings for the fences on meme stocks – just kidding, don’t do that! Slow and steady IS the way, Thus we prioritize a slow and steady approach rather than aiming for rapid gains.

SECOND WARNING: If you enjoy hearing F-Bombs, people blowing accounts right-and-left, tilting with rage, a manic ‘leader’, people acting like they are 23 while being 53… this is not the group for you. We maintain a professional and disciplined atmosphere, managing our emotions by controlling leverage, implementing strategic stop losses, and recognizing that there is always another high-probability trade on the horizon. We use clean language and helpful attitudes. Nothing else will be tolerated. Our room fosters a calm, composed environment and boasts a track record of consistent performance.

Now, let’s get down to it.

Our system is built upon a meticulous and deliberate process. Your lines should be EXACTLY in the SAME spot as mine – once you learn how to draw them. I futher aid our members with accurate live price action analysis on the ES1! Chart. We chart & trade live on zoom each AM.
We trade SMALL SIZE with reasonable stop losses. Personally, I trade 1-3 micro contracts most of the time with excellent risk management and strive for perfect entry. Some members trade multiple ES contracts – as individual preferences vary. I am not your babysitter, nor money manager. So, risk accordingly. Small victories gradually add up. It is a walking marathon, not a sprint.

Our system affords plenty of time to analyze the price action, understand our stop loss, size appropriately, and enter our limit orders. We “see” every trade BEFORE it happens and we leverage accordingly. We have time to discuss the entry before execution as well. Slow. Methodical. Purposeful.

At our core, we are “bounce traders” who predominantly rely on market structure recognition and price action analysis with a market profile/auction perspective. The structure and patterns of the candles on the chart provide us with valuable insights and guide our decision-making process. Reading price action guides us in leverage/risk decisions. We prefer bounce levels that exhibit multiple confluences. This happens because we use levels that are derived from different maths. Our system provides a comprehensive and logical framework for our trading strategies.

You can learn it on your own (scroll down for links) or I can teach it to you – your choice.

Overview Presentation

I did a presentation before the famous Aeromir Group at the request of Tom, the owner. He is a member of my group himself and he wanted HIS options traders to see INSIDE my system. This Core Strategy is great for futures AND options traders.

Let’s Dig Deeper.

Our core strategy is fourfold, working in unison to offer confluence.

Cotton + ICT + Market Profile + Price Action = Core Strategy

I know, I know. You probably said, “What????” lol. No problem.

These four strategies offer confluence on top of confluence on top of confluence.

I took these four independent strategies and created one CORE STRATEGY out of them. It works like gang busters – it really does.

Join my group for one month and you might NEVER leave!

Trading as a GROUP, via zoom, with the SAME charts looking for the SAME trades is just awesome. You are looking at my CHART to make sure you are marking YOUR chart right. Plus we talk trades, set-ups, market direction, ….


I know… weird name.. but amazing information and trader.

If you had to know JUST ONE THING, this is it (IMHO).

When you layer on ICT and Market Profile…. wow… icing on the cake, so-to-speak. And reading Price Action tells us IF we should take this upcoming trade AND it tells us “how much leverage”we should use!

Let’s talk about Cotton for a second here. Getting through his videos is agonizing. Trust me, it took MANY attempts to get through Cotton’s material but this guy is ON THE MONEY! Accurate and precise. He is a trading alchemist. In fact, I did ALL his videos three times.

Cotton is the FOUNDATIONAL to our core strategy. He is the first ingredient that goes into the Core Strategy. When you hear me say “Cotton Levels”, it is he reference.

That said, not everything he teaches is used in our system. Not everything proved fruitful to “me”. So, when creating YOUR OWN trading system, use discernment. Cotton probably teaches a 100 things, we use three of them. Even Cotton will tell you, “Pick a few things I teach and use them. You don’t need them all.”. I concur.

Cottons YouTube Channel.

I recommend you take notes! Start a new training document on your computer. Save links. Screenshot and save them to your notebook to reference later.

This IS like going to college for trading!

If you want to get it straight from the horse’s mouth, start with Level 1 and go through them all. It is about 100+ hours of training.

I have done them ALL three times PLUS I was in his private mentorship for additional training.

how to trade futures


“ICT Mentorship 2022” is the group of videos you are looking for. There are about 50 of them.

ICT is incredible.

This guy’s setup is basically Cotton on Steroids!

Do NOT worry about ICT stuff UNTIL you have went through Cotton. Cotton is the FOUNDATION on which everything is built.

You will learn an amazing setup AND you will learn about the power of FVG (Fair Value Gaps).

ES Emini Trading Strategy

Price Action

We learn price Action on the job…. inside our zoom every morning. That is what I am doing, I am calling out Price Action Analysis. The trades love it because I am very good at it. I do not call out trades (my group is NOT a trade call out service) but I do “call out” price action. You will see my trades after entry. I will manage them right before your eyes so you can watch how I do it. After a while, you will learn my favorite set ups. Which trades are SMALL leverage and which trades are LARGE leverage trades. Price action tells me what to do!

Price action is like music – it tells you how to dance if you listen.

Learning price action takes time on the charts! Pure and simple. It takes time to see the nuances LIVE in live trading in real time. Some people never ‘get it’ – which is no big deal, we are a TEAM!

professional futures trading room

Market Profile

Just to recap so far. You NEED to learn Cotton. Then ICT. Then Market profile. Inside the Zoom each day, you will be exposed to each of them.

Market Profile is a tougher one. This takes the MOST time to learn in my humble opinion.

I will boil it down to the essentials inside the Core Strategy Academy.

I do not have ONE resource to use for this.

But… if I had to give you a BOOK or GURU for Market Profile… here you go.

James Dalton
Markets in Profile

But the book is so blinding boring, I couldn’t even read it! Seriously.

Shadowtrader is a great resource. Personally, I subscribe to this newsletter. It is only $20 and worth every penny to me. Shadowtrader (Peter) also has a youtube channel.

ES Emini Price Action Chart Analysis

Ready to Learn?

There are three roads.

Which road is best for you?

The answer: It depends on how much you value your time.

The Long Road:

This is like learning chess from a book. It CAN be be done… eventually. If you want the absolute cheapest path with no guidance from me what-so-ever… Start down this road (see “THE LONG ROAD LINKS” below) and PROVE to yourself there is an EDGE here. And there is! Don’t take my word for it; discover it on your own. And… when your frustration grows at your pace of learning (which it will) join my group to speed up your training curve, learn the nuances, and get trading as soon as possible. Time IS money. When you join my group, you are buying back your TIME and a HIGH PROBABILITY SYSTEM.

✅ $30 One-Time Fee
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➡️ Long Road Links

* Cotton: His information is central. Watch every video 2-3 times – 100 to 300 hours total! It is a GRIND but this clearly outlines the “edge”. After you have done all of Cotton’s videos join his Discord Group. Consider joining his $1200 a month mentorship group like I did for a several months! To learn from the master is nice! With Cotton, you do not need me – if you can make it through his training. As you will discover, he teaches incredibly fast, takes forever to make a point (as my members describe it to me), changes defintions often, calls the same thing different names, … it CAN be confusing. He is a like a mad scientist as you will discover. He teaches WAY MORE than what we use. He teaches 100+ different things, and we only use three of them. Yes, three. Finally, he teaches everything on BITCOIN, and we trade ES/MES. There ARE differences and nuances. Your mileage may vary. I can’t recommend Cotton enough. Even if you join my group, I am going to tell you to eventually complete all of Cotton’s videos. I tell you the truth, I watched ALL of his videos three times (plus his mentorship group). LINK TO COTTON VIDEOS: link.

* ICT: 2022 Mentorship, specifically. He is a madman! link.

* Market Profile (Shadowtrader, Paul Asmar from CamelBack trading, Dalton).

The Middle Road:

Legacy Training Guide: This is like learning chess with a book and videos. Would you like a little guidance??? If so, you might like this option. This is the exact “Training Guide” my first 100 Members used! That is…. until they begged me to create the Core Strategy Academy. This Training Guide is like buying a tour guide map which clearly outlines the path up the mountain, highlighting pitfalls along the way. There is additional commentary and videos from me included in this option.
Learn More: DIY Legacy Training Guide

The Short Road:

Full Membership: This is like learning chess alongside a 2000+ ELO rated chess player analyzing your moves. This is the option MOST traders (95%) select. Hit the ground running. Get the training you deserve right out of the gate. I am really good at distilling all this information down to the trading essentials. That is why I created the Core Strategy Academy.
Core Strategy Academy
Full Membership: Academy + Discord + Zoom

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