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If you are looking for a trading system, that is…. When A PLUS B happens, then do C.

A + B = C

You found it!

We see every trade BEFORE it happens. There is PLENTY of time for analysis to ensure this is a wonderful high-probability setup.

At the very essence, we are “bounce traders”.

You see… with high certainty; we know where the price will bounce. We play the bounces.

Sometimes the bounces are counter trend, and sometimes with the trend.

Personally, I love “With The Trend” trades. They offer lots of juice for the squeeze.


I did a presentation before the famous Aeromir Group at the request of Tom, the owner. He is a member of my group himself and he wanted HIS options traders to see INSIDE my system. This Core Strategy is great for futures AND options traders.

Our core strategy is fourfold, working in unison to offer confluence.

Cotton + ICT + Market Profile + Price Action = Core Strategy

I know, I know. You probably said, “What????” lol. No problem.

This Quick Start Guide will walk you through this Core Strategy. Or, get The Training Bundle to speed up your learning.

These four strategies offer confluence on top of confluence on top of confluence.

I took these four independent strategies and created one CORE STRATEGY out of them. It works like gang busters – it really does.

Join my group for one month and you just might NEVER leave!

Trading as a GROUP, via zoom, with the SAME charts looking for the SAME trades is just awesome. You are looking at my CHART to make sure you are marking YOUR chart right. Plus we talk trades, set-ups, market direction, ….


I know… weird name.. but amazing information and trader.

If you had to know ONE THING, this is it!

ICT and Market Profile is icing on the cake, so-to-speak. And Price Action tells us IF we should take this upcoming trade AND it tells u “how much leverage”we should use!

Trust me, it took MANY attempts to get through Cotton’s material but this guy is ON THE MONEY! Accurate and precise. He is a trading alchemist.

Cotton is the FOUNDATION of my core strategy. He is the first ingredient that goes into my Gumbo.

You will hear us say, “Cotton Levels”. We are referring to this guy!

A majority of this Quick Start Guide is a “cliff notes” version of Cotton’s training. BUT, if you want to hear it DIRECT from HIM… use this link.

I recommend you take notes! Start a new training document on your computer. Save links. Screenshot and save them to your notebook to reference later.

This IS like going to college for trading!

If you want to get it straight from the horse’s mouth, start with Level 1 and go through them all. It is about 100+ hours of training.

I have done them ALL three times PLUS I was in his private mentorship for additional training.

how to trade futures

If you want to “Do It Yourself”, without my help…. here you go:

Our System Is A Combination of:

* Cotton (His information is central. Watch every video 2-3 times!) After you have done all of Cotton’s videos, joined his Discord, and are still interested in trading with some MES/ES traders using Cotton + Market Profile + ICT Concepts + Price Action, consider joining our trading room.


* ICT (2022 Mentorship, specifically. He is a madman!) link.

* Market Profile (Shadowtrader, Paul Asmar from CamelBack trading, Dalton).


“ICT Mentorship 2022” is the group of videos you are looking for. There are about 50 of them.

ICT is incredible.

This guy’s setup is basically Cotton on Steroids!

Do NOT worry about ICT stuff UNTIL you have went through Cotton. Cotton is the FOUNDATION on which everything is built.

You will learn an amazing setup AND you will learn about the power of FVG (Fair Value Gaps).

ES Emini Trading Strategy

Market Profile

Just to recap so far. You NEED to learn Cotton. Then ICT. Then Market profile. Inside the Zoom each day, you will be exposed to each of them.

Market Profile is a tougher one. This takes the MOST time to learn in my humble opinion.

I will boil it down to the essentials inside the Quick Start Guide.

I do not have ONE resource to use for this.

But… if I had to give you a BOOK or GURU for Market Profile… here you go.

James Dalton
Markets in Profile

But the book is so blinding boring, I couldn’t even read it! Seriously.

Shadowtrader is a great resource. Personally, I subscribe to this newsletter. It is only $20 and worth every penny to me. Shadowtrader (Peter) also has a youtube channel.

ES Emini Price Action Chart Analysis

Price Action

We learn price Action on the job…. inside our zoom every morning. That is what I am doing, I am calling out Price Action Analysis. The trades love it because I am very good at it. I do not call out trades (my group is NOT a trade call out service) but I do “call out” price action. You will see my trades after entry. I will manage them right before your eyes so you can watch how I do it. After a while, you will learn my favorite set ups. Which trades are SMALL leverage and which trades are LARGE leverage trades. Price action tells me what to do!

Price action is like music – it tells you how to dance if you listen.

Learning price action takes time on the charts! Pure and simple. It takes time to see the nuances LIVE in live trading in real time. Some people never ‘get it’ – which is no big deal, we are a TEAM!

professional futures trading room

RoadMap: The Short Road

Go through my videos and then start the Cotton Videos. If you take your futures trading education seriously, absorb it all. You will NOT regret it!

Or… you can skip all of this and go STRAIGHT TO Cotton’s Youtube page and start watching. Join his Discord group and go go go.

If you want to join a group of ES/MES Trading with a strict system of trading using the ENTIRE SYSTEM, consider joining our group.

See Sample Roadmap Below.

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