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Welcome to Micros Trader.

This is an online community of futures traders who scalp the S&P MES/ES futures.

I have no clue how you found this site but this could possibly, maybe, change your life. Trading is HARD. It is! But, we are here to make it simple. Give me ONE month and you will stay in our little group for a lifetime. Trading with a group of professionals with the same goals with the same trading system is delightful and refreshing.

We have an active Discord Group and we Zoom each AM from Market Open to Noon EST charting, trading, and supporting each other.NOTE: If you don’t have a Discord account, you will want to create one. It is kinda like facebook groups, if you have facebook. It is our own little group where we interact, ask questions, post pictures, have contests (like the 20 point club, the 30 point club, …), post our wins, exchange ideas, grow, share, and help each other.

We are a community of professional traders. So… No crude or rude language, cuss words, nor using the Lord’s name in vain, …… We are professionals who support each other with kindness and professionalism. And, we will measure you against that standard. Violators will be quickly escorted out of the group (BTW, this has NOT happened yet.)

You will learn a simple system of charting that produces win rates north of 85%. My win rate is about 92%. No kidding.

We have a system so that when… A + B + C happens, we do D. We “see” (map out) our trades well before they happen. It IS simple. We will teach you how and why to draw your levels. That is one reason we have zoom, so you can see MY chart as I mark my levels.

We also teach you risk management, how to stay in a trade, how to stay ‘with the trend”, when to not trade, when to size down, how to understand the price action, why your entry was incorrect (or perfect!), how to take a loss, when to take a loss, how to size properly, how to use large time frame levels with small time frame levels, how to read price action, how to incorporate fair value gaps, how to use market profile to expand your playbook of trades, …. and on and on and on.

This is NOT a system based on indicators. Although… we will use a few hand-selected indicators to give us CONFLUENCE in our levels , thus making the levels MORE powerful.

Basically, we are BOUNCE TRADERS. We are VERY good at knowing (with high certainty) what LEVEL price will BOUNCE. You will play that bounce. We like to capture 2-5 points and leave a runner for those 10-100 point runs that potentially happens nearly 50% of the time.

We don’t… “jump on the train” and enter a trade for no reason. FOMO and HOPE is a reckless approach. We don’t do that here. No sir-re-bob. We just do not do that. We need a reason to enter a trade based on price action! You want to lean against something when entering a trade. HOPE is not ‘something’. Hope blows up accounts.

Our system typically produces 2-10 SOLID trades a day. That is plenty!

At the end-of-the-day, I will prompt you to GO BACK to the chart and DRAW ALL the levels you SHOULD have traded that day. This is like “game film” to a coach. This is great practice.

Want to be a great trader? It will depend on the work you do OUTSIDE of trading hours!. The “real work” occurs outside regular trading hours. During most trading hours, you are just sitting there and WAITING and WAITING for the price to come to your level. And, guess what? Some days, there are ZERO trades. No biggie. We will wait!

We typically only trade the AM session. BUT, we do NOT recommend trading every single session, such as the Thursday before Non-Farm Payroll. Knowing when not-to-trade is critical to your success. Knowing which trades to eliminate from your playbook is critical as well. We will teach you when to NOT trade and which trades to avoid. I can not express how valuable that is!

This is NOT a trade ‘call out” service. I am not here to call out MY trades so you can blindly follow. As you should know already, trading has risks and I am not a licensed financial advisor. You can and most likely will lose every dime you you have in your bank account – there I said it. I promise NOTHING about YOUR success. I am not you. I do not know you. YOU are NOT me. I can not control you nor can I control your emotions. Trading is at your OWN risk and should be performed inside a PAPER TRADING ACCOUNT or a prop trading account (my favorite) until you are very successful with high consistency. I hope you appreciate the raw honesty.

PLEASE… I beg of you… do NOT risk ANY of your own money to learn how to trade in your OWN account. This is something we will discuss in more detail in the discord group.

LOSSES: Losses WILL occur. Massive losses can occur if you don’t control your emotions. The best advice I can give you on this…. One, do NOT trade with REAL money while learning. Period. End of Story. Use “paper trading” or if you will invest a little money , I recommend using a prop trading firm (I will give you my recommendations on which ones). Two, learn to SIZE properly to avoid being EMOTIONAL when you win or loss. It should be a non-event emotionally speaking, in MY opinion. Trade small. Base hits add up!

Welcome to the group!

P.S. There is a lot of homework. A lot of video work. Sorry, but its true. However… PLEASE NOTE, this IS the EASY BUTTON. It really is. But it requires some up front video work, practicing drawing your level and submitting them to group for review. I offer a one-on-one mentorship if you need the extra help.


Futures Trader


Futures Trader

how to trade es futures contracts
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How to Scalp (Day Trade) the S&P EMini ES & MES Micro Futures Contract

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"As a former CBOE brokers assistant on the floor in the corn pit, in the heart of Chicago and futures scalper for 16 years, I can say without a doubt in my mind...

The executions of almost all of my scalps have improved since joining Micros Trader Group!!!

The PATIENCE and PROFESSIONALISM George has in teaching his unique blend of systems and the no no-sense simplistic approach he takes in his trades is IMPRESSIVE!!!

Very high win rate with the system and this scalping style is great for the beginner trader and even a seasoned trader like myself with many years under my belt.

I feel the level my day trading and understanding of how the market is correlated was at a high level before I joined Micros Trader.

My goal or reason for joining was sharpen my entry and exit points on scalping (refine my current system if possible).

The training videos made it simple to grasp George's system and get up to speed QUICKLY!!! I look forward to perfecting the system"

Mike A

Futures Trader, Chicago IL

This Member Trades ES With Our Core Strategy System.

"Morning George! I originally met George through one of many discord trading groups, and truly enjoyed trading with him at the time. His demeanor, style and approach was different than others i have worked with, and he has a very natural way of connecting with people.

We went our separate ways for awhile, and re-connected in July of '22 when he mentioned he had a new approach and strategy combination that intrigued me. After studying countless hours of content, practicing over and over, working with George nearly every day, I began trading live in August.

While I'm still trading small and perfecting my craft, what we're doing here WORKS. I have only had 5 losing days in those two months. An 87% win rate overall. Every day is a learning experience with the group to continue to improve. George is a great teacher, mentor, friend and trading partner that I'm happy to have met."

Craig H

Futures Trader

How to Trade ES Futures Contract

"Thank you for all your hard work.

I thought you should know that everything you are teaching is sticking.

For me, the journey into trading trading was massive success my first few months followed by bad structured trades with really bad planning giving a lot of that back.

However, after a friends recommendation to join your group, working with your systems has given me structure and patience.

Seeing is believing.
Every time I want to take one of my "gut" trades I check myself.

While I have a lot to learn, I really feel like your systems are bringing out the best in my trading. I can't wait to learn more and keep pushing for that ZEN level.

Here are my results since I started on 10/24 taking 1-3 trades a day AND I missed a week. Some ES some MES, but mostly MES. I should note I trade 1 cash account and 10 funded prop accounts (thanks to you). "

Mike M

Futures Trader, San Diego CA

How to Scalp (Day Trade) the S& MES Futures Contract
professional futures trading room
es S&P professional futures trading room
es S&P professional futures trading room
es S&P professional futures trading room
How to Scalp (Day Trade) the S& MES Futures Contract
MES Futures Trading Strategy
how to trade futures
es emini trading system group

I first met George in a different service where he was generously helping people to improve the trading and understand the system.

He was teaching it in much clearer, simpler and effective way than the service owner.

After starting his own group, George was very kind to invite me as well.

I’m a beginner trader with 3 years of experience mostly in options trading. I did not have any skills in futures scalping.

Now after being around 3 months, under George’s mentorship, I already funded 2 prop accounts. Easily passing evaluation phases.

George is a gifted teacher and a great open-hearted person. He spends enormous amount of time on trade analysis, psychology, trying new approaches or adjusting the current ones and openly shares what he learns with others.

He always takes time to answer the questions and analyze others’ charts. He focuses a lot on the discipline, preparation, trade reviews, risk management and trading “well-being”.

So it’s not just about the technical setups. It’s all inclusive system to make anyone consistently profitable trader constantly learning and enjoying the process.

I’m very grateful to George for what and how he’s doing it. It was a great luck to meet him and probably one of the best decisions to join his group, patiently keep learning and get a confidence in the future."


Futures Trader, Lausanne, Switzerland

"George has integrated several trading strategies into a cohesive approach that provides a strong Futures trading foundation. He allows his tactics to evolve as a result of his tireless search for the optimal combination of chart timeframe(s), entry, and trade management all within the framework of his approach.

As a part time trader and new to Futures, I have found George to be an extremely giving, patient, and collaborative mentor. Always willing to answer my questions, his energy is infectious and inspiring.

George is a practitioner as well as a teacher, and frequently shares his trade set ups with the group including winning trades and improvement opportunities. His zoom sessions encourage thoughtful, inclusive discussions and feature traders with a wide variety of experiences.

Can’t thank George enough for helping me become a successful Futures trader!"


Futures Trader, Seattle Waashington

"One of the key areas that I continue to be amazed with George is that he simply has a way of taking a very difficult and complex set of rules and make it understandable. He has the unique characteristics of a wonderful teacher who can take a subject matter , break it down into its individual components and present it to you in a way that is very clear, concise and it just makes sense. Many people try to do this and fail because they don't get down in the weeds with the students at their level of learning. The ability to make those hard to understand concepts very clear, is a true art of teaching.

I have been a teacher of options for 7+ years, so I understand what is needed to take a tough subject and be able to teach it to anyone regardless of experience. For someone looking to join George's group, I would feel comfortable knowing that he has that unique personality and skillset that enables him to be able to provide a great service to people that want to learn this type of Day Trading.

The amount of material that George has put together along with his personal videos of many difficult subject areas, do truly provide the student with a great learning ground to get up and running very quickly. Since most of this work has been compiled via the originator CottonTA, I can't stress the streamlined program that George has put together to get the average student up and running with the knowledge required to perform the tasks of this style of Day Trading.

Personally, I completely trust George and in this world of all different kinds of people in this business, that is saying something. It is simple, but it gets to the heart of the matter. George has one purpose and this is to selflessly try and improve people's lives via this trading system. It takes very hard work to do it, but if you are willing to do it, George is there to help you along the way and is also providing a group of great traders to also learn from as well."


Futures Trader, Seattle Waashington

"“From George’s first member!

George recommends an excellent baby-steps process to learning day-trading.

Step 1: get profitable in sim and keep a detailed trade log.

Step 2: Join a funded trading program. There are several but basically for $100/mo or so you can trade others’ real money…if you’re profitable you get to keep most of the profits. Keep at it until you build up $20k+ “house money”.

Step 3: Use only that money to trade live with small size.

Step 4: Size up when ready.

But we met randomly in 2021 and I was immediately impressed.

As a physician, I’ve spent years learning and working alongside some of the most intelligent, motivated, ambitious, perfectionist, meticulous, fastidious, DISCIPLINED, anal-retentive hard-chargers you will find on this earth.

I could envision meeting George during one of those 12-hour rounds of studying in the medical library. He ended up using these strengths to become very successful in real estate earlier, and more recently laser-focused on becoming one of those rare 1% profitable day traders you hear about.

It appears he has done it.

I saw it all from the beginning.

First, George casually let me know about this free trading course on youtube. I’m like sure, whatever.

But then I watched him drill down on it with so much focus and determination, I thought I’d try to figure out why he’s so excited about it.

It really is mind blowing how he found this obscure youtube course that is way longer than it needs to be, with this mediocre teacher, but that has a true hidden gem of a trading edge and stayed at it nonstop for 2+ years.

So George, rather than watching 20 minutes of this, getting bored, and moving on to the next thing like most of us would, instead consumes the 80+ hours of videos & materials, taking detailed notes. He thought this TA “science” had legs, and so he watched most of those videos a 2nd time, and many of them multiple times. And then he pays $1,000’s and many more hours in their mentorship group to make sure he had it all drilled down even more.

(The discipline!)
(The patience!)

He would not stop until he understood it…and then kept going.

Meanwhile, he was scanning for other trading programs to enhance his strategy even more. He found OTHER gems to make it even better (and never stop searching). He has then been able to help others get through the training with targeted tutoring and Q&A, wrap their minds around it (in a fraction of the time) and nurtures them along to make sure they become successful too.
He’s so far studied ShadowTrader, Market Profile, ICT/FVGs (that I know of), and much more. He’s put in the hours studying and paid the subscription fees and he has been able to find complimentary take-aways to the core TA “science”. He keeps at it tirelessly until he masters these to the point that he can teach it to others. Perhaps even more importantly, by now he has plenty of experienced-trader nuance and finesse he teaches us as well.

And this is the key…

I went all the way through “25th grade” if you count medical residency and my MBA and have known many, many teachers…some you just endure until the class finally ends, and some make your life better forever. George is one of the best teachers I’ve met..and he seems to enjoy it too."

Dr. Propst

Futures Trader, San Diego CA

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