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Note the Accuracy of "With The Trend" Trades. We Are VERY Good at Keeping you ON TREND. Many Traders In Our Group ONLY Trade "With The Trend" With HIGH Success Rate. Your Mileage May Vary.

Note the "5 Point PLUS Potential" Column. This shows us... did our trade move at LEAST 5 points or more. We manage these "With The Trend" runners seeking 10+ points with our "Protection Layer" System. We celebreate 10,20,30+ point runners. The system works marvelous!

WARNING: Every system has losses. We have losses too. In fact, every "break even" trade below COULD have been a loss depending on YOUR management system. Personally, I am very aggressive and will get out at break even if price is NOT behaving as I wish. Your mileage may vary.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Please please use a risk management system. Here is mine. Risk & Leverage Matrix

RISK DISCLAIMER: In plain english... Nothing on this site or our paid membership is "trading advice". Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. If you trade, you will most likely lose every dime you have and lose every dime grandma left you in her will. If you trade, I recommend you only "paper trade" until you have proven to yourself that you have the temperment (most don't) and skills to trade successful. Then, I recommend you trade with the smallest leverage possible, using 1 MES Contract at time with appropriate stop losses and risk management. Every trade is at your own discretion and risk profile. I think I covered it.

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3M RTH Chart