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Leverage + Trade Management + Training Academy

all right let’s do a really good walk
through the core strategy Academy first
of all the core strategy Academy is not
on Discord it’s on its own server on its
own website it is separate from Discord
Discord is where we hang out and ask
questions and post charts and trade the
core strategy Academy is where you will
go to get your training so when you land
here you’ll come here to start here and
um one of the things that I want to make
sure you know exist and it’s totally
optional is if you want to upgrade and
do some one-on-one Zoom training with me
you can do that you can either buy a
package of three of them or you can buy
a monthly package uh where we get on
Zoom once a week some members like that
because it accelerates their learning
curve other members don’t need it it’s
up to you but I want you to know that
option is available if you really need
help you can reach out and text me here
or go to Discord and send me a private
message and then there’s some Community
tips for you and then this is where
the rubber meets the pavement let’s go
to boot camp course so on the boot camp
course we’re not going to go through
each of these things but here’s how
they’re divided get ready for boot camp
how do we get ready for boot camp we’re
going to go over a trading view this
first training video is really kind of
the our system from a 30,000 foot view
okay you’re going to be strongly
encouraged to take notes and screenshot
and links and if there’s a specific
thing in a video that you love at the
52-minute Mark put that in your notebook
so you can go back to it easily and then
you’re going to learn the first three
bounce levels now in full disclosure I
did not create these bounce levels
cotton candy Ta on YouTube is where I
learned them so if you want to learn
them on your own go to Cotton Candy’s
Channel and follow his training now he
teaches it on bitcoin I teach it on ES
with different nuances that he teaches
that I found works really well for ES
let me interject one one more thing here
even when you’re done with boot camp I
tell everyone go to Cotton Candy’s
Channel and watch every single video I
watched them all three times now with
that said realize that we have taken
Cotton’s teachings and have refined them
modified them and changed them to fit
the es trading model that we use and I
promise to teach you those nuances right
from the beginning so the first thing
you’re going to learn is What’s called
the break level and you can see what
sort of there’s six lessons four hours
and 12 minutes of lessons involved in
learning this first bounce level and
then when you learn this first bounce
level you’re going to earn your break
level badge so you’ll come over here to
break level
badge and you will follow the
instructions here and submit your chart
and here’s other people that have done
this and and passed their um badges then
you’ll come back to boot camp you like
okay I did class one I passed my badge
now let’s go to class
two there’s Five Lessons and six hours
of training okay so it takes a little
bit of time to get through this and then
you’re going to come over here and go
and earn your front side badge Show Me
Your Chart draw those levels follow my
instructions and if you pass I’ll put
the word pass and if you don’t I will
give you feedback for you to resubmit
your chart and if you feel you need even
further explanation that’s where getting
one of the zoom packages might make
sense for you but feel free to use the
Discord to ask questions I’ll do and the
members will do anything they can to
help then it’s going to be backsides
seven lessons six hours and then you’re
going to earn your backside badge okay
then we get into price action which is
taking those three levels and putting
them together to where you can find all
of the basic core strategy entries on
any given day those are the exact same
levels that I would draw that I want you
to draw and then you’re going to put all
that together and come over here and
earn your chartist badge which means you
know how to find this level this level
and this level on any given day and it’s
accurate those are the
trades and then we get into some
Advanced core strategy stuff here um a
lot of it uh mainly text and set of
videos but it’s things I want you to
know about that is more of advant core
strategy then you graduate to flight
school so boot camp would be the basics
and flight school is where you learn to
flight I don’t know corny but yeah so
over here the introductory topics
pre-flight checklist what do you need to
do before you start trading each day
when should you not be trading how to
record your trades learning to trade
mental and emotional Equity absolutely
critical and then we go into detail on
trade of a and prop firms uh the stream
de that I I use you may find very
helpful then we get into stop losses and
leverage metrics this is probably the
single most important lesson of all the
lessons I teach you if you can’t honor
the leverage
metrics you will not be a
Trader let’s take a peek at what that
looks like so I go through a spreadsheet
that you need to fill out for yourself
so let’s talk about this real quick so
let’s say you were willing to take a
$500 Max draw down in a day that’s stop
for the day I lose 500 bucks I’m done I
walk away okay well how should we trade
within that
framework so here’s the $500 draw down
we’re trading Mees contracts so on the
first trade I’d be willing to lose
$250 okay I’m fresh the Market’s moving
I’m only going to take my best setup I
could trade 10
contracts I could trade 10
contracts if I used a five Point stop
loss um with Mees because they’re $5 a
point I’d lose 250 if I lost this trade
I now have to dial down to this leverage
so let’s talk about this how would I
trade those 10 contracts well I would
take six off at one point two off at two
points keep two back as a runner that’s
how I would trade this first set if I
lose you should by default Del leverage
so now I’m moving to five contracts I
10 now at five how do I want to trade
those five contracts I’m going to take
three off at one point one off at two
points keep one back as a runner if I
take that loss I’ve got to deleverage
again I’m moving to two contracts and
then I’m going to follow with my stop
loss at 50% of the move so as price is
going up I keep adjusting my stop to
capture 50% of the
move once I let’s say I take this full
loser here and I have to come to
deleverage to five contracts well once
I’ve made back the two 250 I can go back
and trade my original leverage so we’re
going to talk about that in depth okay
in depth in The Leverage metrics uh then
a huge class on backside analytics here
absolutely critical trading and SLO and
Shop how do you trade that uh we talk
about that there um with the trend trade
so we just dive deeper into the system
and discover a lot of the nuances in our
system and then it culminates if you
want to to write out your trade plan and
submit it to me and I’ll give you my
feedback on it also this is available as
an IOS app and an Android app so you can
carry it around with you and watch the
trading as you do the the training there
will be a tick mark box that you can
tick mark off and it will uh Mark the
lesson as complete so that was me
viewing Circle as one of my members um
now you’re going to see my back end of
it because if you get a zoom pass this
is what you’ll have access to in the
zoom pass if you do the dip my toe
membership this is what you’ll have
access to the brake Level Training the
brake level badge um how do you get your
Zoom pass and then upgrade to the full
membership to where you get access to
all of this um you can also turn on dark
mode and light mode so when you come
here it’s probably going to be in light
mode and that’s what it looks like I
don’t like it that kills my ey so I’m
going to switch back to dark mode uh
switch to dark mode ah so much better
all right that’s a sneak peek into the
core strategy