$50+ A Day

Scalping MES

Let us start small.

Can you allow yourself to trade small and make small consistent wins EVERY day?

Some traders CAN’T. They just can’t. They want it too fast, too quickly, and blow up – emotionally and financially.

So… Can you commit to making just $50 a day?!?!?

$50 a day is 10 MES points. $5 per point is the conversion.

By the way… commissions are cheap on MES. One tick usually covers the commission.

We typically get 5 – 15 set ups per day. Some days less. Some days more. It is what it is. 30-45 Trade a week is average.

Let’s pretend, you only get FIVE set ups per day.

Enter with 1 MES Contract Per Trade. Lets say you Take Profit at two points. You made your $50! Five trades at $10 per trade.

2 MES Contracts Per Trade = You need one point per trade to make your $50.

TOTALLY doable.

$50 a Day.
X 5 Days a Week
X 4.2 Weeks a Month
$1050 a month

BTW… that is $18 more than my mortgage payment.


Now, do that in 10 prop accounts.
$1050 X 10 Accounts = $10K a Month. (*Yes, we cover prop account trading in depth*).

Commit to $50 a day in one account per day for a month. Then, you earned the right to add an account. Now do $50 a day in TWO accounts (*group trading, trade copier – once again we discuss this in our group*).

Trading SMALL leverage over 10 to 20 accounts, makes sense!

MANY of my traders trade 20 accounts at ONCE! $50 Per Account per day. TIMES 20 Accounts. Thats $1000 a day.

__NOTE:__ Your cost of membership is just $5 per trading day and I will lead you via zoom during the AM session each day. Not too bad!

I tried my very best to create the best Emini and Micro Futures Trading Group possible. My members agree. Check us out!

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