Why Trade ES?

This is an excellent question.

Simply put, ES is incredibly precise in its price movements.The exacting nature of ES makes it an ideal choice for the primary instrument in our trading room.

It consistently responds predictively to market events such as CPI, FOMC, and NFP. The volatility is pre-planned, making it easier to spot high time frame (HTF) price objectives.

The accuracy with which ES bounces is impressive —prices frequently rebound within a tick or so from key levels or market inefficiencies. As an illustration, check out this trade on YouTube.

Having traded this system on other instruments like CL, NQ, BTCUSD, and others, I can confidently say none match ES’s precision. Trading ES is truly enjoyable.

Our system reliably provides 2-12 trading setups daily, which translates to about 10-60 setups each week, executed with impeccable accuracy.

Because of the precise price delivery of ES, I’ve tailored our system specifically for trading this instrument.

Our results speak for themselves.

Note: Although I primarily focus on ES, we have members trading NQ while I am calling the action on ES. With a near 99% correlation, it works.

You’re welcome to join us in trading.