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“Welcome to the AM briefing video presented by where together we trade better. Good morning, and make no mistake about it, the Bulls are firmly in control. Look at what happened overnight. So, we flushed down really nice, taking back a set of single prints, and we are loading up. We have gone to the strong line, bounced, came over top, bounced off the top, and now we’re all the way to the next strong level, which was the meat of this chop yesterday, and we are back in the meat of the chop, can you believe it? Now, the overnight session did take out these set of single prints, but it really doesn’t count till RTH. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to move these guys over here, just out of the way, and just keep them as a note. So, I like to move levels to the right side when that happens. This area here, between the strong level and this afternoon high, is going to be the area of the most resistance, in my opinion. We start getting above there, I even added this note: careful with shorts above. If we take out this high here, it seems like we might hit the target that my eyeballs were on yesterday. What do I know? And if we get up over that all-time high, it becomes the next target, right? So, just sharing with you how a lot of these levels are marked. I even shared a couple 1-hour fair value gaps, which is not brain surgery or special science or anything. They’re just levels. Why levels to me are information? They’re typically session highs and lows and nuances on Market profile. So, where are we? We are back in chop, and in fact, if I take this tool here and say what is the POC, let’s just take all of this, what’s the POC for all of this? We’re right here at it. We’re right here at it. So, you are in the meat of the chop. You are at POC for 1, 2, 3, 4 RTH sessions. So, yeah, I was hoping that perhaps this push down would lead to us taking back the FOMC day. Here’s the FOMC halfback 61. Down here is the FOMC halfback. We have eaten it up, came back in, and have basically taken back the entire end of the day. I’ll be live on Zoom this morning if you’d like to join us. Get your Zoom pass at Stay green, my friends, and to learn more about our group, go to”

“Alright, happy Wednesday afternoon. Let’s do a wrap-up. So, in this morning’s video, I had these words here: ‘careful with shorts above’ and ‘boy.’ The reason why I said that is, in the group, I told the group this morning before the market opened: ‘the risk of a short squeeze is high today.’ Now, who knew it was going to come in the final 30 minutes? But the risk of a short squeeze is high today. If they can’t get it going, they’re going to take it back. And if we get above this level here, no more shorts. And boy, did that prove to be a profitable piece of advice.

Now, let’s come back down in here. Let’s go to a three-minute chart. You can see that we played nicely with the strong ranges. But what couldn’t happen? The Bears just couldn’t get it done. And then we started laddering up. And then what was also happening? Russell and DOW were having none of this. They were shooting up, up, up, up, up. And then we finally caught up. INQ didn’t really participate in that big move up. It didn’t even take out its RTH high. But these two guys were pointing, ‘Hey, we’re going up, we’re going up, we’re going up.’

Now, I did take two shorts today. I took, I was short here, and I was short here, hoping that they would come down and perhaps target yesterday’s low. But that didn’t happen. And after I finished this short here, when I got out of this short here and it popped back up, I made two points and I said, ‘That’s it for me today, I’m done, guys.’ And boy, what is the temptation to short this big? You really needed to know, ‘Hey, the risk of short covering is high today,’ and I need to be careful. So, I hope you were careful, and I hope you paid attention to that warning in the morning briefing.”