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well it’s finally here my
goodness DPI and
PPI and
FC so today is the CPI and fomc
PPI it’s finally here my goodness I’m
ready absolutely all right today’s quote
the joy of the Lord is my strength
I like that one I like that one a
lot might need some strength today if
you decide to
trade you might need some
strength oh my goodness I I certainly uh
pray that all my
Traders um follow the rules today follow
the suggestions
today and dial it down
all right let’s get into it
guys so welcome to the a briefing
brought to you by micr where
together we trade better um so let’s get
right into it
guys so tip of the day Mark your am Mark
the am levels on your chart and AD notes
one of the suggestions I gave yesterday
is when you watch the am briefing if I’m
giving you lines saying hey this is the
um intermediate bull bear Line This is
the the macro bull bear line uh this is
the Line in the Sand um careful with
Longs below or careful with shorts above
um maybe put a white line on your chart
and add those notes you can even put
them in a folder it’s at am briefing and
that way if you wanted to reference back
to what I said cuz you’re just not going
to remember it
most likely so if you wanted add these
levels as I give them out to your chart
and every now and then I throw out a
bone with um a fresh strong level even
if you’re not a member you get it here
on the YouTube am
briefing so just a little
tip so news drivers nothing to
say we accept members we will be live
for the 7:30 a.m. M CPI
candle um we’ll be live for the 1:00
FC but I won’t be here the entire
afternoon I just will be here to watch
that reaction um got to take daughter
somewhere and uh my wife and I uh then
have plans right after so um I will
watch the beginning of that so we’ll
probably relaunch Zoom for the
announcement then of course there’s the
press conference and um so somewhere
around the press conference um after
that I’ll be
so we will do two zooms
today oh okay so yeah um so the live
stream we are really good at drawing
levels that bounce and we’re really good
at positional trading looking at the
chart like a chess board and where are
the pieces on this board and how do we
want to play those pieces if you were on
our Zoom yesterday on our YouTube live
that played out beautifully we were
going short on this down move from this
strong level to that strong level and
then we were playing long on the way
back and then I said if we get above
this line which I gave out in
yesterday’s briefing we’re probably
going to Target that strong strong range
that has already been tested um
yesterday and we’re probably going to go
make a new alltime
high so that’s partly positional trading
and partly bounce levels and that is
what we really do and the positional
trading it goes back to where are we at
it’s critical to be able to know the
to that question because it helps you be
on the right side of the trade yesterday
was long or flat all day
long trading was much easier if you were
going long than if you were going
short all
right so
in the AM briefing yesterday I outlined
that and so that’s why I was talking
about take
notes on the am briefing and Mark these
major lines if I’m giving them to you
and what are my thoughts it’s just one
Trader’s opinion I don’t know what’s
going to happen I just know positionally
on the chessboard what is most likely to
happen if price gets to this
area so that was from yesterday morning
where I misspelled
Tuesday I see that I had to go change
that after I made that slide I went oops
I misspell Tuesday how
funny so um we are going to go to the
Chart but one of the things to know for
sure today is going to be trap the
trader now it’s time for America’s
favorite game show trap the
trador Y now it’s time for everyone’s
favorite categories check it out
overleveraging revenge trading blowing
your accounts I just love resets and f a
foo and now let’s meet today’s
contestants Johnny I just have to trade
everyday Johnson hey Bob happy to be
here Sam never saw a short I didn’t
short Stevens hey and Malcolm make
matters worse Montgomery who told you
that and everyone’s favorite back with a
fresh 10 set of accounts Rusty reset
Roberts not today Bob and Freddy fomo
Frederickson fomo and of course our
returning Champion Patrick predict price
Patterson it’s going up today
Bob remember Traders it’s all fun and
games till the Market opens and until
next time don’t become a victim of trap
the Traer
all right so that was a message from our
sponsor trap the
trader all right so I saw last night um
somewhere on Twitter I forget who made
the post so I apologize but
um we’ve had CPI and fomc 13 times the
last 16 years with an average move of.
7% so I thought it would be interesting
to come on here and draw where is 7% up
from here that’s
7% puts us at
5427 and then let’s make this white and
then I’m going to put a
move and then let’s do it the other
way look where 7% puts
us about that 50 line that’s been the
Battleground and
7% okay so I’m on a 30 minute chart and
just to kind of recap where are we this
was this range and we kept bumping it
kept bumping it and we kept bumping the
top of this one and then I remember this
day I said if we get back into it we’re
probably going to Target the top and
that’s what happened on this day we’ve
gotten over and we keep testing it keep
testing it testing it testing it testing
it testing it testing it testing it
testing it making new highs first time
we really tested uh price down here new
high and then it tested it again didn’t
quite make a new high test it again new
high and where are we right now well we
are still lading up making new all-time
highs in the overnight session with a
breakout of this range cuz I could
easily come in
here and
um you know this is a range and we broke
out of this so and that’s what it does
it chops around chops around chops
around breaks out chops around chops
around chops around breaks out I mean I
could easily come in here just based off
what I’m seeing here you can throw on
something like this here’s your chop
here’s your Brak here’s your chop are we
breaking 100% possible but you know what
are the key levels in here if you’re
looking at this well you’ve got to draw
this you’ve got to draw this and you got
to draw this would anyone be shocked if
price if it wanted to go up the initial
reaction brought it to here and it
bounced nope we wouldn’t be shocked what
if price went all the way down to here
and bounced and went here would we be
shocked nope so these are kind of key
levels that you might want to pay
to um
because that’s what es does now is he
going to come down here and grab this
liquidity and then go up I doubt it but
who knows it’ll be fun to watch so
that’s all I’m going to talk about on
the chart is where we’re at let’s go
take a peek at everybody else for a
second do we all look like we’re on the
same train well three out of four of us
are above yesterday’s high and we
certain seem to be going that way this
is not the all-time high we just keep
bumping it so I just moved it I’ll
probably move it to the
7.7% line up here at 27
right just to move it on up out of the
way doesn’t I don’t because I have alert
set on it and I’m tired of seeing them
off all right so guys I hope you stay
safe and I will see my Traders live on
Zoom for the 730 candle Stay Green my
friends and to learn more about our
group go to