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good morning
everybody Wednesday May
29th today’s quote for God gave us a
spirit not of fear but of power and
love and self-control
you have a lot of power when you’re on
chart treat your
Treasures with love and
self-control treat your money and your
leverage respectfully with love and
self-control absolutely all right guys
let’s get into it
today all right right so let’s pop over
here to micros Trader let’s go to the
price map So Yesterday um I have to
apologize we had bad weather in the area
and I was not able to do the entire live
on Tuesday but I did most of it so if
you wanted to uh watch the group here
there was a lot of good questions and
whatnot so this was yesterday’s uh live
video if you want to watch that of
course this will be updated with this
morning’s video so this live will
actually be be moved down here to this
week’s videos probably by the time you
actually see this
so voox and single prints um I recommend
you have these levels on your chart they
are not necessarily bounced levels as
much as they are magnets for price and
today’s news drivers well today is
Wednesday not a whole lot on tap uh 30
minutes after the opening with Richmond
Manufacturing Index and the week is just
waiting on
Friday and I think it’s waiting on what
in the world is NVIDIA going to do
Nvidia going to do so let’s get into the
am briefing brought to you by micros where together we trade
better so yesterday here let me zoom in
here just a little bit yesterday I only
traded the morning or I tried to trade
the morning I had zero trades we were
stuck in this little 10-point range
nearly the whole morning and then we
finally got a nice move here a lot of my
Traders were able to take this short
here in fact I think for three minute
end of the day chart that was probably
the only trade on the chart but there’s
a couple more there there’s a break
level trade there uh so not a whole lot
of action yesterday and then this end of
the day to me was just ripping shorts
apart making sure no one was short and
look what it did overnight you are
kidding me so I actually did wake up at
1:00 this morning and I uh uh played
Short uh actually I went short right
here on this white
candle I took this this heat here I had
additional short lined up here at this
strong level um in fact those strong the
bull bear line um so I took a short off
this strong I had an additional short
setting here didn’t get me into my
additional then we had this hard push
down I put I had two contracts actually
and I took one off at 50% of that
distance kept one at one point and it
got me out right there so it is what it
is made small but uh was in the trade
knew that the strong range existed here
and boy did we bounce off of it and uh
we’re just back and forth through it now
so it’ll be interesting to see what
happens during the rth are we going to
go to 62 from here that’s my opinion if
they decide to flush this down careful
with Longs below yesterday they bought
up and ripped like I said shorts a new
one and then ladder down all night long
seriously that’s just crazy
so it is what it is so let’s go back
over here so where are we I think we
discussed that very well we are just
lading down you can totally um throw on
this trend line here and in fact one
might even say we departed and we have
now I’m not going to say we went
parabolic but we certainly have
increased the curve of this down move we
have taken out two daily lows in the
overnight session and just hanging out
here in this strong
range yeah so that’s
interesting uh today’s tip no need to
call bottoms or tops just follow the
price action you should never say is
this the bottom or is this the top it
doesn’t matter just follow price and if
you’re in our system you play the bounce
levels as they’re presented to you as
taught in boot camp that’s what you do
and guys if you like what I
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bring these to you each day so the new
drivers we just covered there’s one um
30 minutes after the opening and the
week is just waiting on Friday and my
humble opinion so what happened
overnight well London is stacking under
Asia with clear laddering down um just
clear lading down what isn’t happening
down here if you’re in my group what’s
not happening here I think that’s
important no backside development and of
course we’re taking out no break levels
to the north this is certainly a ladder
down but you have to look at this and go
well this is like one ladder I don’t
know two ladders three ladders four
ladders five ladders six ladders seven
ladders and we’re getting no backside
development it will be real interesting
to see what happens at the opening real
interesting I can’t wait um so if you’re
interested in trading with us check us
out at micr and uh let’s go look at now
indices so let’s slide
here and let’s look at all the indices
so Russell and da are under yesterday’s
low inq is still hugging and it’s like
no I don’t want to go I don’t want to go
and s is slightly under it are we all on
the same train boy look at these
vws and look at the ladder yes we are
all on the same train right now and it’s
looking southernly but boy we have had
eight ladders down that makes things a
little more challenging in my humble
opinion but if you made me get on the
chart right now the play is short or
flat you know how long it’s been since
I’ve said the play is short or flat it
it even sounds weird com out of my mouth
cuz we’ve been longer flat for so long
and this is truly a
methodical laddering down and stopping
here at a strong range if I draw a range
it’s a area where I really believe price
is going to be
sticky it’s going to be strong it’s
going to be difficult to get through and
it’s proving that half of the overnight
session has literally been flirting with
that strong range so we’ll see what
happens we flush underneath there I
think we go to 6 62 in my opinion the
Bulls are in control all the way to 62
we get under
62 the character of the market could
change so what’s the game plan well
we’re not going to call bottoms that’s
what we’re not going to do we’re not
calling bottoms we are going to trade
Trend and trade location in clean clear
crisp bounce levels as they’re presented
okay now we have taken out two daily
lows could this thing go right back up
into range without a doubt so I can’t
wait to see how the opening range
develops and we trade from there so guys
I wish you good luck today like And
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