all right happy Saturday morning Traders
what I wanted to do this morning as I
wanted to go over
my Friday trades
a little more in detail because
something important happened and that is
my first trade on Zoom was a full
flat out loser loser
so I wanted to go through the day now
I’m going to share some screenshots with
you and we’re going to look at trading
view these screenshots happen
automatically when I
click on my trading view or when I click
on my trade evade I have a system set up
that it takes a screenshot for me so
it’s a beautiful way to go back and look
at the day and we’re going to do that
together because I had a full full stop
loser and how did I trade after that you
can have a high win rate like we have I
have about a 92 percent win rate
but what happens in the eight percent is
very important uh-huh how do you handle
a loser the first thing you never do
when you have a loser is make things
worse you don’t add to a losing trade
you don’t move your stop and then you
don’t Revenge trade after the loss and
we’re gonna
talk about and show you how I handled
the day
so this was the first screenshot in the
morning I went short here at this point
we kept
back and forth between the overnight low
and the top of my range okay back and
forth back and forth back and forth
creating this obvious Zone because we
couldn’t get back into my green I felt
pretty confident we were coming down
here so I kept looking for a nice way to
go short and I chose to go short here
now I wish I could have stayed in this
trade but it quickly learned in a few
minutes in a few moments I had to take
my kids to school game over so I had to
end my trade and move on so that happens
what do you do that’s life
so when I came back this is where we
this is on a 30 minute and what I did is
I went long here
typically we get a very nice price
off of my ranges
okay we just do
and so
it vomited through I allowed it to go a
little bit more through and then I went
long right here
this seems like a delightful place where
price could have came to the top of this
bounced and continued laddering wanted
to bounced off there I don’t know but
typically we get a bounce
we’re very good at knowing where price
will bounce and I’m going to say 92
percent of the time it’s going to bounce
I have no clue how far but that’s what
happens so let’s go look at this on an
hourly chart here and what I want you to
um this has been the Z contract how well
these ranges tend to play
except right here addiction yes
we have protocols in place to take our
losses so whenever I enter a trade and
price vomits right through my level as
in this case
I have protocols I know exactly what I’m
going to do let’s hear it and I’m going
to put my stop typically at a six point
right here at the 30. AHA
okay right here at six points I’ll take
it six points never bothers me it
doesn’t mess with me and it goes oh well
I just go oh well oh well because what
didn’t happen it didn’t really bounce
off this level and I have a high time
frame level it did not bounce it did not
bounce here it did not bounce here it is
ripping through it our ladder so my
Trend indicator here was flat but now as
the day is opening this trend my Trend
indicator we’re going to be down the
play is short or flat it’s time to
reverse my thinking
all right this did not happen at what
point do you just get out for me it’s
six points
now for some reason price rebounded here
and started going back up I would start
managing for a half loss
so if you want to see that go into my
videos and I demonstrate how to take a
half loss but that did not really happen
I took the full six points I put it in
the group hey guys I just took a full
six point uh stop loss one of my
triggers went ouch and I go yep it’s
great when your first trade of the day
is a full loser but I’ll tell you I
should not have probably taken the trade
even though I have a fantastic reason to
take it why shouldn’t I be taking this
trade right here
three minutes
five minutes before the market opened is
when I took the trade
not a great time to take a trade our
core strategy absolutely tells you not
to trade to enter a trade right here no
matter what the reason and I had several
reasons to enter this trade and it cost
me so what do you do you be a
professional Trader you set your stop
and you get out here at the 30.
and you do not make things worse for
yourself there’s no sense in hoping that
price is going to come back there’s no
sense in oh I’m going to add right here
because now it only needs to come half
the distance no
you don’t add to a losing trade you just
get out and you reset your thinking
I was wrong what no big deal I have a
high probability system that’s going to
give me a high probability trade right
around the corner just get out if you
knew you had a 92 percent winning system
wouldn’t you just get out wouldn’t you
just get out absolutely you just get out
of the trade and wait for the next one
all right
let’s go to the next
so got out of that trade price did
rebound a little bit
um after it opened and when it came up I
said all right it’s time to get on the
trend is down the play is short or flat
so when we came back up on a lower time
frame I had a level and I went short at
notice I only went short once again with
a single mes at one at one point in
profit it’s five dollars I did not
increase my leverage to make back my
quickly it’s okay if it took me five
trades to make back that 30 bucks it’s
okay in fact I was I I could easily have
taken a 10 point stop but why just take
my six points and get out when price
told me hey we’re not respecting your
range we’re not respecting your high
time frame levels we’re not respecting
any of them we are vomiting through them
get out
notice my notes to my Traders right here
risk of
so free fall risk is high
and that’s really what we got so every
every morning during the pre-market I
will make a set of notes for my Traders
today this note was Big Move yesterday
we’re going to chop today is it going to
be trappy today
um Longs are risky why we went up 70
points yesterday
um that’s now chasing shorts or counter
why because we went up 70 points
yesterday are we going to keep going up
but the risk of Free Fall is high and if
we see evidence of that we need to get
with the trend which is short
or flat
this 23 minutes you see right here this
is how many minutes to a red folder
event it was sentiment I believe
and so we have a countdown timer on our
Zoom so that we are aware of these
things so I took this short here
and this short did me well
um in fact what it did is it got me back
to break even oh yeah
so here we switch to see in the Russell
the Dow the NQ once again I’m wanting to
make sure everyone I’m getting broad
in the move down it gives me confidence
to stay in my trade to stay in that
short when I see everyone is moving the
same direction with the same tempo and
here I am still in this short and look
where we’re coming to here’s the thirty
dollars to recapture uh this initial
loss right here and by the way this is a
unicorn event
it not bouncing off the top of my ranges
and bouncing off the high time frame
levels this is a unicorn event this is
red flag Sirens are going off
do not be going long and fighting the
trend nope nope nope all right
so zooming back out to a higher time
frame you always want to be doing that
during your day know where you are at
sir yes sir
when short again so my first short
um here
my next short was here
now this went back and forth I went from
profit to a loss from to a profit to
loss and then finally a big move when
you were trading with the trend
you can afford to be patient
for Trend to move price your direction I
would have if if this thing would have
given me a six point loss this way
awesome no problem I know I was with
Trend and I was trying to be patient
it’s a little uncharacteristic of me to
allow a winner to become a loser a
winner to a loser a winner to a loser
and then finally it vomits it’s a little
uncharacteristic but I was also in a
controlled trade small leverage now I
did do multiple contracts because one we
are now with the trend
we are now in a good move this is now
obvious that this is becoming a big move
and I want to be in it and I want to
give myself room to have a very nice
trade and as you can see over here
I did
so got out of some of my contracts I was
in this final Runner this was great I
actually made a 10 pointer on this
inside of our group we celebrate 10 20
30 40 all the way up to 100 Point
Runners so
um once price dropped below my 10 point
I moved my stop to 10 points it came
back and got me and so my final Runner
was a nice 10 pointer one of my Traders
um did my system better than me and uh
had a 30 pointer winner that’s really
cool too so now the day switched I went
from a full flat out loser
to getting it back to now I’m in the
profit really nicely
and now it’s time to set back and watch
let’s go to the next slide
okay so let me go up a slide here okay
so price was coming down see this LP
it’s a ladder point
we come down to the ladder point we go
to the front side inside of a fair value
Gap let me go back a screen okay so
price went all the way to here and
bounced okay so now when that happens I
typically am I’m going to switch time
right here 15 seconds okay there’s a 15
second time frame and that’s where I am
I want to look for evidence of laddering
up because when we bounce off our
untested high time frame level I’d drop
in time frames I’m now looking for
what’s price going to do I’m not
instantly looking for a long I did not
take this as a long you could have
but trend is down the play is short or
flat and I’m trying to stay with the
trend but looking for evidence of a
reversal Aha and that’s what you’re
seeing here is the analysis that we’re
doing on Zoom because I needed to take
these out first thing you need to do is
break this little Trend which it did
nice strong move up
now I want to see if it can break these
we have a very specific strategy we use
for knowing when price reverses
fantastic you’re looking at part of that
all right back to a three minute chart
here we’re now Down Under that back side
so what we just looked at was this
bounce okay and then it vomited through
stay out of the way now we’re down in my
green area Okay where it’s typically
better to be long than short
notice here I still have my arrows
pointed down it says Trends are hard to
break no absolutely and the play is
short or flat still but now we’re
entering into the green area we’re
entering into this was my quitting time
but because we’re having a nice strong
move up what I did is I dropped in time
frames was looking evidence for
laddering up actually took a really nice
long nice I was telling my Traders okay
if this thing comes back down and takes
out this low if you’re going to continue
trading expect price to make it all the
way to the bottom of the range and
that’s what that’s why that arrow is
okay let’s go to the next slide
so here we are once again we drop down
in time frames I’m on a one minute time
frame we’re seeing evidence of laddering
up we’re also switching to looking at
Russell and Dal and NQ are they
exhibiting the same characteristics once
again is everyone on the same train
going the same direction does that give
me confidence to now switch my play
so had a level here and I think when it
came back I went long off of that
so yeah 12 right here so let’s go back a
slide you can see my line here 1250 and
I went long at 12 25.
so and I went along with several
contracts this is my last little Runner
this is a protection layer I drew where
I would expect if price comes back down
um it’s going to bounce
so I kept my Runner here now my belief
on Runners is probably 80 of the time
they should get out at break even
and then 20 of the time they make you
good money huh so I kept my stop here
and I’m like okay if this thing is
really going to reverse
I want to be in that trade because here
is evidence
of laddering up you’ve got to admit this
is evidence of Latter enough oh yeah we
are in a downtrend I do know I’m counter
to that and so be careful there’s no
sense of sustaining a loss sir yes sir
so we’re watching and like oh it’s
coming back my stop with that entry puts
me right here basically at the trend
line I felt pretty comfortable with that
if it gets me out oh well then boom gets
me out I’m done it’s inside of the my no
trade zone but I was long so I stayed
with it who knows it could have kept
going and did really fantastic
and then I went and did a project and
came back and this is what my chart
looked like when I came back price did
indeed take out that low it did indeed
come to the bottom of the range and now
we’re bouncing off the bottom of the
range amazing there’s a level I went
long here and made small but I made
and that was it for the day
so the day started out with a full loser
I continue trading the smallest size
made it back and then did very well in
the profit in fact I finished the day
let me
calculate here I did 250 in that account
I did 30 in that account
so small day but 56 mes points I’m gonna
go take that five es points that’s fine
especially from taking a loser on your
first trade you maintain a clear calm
level head you do not Revenge trade you
do not over trade you do not try to make
it back in one trade
and you just tighten up
and you be Smart Stay Green my friends
and to learn more about our group go to
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