good morning Traders I want to show you
something that is on my chart
that we use every single day
and they are so powerful I have
discussed it at least three times in the
last uh two days of videos and I’m gonna
show you again visually
one of the things that I’m very good at
about leading our group is I draw these
ranges this is nothing more than a fib
tool I use but used to color and measure
specific things okay
and um so when I did the video
where are we at on yes a couple days ago
this was the bottom of this bigger box
that I drew that was based on an hourly
chart I’m on a 10 minute chart here and
I said be careful going short
and it’s true because I knew we were at
the bottom of this range I drew and it’s
very difficult for price to break out of
ranges when they do they it’s typically
a pretty aggressive move you can see
these were all Down Candles here these
were all Down Candles here it moves
rapidly through these spaces to the next
range so it moved rapidly through this
space and you could tell a long hard
fault battle that was seven hours of
consolidation at the top of this once
again when you have this range here it’s
better to be short here and long here
so whenever we had the news event and we
backed and forth and we finally broke
the overnight low and in the video I did
yesterday I said the overnight low will
tell us everything when we finally broke
that overnight low I told the group
we’re going to the bottom of the range
we went to the bottom of the range and
had a fantastic bounce
um we were looking for evidence that we
would start laddering back up and going
to the top of the range
and then there was a point in here in
fact well I could show it to you I told
the group okay if we get back to this
level we’re we’re gonna make a new low
and we certainly did and look where we
bounce we bounced off the top of one of
my other ranges almost to the penny
um one of my Traders had a 20 point pop
here he put it in the group
um I was no longer trading at this time
frame because that’s my no trade zone
but uh what a perfect place to go long
and price went back up so let’s do this
I want to go to let’s go to like a three
minute here and let’s look at this a
little bit closer and I want to show you
what price does at our ranges so look up
here bounce bounce bounce bounce news
event it came back to the top of the
range there’s the short all the way down
to the bottom of the range does a nice
bounce bounces a couple times and then
here I’m going to use no I’m going to
my arrow tool
so it came down touched and then it did
a couple times then price left it
touched there
and then it went all the way down
to hear and bounced went back to the
edge of this range ballast went back to
the top bounced
did it again bounced
and then let’s look at the overnight I
haven’t even studied it very much
and when it came to the bottom of this
range it bounced it got under it finally
and bounced tested it again bounced test
it again bounce got over the top of it
tested the top of it we got under so
these ranges are very very very powerful
number one it helps keep you on sides
and I’m really good at drawing them
um and so that helps us a tremendous in
fact one could actually just trade these
ranges it’s really really cool
so let’s look at this one um
I want to just come up a little bit
higher here
uh that was all those days of
consolidation look at this
couldn’t get out of that range
what did we do
uh took us several days but we finally
made it back to the bottom of the range
and balanced learn more about our group

all right good afternoon Traders so this
morning in this video I tipped my hand
to you and I showed you my ranges and I
showed you the bottom range and now what
I want to do is I want to take you into
today’s action and show you what
so look what happened
price went down to the bottom of that
and bounced
bottom of the range bounce top of the
range bounce back to the bottom of the
range balance back to the bottom of the
range went out came back too easy so
this is kind of ranges part two
so I showed you what my range there and
look what price did with it today that
helped us be successful Traders today
I made 180 Futures points today on mes
and it was absolutely fantastic trading
day we knew where we were we felt
confident what price would do and it did
it and look when price got up here it
came back and bounced it came back and
bounced it came back and bounced
unbelievable learn more about our group

before we dive into this video I want to
encourage you to go back a couple videos
and watch ranges part 1 and ranges part
two and then watch this video ranges
part three
all right happy Friday afternoon Traders
let’s do a ranges part three and that’ll
probably be it for my ranges for a while
um so I want to look at the day and I
want to look at some of my trades
so this morning when we woke up price
can’t came down in this lower part of
the range bucket bucket came back tested
bucket bucket and then broke out of it
and then this was the opening candle
this big white candle right here
and saw the opening went straight up I
told the group I said okay one of two
things are going to happen if this thing
goes straight up and I had another level
on my chart I’m going to short right
here which I eventually did or if price
comes up comes to the bottom of our
range and pops up I’m going along
so that’s what I did I went long
somewhere in here
did not make much because it came back
against me and I’d never allow a winner
to become a loser sir yes sir and then I
took this short against this High time
frame level on our chart and did very
well that made my morning and that was
my big trade I did 25 mes’s on that and
did very well and then basically sit
here and watched this
it was just horrible I took a couple
small trades nothing big nothing great
I’m getting bored here but what was
great bottom of the range
defended the bottom of the range bottom
of the range balance bottom of the range
balance bottom of the range bounce
bottom of the range bounce and I went
short here
very well with multiple contracts uh
several contracts I took off at 10
points here’s a screenshot of that
during Zoom because what I do in Zoom is
whenever I touch my dom or touch my
trade my trading view it takes a
screenshot and saves it in a folder for
me huh so let me tell you several things
here so I had three contracts left I had
a runner up there at my entry and this
is what it looks like so you can do very
well with MES guys you can do very very
well what and at the end of the day I
captured three of the contracts at 10
points and then this line you see right
here that’s a protection layer so what I
did is I had one on my final two
contracts I had my stop here and I had
my stop here so my range could protect
this final contract oh yeah it touched
and bounced here and it touched and
bounced here and then this was actually
no longer a protection layer I mean it’s
already bounced twice
and then when and then it eventually did
come and get out this contract then it
went down here and so I locked in 10
point on the final Runner it came back
and got me for the 10 points which is
fine mission complete so very nice trade
very nice day 220 mes points is where I
finished unbelievable so I cannot
complain but the purpose of this really
was look how fantastic the bottom of our
range is uh played today and you just
cannot ARG complain with that so what I
was really looking to see here towards
the end of the day here the last few
minutes does price come down and hit the
top of my range in Balance if so I was
going to plan on doing a longer term
option play probably seven day out call
and because it’s a absolute perfect
place for this thing to rebound and and
go up really nicely of course you can
always be wrong but I’m a bounce Trader
I tend to play where I believe price
will bounce and have a fantastic move
Stay Green my friends
learn more about our group

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