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Welcome to the AM briefing video presented by, where together we trade better. All right, happy Monday, March 25th for the AM briefing. So, I was up early this morning; my daughter knocked on my door and was sick. So, I said, “Well, let’s watch the chart,” and I took a nice little short this morning at 90.2, captured two points, and then it dropped harder, of course, right? But I published to the group last night this strong range, and if you zoom in on a 3-minute chart, it has performed beautifully. But when I enter this trade, I did it small, I did it one contract, and I follow price at 50%. Here’s what that means: let’s say I enter a trade here, and price moves in my direction. Well, the goal is that at some point, I’m going to be able to develop a protection layer so that if price comes back to it, price bounces, my stop will be behind the protection layer. And as price continues to go down, we develop new protection layers, and we just keep moving our stop down with it, to where if price comes back, it bounces. If price comes back, it bounces. But until I can develop a protection layer, I’m following the profit at 50%. So, two points is what I was able to capture. I had a minor one-minute little protection layer, but you know, one-minute chart, expect the strength of a one-minute protection layer, so not a whole lot. So, that was fun, first trade of the week, two points, we’ll take it. Talking about the week, here are the news drivers this week. Nothing of real note, I mean, there’s a final GDP number. I don’t know if that means a whole lot. Then there’s PCE, which is not as important, and Powell speaks on Friday. So honestly, it looks like we kind of got a normal little week with some news events each day of the week. So, I am excited to trade; last week was the biggest week all year long. Today’s tip is going to center around if you can’t trade within your leverage metrics consistently, every time, every single time, every day, all week, all month, forever, you will not be a trader. You must learn to trade within your leverage metrics. If you don’t know what that’s all about, go to my website,, find the Google sheet, watch that video. It’s my gift to the trading community because if you cannot control your leverage, you will not be a trader. Okay, so all-time high way up here on a 30-minute time frame, we have this 30-minute trend line, we have this daily trend line, maybe we’ll come here and test this again, we’ll see what happens. In fact, let’s go look at everyone else right now. So, Russell is at Friday’s low, DA is under Friday’s low, NQ is coming to Friday’s low, and ES is under Friday’s low. Are we all on the same train? Boy, we’re getting close to it, we’re getting close to it. So, make sure you have marked on your chart this London high, this Asia high, RTH high, London high, and this RTH all-time high. Make sure all of those levels are on your chart. If you are in my group, if you’re not in my group, I recommend you have it on your chart anyway. There is no FOMC this week. I didn’t delete that overnight. What do we have? Well, we’re under Friday’s RTH low, and right now London is stacking under Asia, basically honoring this trend line. And in fact, one might say, have we gone slightly parabolic? It will be interesting to see as the day develops. I did post in the group last night, I picked a level, and I said, “Watch out below,” and this seems to be happening. Watch out below. Too bad I got this little candle right here, actually got me out of that short. So, this is a strong level I published last night in the group. I think it’s 8675. Where is that? Yeah, 8675, and basically, kind of the warning, watch out below from there. Man, very, very interesting. We will see what happens today. We will be live on Zoom, and I can’t wait to trade.