all right my afternoon trading begins and I thought I would just record this why not so let’s look at a few
things so this morning this was the new strong level given this morning and boy
we seem to have been glued to that have we not um nice bounces here and hugging the
line and so that’s been really nice so this is nothing more than a slop and
chop Fest this morning I said we’re much more likely to go up than down because of
this 30 minute trend line news came out we certainly went up we’ve been up here the whole time and
now we are back we are back to this 30 minute trend
line will it hold again I don’t know but I just know I
don’t have any trades to take um we did have a level here that bounced I have
now removed it it did a double tap it was a 30 minute level and had a really nice move up to the strong level
bounced which now is allowing me to kind of draw this trend line here I don’t give it a whole lot of value at this
point I would really like to see price bounce one more
time but I’m looking at it and it seems pretty obvious let’s go check everybody belt
out okay okay okay
okay but we are still all within yes still all inside of yesterday’s range
will that change it’s certainly looking like it wants to but it also doesn’t mean that we don’t just touch this and
bounce okay touch this and bounce touch this and bounce so don’t predict trade
don’t think you know where price is going to go I mean I want to go short full portfolio right right here but I’m
against this 30 minute trend line you can’t do that then I got one more 30 minute level here which should have some
sort of reaction unless they just decide to give it up and when they decide when they all go to the door at the same time
your level’s not going to hold we’ve got the London overnight low we got the Asia overnight low
here so let’s watch what happens new low new low and Q
making new lows too right yep n q is making new low it’s London is there and
it’s Asia’s right there should I be trading should I be trading yeah but I’m not in a
trade um clear clean crisp levels are hard to come by here one of my Traders um Jackie took a
short there did I locked in 10 points did nice on that congratulations
man Pac is still hovering up here at the 1750 we are outside the six points from
Pac it seems like it wants to go down but it’s not doing so this is very difficult price action
to trade you don’t have to trade every day just because you’re a day trader doesn’t mean you trade every
day I’m up five points from the morning I’m okay if I don’t take a trade
this afternoon
I’d be interested in this thing doing like a single candle down here to this London overnight low maybe grabbing this
liquidity and give me something to go back that way why because the dominant trend is still
up now if and when everybody takes out their lows here I think things have
changed maybe the Titanic’s turning but maybe it’s turning back you know I don’t
know we don’t do prediction trades we follow what price does we don’t tell
price what to do when you do you hurt
yourself we are still above the warning shot to Bulls area if we can get back
into my strong range here we might have a good move South will it do it today I don’t know
we got more red folders tomorrow and next week is fomc and non-farm
payroll we could hover here all day doesn’t give me a
trade no big deal there are easier days and there are easier trades that’s something we say in our group a
lot all right let me tidy that up is there anything I need to remove I think we’re good
okay we watch we wait I need some new
levels that’s what I need I need to see movement I need to
see a shift in structure I need to see a nice
candle still 24 minutes to Silver Bullet hour here’s the time in New York
so 23 more minutes before Silver Bullet I like to get back to the charts a half hour before that just to get in sync
with the Cadence and the tempo and to do some top down analysis again just like I
do in the AM briefing I’ll do I did here before I got
on L New York did Stack on top of London which stacked on top of Asia let’s come
back over here to Asia here Asia London these are Big liquidity targets
down here but I can’t assume we’re going to go there why I’ve got a this darn 30 minute trend line barrier I’ve got
another 30 minute level here got another level so you know got to be
careful now for some reason I flipped over here and let’s just say Russell did that and inq did that well I’m I’m going
to be much more likely to probably get into a trade sooner than later off of a lower time frame but right now I’m on 3
minutes there’s nothing to look at on on a lower time frame nothing would interest
me I wish this 30 minute trend line happened to line up with the London load
now that I would have liked but to get to the London low it’s got to take out this 30 minute now this is on a three
minute chart you can’t delete a 30 minute level on a from
a 3-minute chart typically it’s got to be broken on the
time frame in which it was drawn now because I play first touch
bounces I typically do remove them after they’re touched but in this case of this
trend line I’m going to require it to be broken and broken on a 30 minute
chart in fact let’s go look at the 30 minute chart
yeah I wouldn’t consider it broken until we probably got all the way down uh into
yeah let’s check everybody else out again and you make a new
low look how many times Dow has been to yesterday’s low
and popped back up
um the thing noteworthy here is that righty took the Asia liquidity came back
up I still lean long over short at this
time does it mean I have a trade I can’t just go long because I
think it’s going to go up I want it to bounce off
something to give some sort of momentum now I would love to see that it touch
this and come in because that would prove to me that this is a real trend line right now I don’t know that’s a real trend line I want it to bounce one
more time and let’s say for some reason price
ripped North then this was never really a real trend line
now it could go straight up inside of this 3 minutes and then come straight back in and that would count like these
Wicks so just because price goes let’s say way up here doesn’t mean that it’s broken I want to see how the candle
pull this over might look at
uh it’s hard to ignore that this was a liquidity grab and now
we got this touch yesterday’s low now we got that it’s hard to ignore it’s not
like two of the indices are vomiting and two are on the verge of it we’re all just hanging out at the bottom of
yesterday y’s range could be just waiting for the news tomorrow what is tomorrow let’s look at
it Forex Factory tomorrow o
pce let’s read what core PC is change in the price of goods and services
purchased by consumers not including food and energy which are two of our biggest
expenses geez not including food and energy well you
go to the grocery store and see8 boxes of cereal and tell me there’s not inflation I don’t know why they do it
like that but whatever so these candles themselves are
giving us a little strong line here not to be ignored and then when you
couple that with righty and um Dal makes you go
hm still having a strong defense here off this 30 minute
level they could have just grabbed this liquidity here and we go to all-time
highs you’d better only short if you have a clean clear crisp level and a
backup level and your ideal stop loss is within your risk
management limits
this is yesterday’s rth halfback which is almost exactly uh this
halfback 15 minutes to the top of the hour
another minute for this candle I want to see what it
does go take a peek at everybody else I’m G to zoom this out these are all
charts sometimes it’s easier to see certain things on 10-minute charts than it is a lower time
frame so if this thing’s going to bounce it needs to be about here if this thing’s going to bounce it needs to be about there if this thing’s going to
bounce it needs to be about there and if this thing’s going to bounce it needs to be about right
here Pock is up here let’s take a peek at
that histogram for
pck it’s pretty darn Pro prominent there isn’t
all right just
watching ideally this candle or the next candle needs to push it down for this to be a valid Trend and if it pushes
straight up and we have some hard closes above it it’s
done you know for my members remember we had a 30 minute level here and uh this
and we have this 30- minute level this is going to be a tough area to just rip through especially when we’re getting no
strength of the move today just there’s no real real strength at all see if they want to push that thing
back in or
so when we said we needed it to push down sort of push down once again that doesn’t give me a
trade that’s me telling the market what to do instead of me following the market but it’s nice when it you know you say
hey I think it’s going to do this here but I didn’t have a level there to take a short so no big deal who
cares wait for the next setup
then I’m going to look to see do we bounce here so we went up a little bit are we going to come back here and
bounce I’d like to know that this does not give me a trade I’m not taking that I would want to see it
happen ideally I’d like to see this candle be white maybe bounce off that vwap come back in to here and then
bounce because this is still Bulls are in
control just goes intraday I have a little bit of a Down trend line here like I said I don’t consider this really
a downtrend line yet until if it bounced again if for some reason this candle comes in I’d go okay this is a valid
little uh downtrend
line so this is for my members what AR aren’t we getting what aren’t we
getting you should know the answer to that question if you don’t ask me on the trading
floor let’s go take a peek at everybody else
is everybody else pushing pushing pushing now testing
vwap what if Dow pops over that really strong we get over halfback we get over
vwap okay this candle would really have to come back in pretty
hard um for this to continue to be a bid trend line but if it came to vwap and
bounc down back to it I’d want to see what happens there if I get that then I might be interested in the next
level I’m not interested in anything right
here 10 minutes to the top of the hour
let’s do this let’s make our life a little
easier this is my time zone so it’s an hour off
oh you want me to pay for the yellow one it’s okay we’ll just keep it
there all right well we’ll just leave it there
okay let’s go check everybody else out all right let’s bring it
back so I want to see does it bounce here and go up or do we vomit through I don’t like
taking what I call First ladders
and this would be the first
I’m looking at my clock settings you don’t
okay looks like it balanced off the trend
all right let’s see what happens like I said I’m interested to
see if it bounces off here and this is just excruciatingly slow clock 6
minutes to the top of the hour entering into a no trade zone by
time let’s see does this thing want to touch and
5 minutes to the top of the hour let’s see if this thing’s going to touch and
bounce if it went so close to the top of the hour I might have might have taken
that we’ll see what happens I’m going to mentally trade it like I said I don’t really like
taking first bounces but I like how we got up over that trend line we’re coming back and back testing into a
level but I don’t like the time I don’t like the 5 minutes till the hour so I
don’t take it cuz you tend to get a little weirdness so this thing coming back in
here if we start closing underneath it I will call that a valid trend line you
could even maybe adopt it out adapt it out a little bit take it to here now I’m okay with
that so this thing bounces here and comes back over that’ll be fun let’s see what happens so in this type of case so
it would have went against me and then it would have came back out have probably just gotten out at break even and said reset my trade why I wanted to
touch my line and bounce not go through my lining and come back up I I I pay my
trades to touch and bounce and so right there you were given the gift of Break Even let’s go back to the 30 second chart let’s take a peek at that
so here gotten you in and then it went down and then it came back and most of our levels 98% of them from my
calculations gives you the opportunity to get out at break even and I’m telling you take the gift of Break
Even This is also why I don’t take first ladders this also why I don’t enter a trade just a few minutes before um the
top and bottoms of ours okay back to the TR trend
line still three or four minutes to the top of the hour it’s a no trade zone by
time let’s go check everybody else out while we’re
waiting nice still within range nice bounce off vwap still within range
still within yesterday’s range still within yesterday’s range but we all are in the sorry we all are in the
bottom half of yesterday’s range after exploring the top half and
rejecting we’re all under vwap we’re all under our
opening and inq with a nice little move here where is the Asia low on
inq right here might be a nice little reaction there or it might come all the
way through and then have a reaction it’ll be interesting to see what happens looks like es is about to make a
new low as well it’s London liquidity is further
away NQ already took its London now it’s attacking its Asia and has gotten
ym still has got its London liquidity to get Russell has its
Asia so definite beautiful targets
below let’s go back where are we on time two minutes
before all right testing um this
again minute and a half still a no trade zone by time for
me will it push down here in one candle to the warning shot for Bulls in the overnight low to grab that
liquidity I have a strong level there as well
of course we got this 30 level 30 minute level here that now what does it tell us if there’s no reaction whoa strength of
move you want there to be a reaction we want everything to bounce even if you don’t take the trade and there’s the
bounce that’s what we do we draw lines that when they first touch them they bounce I have no clue how far they’re
going to bounce but they bounce and once they touch bounce I remove them cuz I only
trade the first touch nice bounce okay so now I would
say this trend line is a validated trend line
now 1 p.m. 1 p.m. all right 1 p.m. Silver Bullet
let’s go check out everybody else out real
quick all right what’s NQ going to do right here I think that’s
important all right we’re going to bounce out this little level here this is a low time frame level I took it but
I’m being protective it got me it didn’t do a touch bounce and that’s what I the only way I would have played that it
needed to touch and bounce up immediately and strongly
um as you can tell it had a little bit of a reaction but not really what I wanted but I like that it’s at the
bottom of the range I honestly like that it pushed through the 30 minute level this is kind of an extension
inq um hitting its low of the day where most likely it would have a reaction but
this just did not react in the manner in which I needed it to react there’s the reaction um I just needed that to be
more instant than it was for me to stay in that trade wasn’t worth um anything I
just did one little tiny Mees but I expected an immediate reaction and did not get that so no big deal move
on all right so now the liquidity down here is
a real Target everything’s out of the way London
Asia warning shot to Bulls
area now what you don’t want to do is just go short here don’t just go short there oh it’s going to grab that I know
it’s going to grab that no you don’t I wish I did I wish I knew 100%
that’s what it would do I have seen it leave one to two
ticks of not getting there and bounced up goes 100 points the other
way so you can tell that level I had drawn is given it a little bit of a fit but not a whole lot nothing worth
staying in the trade nothing worth staying in the trade in my humble opinion now is price going
to come back to here give us an opportunity to go short to then grab that liquidity let’s
see let’s see
so what would it be looking for in the silver silver bullet hour could it come down here and grab this liquidity and start the ladder up very
possible could we have a nice big vomit to watch out below I would love
that how slow is price it it’s going nowhere
fast it does all this slow stuff then fast slow stuff fast slow stuff
fast you know we’ve had a monster runup tomorrow’s pce next week fomc and
NFP you know maybe people start taking some profits
well for a minute I was getting excited it was going to come back up cuz I love the fact that these
magnets are still there that is pulling price to
it I need some way to get into it
price did not give me a way to get into it so sometimes you miss
right let’s see what happens what’s everybody else doing let’s go take a peek what is everybody else
doing okay okay
NQ is not having the reaction I thought it would have in in the timely manner in which I would think which I would have
thought it would have
so once again I got we got a magnet here it’s pull trying to pull price to
it it’s looking like it’s not going to give me an opportunity to be in the trade which is
if it grabs them I’m no longer interested in a short until we get into a new area of the
chart which is down in my blue area here I would think that if this thing went
down we’re going to bounce off this come back to somewhere here maybe and then
flush it to here what do I know I’m just predicting it’s like a pinball machine you’re trying to figure out where price
is going to
balance let’s go to one minute chart there’s something I’m
missing I don’t think so
go back to a three minute
chart looks like it’s going to do it without
me now when we were up here it didn’t in this trend line I had a little bit more
in like this this did not look like it was going to hold did it that’s why you got to be patient
patient patient now I’m going to swing it out just a little
bit still hadn’t taken it
let’s go check everybody else
out and Q is definitely the weaker es is the strongest of everybody in my
opinion doesn’t give me a trade it’s excruciatingly
goodness I said you don’t go short just because you think it’s going to do
something you just don’t that’s telling price what to do we
follow price with a good idea where it will bounce and we play the
all righty
so we have this trend line that might try to keep it down and we have that trend line that might try to keep it
down or if it gets back above here it could just suck it straight up hard you got to be
careful like I said this has proven to be a real line so we’ll
see price is so slow
H nothing on top of nothing and price just isn’t really
moving let’s go check everybody else out
okay candle up candle up candle up took yesterday’s rth liquidity is it
going to come back in and Ladder up we’re just in a tricky tricky tricky
here didn’t get high enough for me to go short
my goodness
let’s go to a lower time frame here like are we starting to ladder back
Is The Turn Starting?
up so that’s the first ladder let’s see if you can get a second ladder above that orange trend line and that white
trend line super low time frame I’m just
drawing it on the screen is that going to
hold I give it so much value that I’m just drawing it on the screen not even on the
chart that’s how much value I’m giving it right now why we still have these monster
magnets down here we still got this London low the
Asia low and then the real overnight low is even underneath it so I don’t put
much Credence into this but I’m drawing it just to analyze price
action to me it could come all the way here and still bounce and I would count that as a first ladder
but then I don’t want to see it take out this High that’s what’s got to happen we got to take out this High get over the
orange trend line at least so several things got to happen
before I’m interested in a trade here North I’m looking at a Northerly trade now because it would show me evidence of
lading up against the bottom of the range for the last three sessions Asia
Bottom of Range Analysis: The Turn
London New York
work and I think if we get back to here it’s going to be game on Long
so just watch what happens I’ll just keep my screen drawings up here for a
minute when you’re at the bottom of the range you should tend to be more interested in more Longs than shorts
Until It Breaks it we’ve broken
nothing nothing of importance
right let’s see if it pops Above
This you ever heard this saying never short a dull Market this seems pretty
oh I deleted my drawings oh well
sorry it’s okay what’s not happening well at this point it’s not
making higher highs and higher lows it went up did a little bit of a bounce and now you know you can almost
draw this right so not in love yet I need obvious signs that it’s going to do
something the only thing that’s obvious right now it’s it wants to do nothing and it might just be resting until
tomorrow pce number you know what do we know
so there’s that high we said it needs to take out and I think if we get past this it’s game on Long who’d be shocked if
they made a new high not
I there we go
very nice now we just adapt this out to
here once again it’s not a real trend line yet I’m just drawing on the screen I’m
just mapping it out like a chessboard you move this piece there and move that
there you
all right will it bounce there if it bounces there and gives me one more up I’ll be interested in a
long oh I can delete those by back like you
know like how you do an undo very nice I didn’t know I could do that so there was a little
bounce will it do it again we’ll see remember this is a super low time
frame I’m on a 30 second chart I don’t put a whole lot into it we didn’t grab liquidity so I’m not real interested in
going long I wish we would have grabbed this liquidity and then did
this but we didn’t grab that liquidity let’s go look at everybody
else real quick now if for some reason NQ was already back up here it had been
lading then I’d have been interested and I still might do
it okay so it did bounce off that it came back twice now can we get up over
this trend line and over this one that’s the next key can this get over both of
them I don’t know it’s horrible ugly price action doesn’t mean it can’t keep going up
though I’m certainly not looking for a short here that game’s over for now it
could bounce down right here off of here and go take this but based
off the bigger Trend and the fact we couldn’t even grab this overnight low
I I lean long but it’s got to prove to me that’s what it wants to
do and so if it’s going to bounce back down and come grab these
lows it’s going to be right here let’s see what
happens I like to go long or short after it
breaks something and sometimes you can be in the trade going into the break and it’s
just phenomenal like I said I wish it had
already taken this liquidity down here because I would be so interested in a long if we got up over the orange but
right there in this box here is where I said price has got got
to bounce down and come and grab this if they’re going to do it it’ll happen here
what do I know all right um 7 minutes to the
bottom of the hour which is something I
watch now where it’s going south here is where I initially had my shorts set for
this move but it didn’t get there so I removed them I expect price to be
delivered in a certain fashion if it’s delivered that way I’ll play it if it’s not I remove my orders who
cares let me check my
group let me share this 30 second chart
all right now this will be real interesting here do we bust
this or does it come here and then come take it I don’t know
what do I know we’ll see
I wish it would have already taken this liquidity it really throws a monkey
wrench 5 minutes to the bottom of the hour where’s my big
clock there we go this is my time zone so 5 minutes to 4 and A2
minutes to the bottom of the hour to the final 3 30 minute periods of
profile so will this get defended and they push it down to come grab this liquidity then we’ll then we’ll see what
happens do we ladder South from here or do we come back in and Ladder
North if it does that they might leave this liquidity here for tomorrow and Ladder Up and Go
back to Pac let’s go see where Pac is I bet Pac hasn’t moved yeah Pac is still up here
at 17 now on a three-minute chart you can
see these candles it’s just easier to see the structure a little bit lower let’s go to a one minute does a one
minute give me structure it sure does I’ll take it on the one minute I don’t need the 30 seconds
and with the magnet of the London overnight low and Asia overnight low you just feel like that
they’d want to grab it but I can’t anticipate trade if you
didn’t anticipate a trade anywhere in here you are now short stuck in a lad up
sequence that’s why I don’t do that
I love how I can do
that all right can this thing get up here and give us something here I’ll go along with this as my
target it’s got to prove it to me though and sometimes it’ll run without
you you get a big white candle and it just goes you’re like oh well I missed it I saw it right which which happened
this morning we saw it perfectly but price moved in such a way that I was not
able to really be in the trades I wanted to be in I mean I made five points but that’s nothing to write home to Mama
about okay let’s see what happens here
nice can you pop it I’d love to see NQ start getting some up candles
here but NQ is the weakest
can it pop back over this trend line you got a admit it’s pretty cool how price is Dancing with
it and this is a multi-day trend line I drew days ago that I’ve been showing you each
morning in the AM briefing
it’s decision time well there’s two decision times but
this is the first one right here and the next one for
me is what does it do here at this six points from Pock this red dash
line what are you going to do guys
all right so you see my scenario you see my target I’ll turn that off just so I can see the price
better I think it’s going to do it what do I
know fake out everybody who went short here and they all Run for the door to get out it’ll be interesting to see what
happens here very interesting
this will be very interesting
here it’s right so funny it is literally at the apex of the trend
lines what’s it going to do well I got this we’ll see if it pops and does that
and comes to Pock see what
happens we stand up tired of sitting
there we go come on
decision time here boys you’d like to see it not go any lower than this 0375 but know how sloppy
price action is 0250 seems more like
it so you’re going to pop
what you going to do when they come for are
you big decision time
here like I said I think this 0250 or whatever should be the lowest it goes if
it’s going to go
up let me draw this in here
here and I think if it shoots it like I said it probably comes back to
Pock I did go long there if it gets me I’m going to be protective why cuz it still got these
big magnets down here had these magnets not been existed I would have done this
bigger but and and if it gets me it gets me what do walk here it’s got to do it
right and I’m not really getting my setup here I’m kind of getting in it too
early but this is what I’m looking at on the screen above my head are these things and I’m like it’s
going it’s going but and when it does it I’m not
going to be able to get in I just felt like I had to get in there on that but small and if it would have popped and
went up I mean that had been 10 points I mean that’s a good
time for refreshing
beverage it’s not wanting to go fast is
it well we saw this really well it bounced each time we thought it needed to bounce now it’s decision time right
man is it going to go without me it’s got to give me something let me go to a 30 second chart do I got anything I can
lean on
so I got a bit of a volume and balance thing here on a really low time frame that’s a
level and what do we got now we’re getting above this trend line we’re getting above this trend
is it going to come back
in see what happens right
come on let’s go pop
it so there’s the touch bounce
there which is all you can expect a 30 second level to do right you
know so let’s go back to one minute I want to see if I’m seeing anything else here on
a one minute this is nothing um that might be interesting
so price got up so we had this trend line price kind of breaking it come back
and testing now this one did have candle closures above it now this is a one
minute chart but notice this one didn’t let’s go to 3 minutes what does this look like on 3 minutes
all right let’s see if that holds now there’s your
reaction will that gather enough buyers to keep the momentum of this going going
up this area is still the Battleground it looked like for a minute
it was going to just go up that’s why you can’t just go long here you got to
have a level that you can at least lean on and you go okay I’ll try it
for all right what you going to
do I hate that it came back under the orange trend line which is the 30 minute
trend line but on a 30 minute chart this is nothing this is like a little Wick or something let’s go to
30 minute chart I mean you can see it’s just nothing three minute
chart let’s go to one minute
chart I’m going to delete that
20 minutes left with a silver bullet
join a good root
beer go to a 10minute chart on here
it’s a 10-minute chart it’s pretty easy to draw this trend line let’s throw that
on there for to get a little bit better on
that use a little higher time frame trend line
that level had its chance it had its chance couldn’t hold
the move couldn’t hold the
move let’s go to one minute just to see structure a little bit more
smaller see if it’ll hold
it let’s go check everybody else out are we
seeing any writing on the wall okay little pullback it should bounce
there inq is back up into yesterday’s range that is not to be
ignored like I said it’s real difficult when you got the these magnets down here
as because even if they were going to take this thing up here at the end of the day they still might want to come and grab this you kind of like that to
be grabbed and out of the way so the magnet doesn’t keep pulling
do you know what I
all right let’s see what that little level does it’s not a first touch level
it’s just a level you see where it was defended a few times before will they
defend it again or that’s it
all right about 15 more minutes and I’ll be
done now a 3 minute chart I would it would make me want to draw it differently with would make me want to
draw this and if you want to go to the body
which it’s a little more aggressive go to the wick it’s a little more
liberal so you can see the two trend lines there on kind of two different
time frames um on know one minute now I’d
probably adapt it a little bit to there it’s not a whole lot to hang your hat on
really um actually that’s the trend
line can I hold it up not that I need that trend line I don’t we can see
it trend lines are helpful when you can’t see the candles outside of your screen you know what I
the longer it goes the more I think these become big
magnets all right it’s just going nowhere it’s not proving anything to me
really yet we seem to have evidence of laddering up on from down here but like I said I
wish it would already grabbed the liquidity but if we are at the bottom of the range it’s going to be more
defended it’s going to be harder to get priced down you a 3 minute still pretty easy to
say oh I can see the candles like that pretty pretty easy of course that too right but we’re at the bottom of the
range here and wanting to see if this thing wants to ladder up that’s what I’m looking for and it may
not got big magnets below us where liquidity wants to be
taken 13 minutes to the top of the
hour tomorrow’s pce this thing may not want to do
anything until
okay what are you going to
do let’s go check everybody else out
okay still trying to get into the yesterday’s range we’re still all in yesterday’s
range 10 minutes to the top of the hour right
here me bring in this
slop and chop Fest
straight sideways
basically let’s check every everybody else out
again let’s go back to everybody else again my train the reason why we look at
everybody else are we all on the same train we all on the same
train only in the sense that we’re all in the bottom of yesterday’s range we’re near the bottom of the overnight
range usually when you’re at the bottom of ranges it’s better to look for Longs
than shorts Until It Breaks the bottom when you’re at the top of the range it’s
better to look for shorts till it breaks the
top let’s go to three minute
chart Pock is still up there let’s just pull it in the day so we’re not so zoomed in
now price really isn’t doing anything to be that zoomed in
8 minutes to the top of the hour
see what’s going to happen it’s going to pop the Top If the see I think a lot of people
go long down here in general this is why looking for Longs works most of the time these people who
went short are getting caught off sides and some of them are starting to probably say uhoh top of the hour is
near do I want to be in this trade as we turn over on the
hour let’s go take a peek at everybody
else oops that’s the weekly chart let look at
this this is the important one I think because NQ has been the weakest and with
NQ coming in I think that’s going to give everybody the push they need to get
so I’ve been long not that I this is recorded I forget it’s not that I want
I’m Long
encourage you to go long obviously you’re going to see this way
later so I’m going to follow one at 50% here so let’s say it’s at let’s say $40
what do you do you move it to $20 that’s all
small there we go shorts run for the
door minutes to the top of the
hour I’m going to lock in both of those I’m going just watch now there we
go there we go um it went to 50 so I want to move
this to
25 now you got vwap right up here at
11 so if you wanted you could set one here and say okay it’s either going to
take this one or it’s going to take that one well I could take both of these but we’ll see I’m going to take one right in
front of vwap yeah and I’m okay with
that keep going keep
going keep
going keep
going come on and it’s tough because you got these trend lines here that very well could bounce price back
down all right that hits 60 I’m going to move this to 30 I’ll follow it at
50% neither one it hits I’ll just remove the other one so if it takes this one
out I’ll just remove this one if it takes this one out I’ll remove that
one come on SO
mes this type of price action is not worth betting big on my opinion
because if it runs up there to Pock this will be a very nice trade now it’s got to get through two
trend lines in vwap I don’t know if it’ll do
it 3 minutes to the top of the hour and more than likely the shorts run
for the door you know the other way to play it
is say okay we’re about to have the top of the hour this thing could just pop through remove this when price gets
above it go back and put it here and now vwap is kind of my backup level we’ll
see still got these trend lines you got to deal with and vwap tough
area and if it gets me out it gets me out what do I care I I I can’t control what price does after I’m in I can only
read the price action and try to be with the trade and for me we were bottom of range but
what I didn’t like is we still had these magnets here um very likely to come back in here
so I was playing it small but trying to play with Trend okay so I got one left I’m going to remove this
one um let’s lock this one in at two points and I’ll just hands
off and try to get a 10-pointer where’s a 10p pointer 10p pointer is here at
1250 1250 where is 1250 well if it gets to 1250 it’s probably going to
1750 all right let’s
go come on
there we go very
nice come on let’s see if we can get back to PAC the goal we talked about
earlier this is when I talk about trade location okay and this is for my members
what was not happening here or all of this really what was not
happening it’s very important to know that and then to realize I’m at the bottom of a
range what’s the smartest play at the bottom of the range look for a long how do you look for a long
drop in time frames and watch the price action now it could have ripped my head
off and still came down here and I would to went yep 2m all right so it is now Power
Hour tell my group what I’m
in all right so I like it come on take out
both these trend lines in fact sometimes I play this little stupid King you know what let me remove these lines that’ll
bounce price and maybe price will go right through it maybe price will go right through it
if I delete my balce
lines me screenshot this put it in my
all right come on get up there now it pops over this 1275 I’m
going to put my I stopped there to lock in a 10-pointer
cuz I like 10 pointers 20 pointers 30
pointers would that have given me my profit on my other one no it’s no big deal
just two contracts I entered at two different
locations using that range and uh we’ll see what
happens think I’ll lock in three points
now now if we can pop vwap with a Vengeance but more than like
likely it’s going to come back and that’s why I was I had my um get out of that other contract
somewhere about right there but didn’t quite happen so we’ll see I don’t mind three
points I could get six right there just like oh give me six but to me the writings on the wall were going
up let’s go check everybody else out what are we’re getting
okay yeah yeah yeah okay I got to stick with it
here see what
1750 is p my goal I will walk
in 10 point when we
get past it all right so 10 points is at the $50
I would think we make it here unless it gets rejected here because I got vwap I got six points from vwap I have
halfback of course the ultimate Target up here is this
is it going to bounce off my strong level again I don’t
know all right I’m going to lock in Four Points 50% of the
be whe could be where price comes back in gets me oh
well I’m trying for the larger move if I wanted to just maximize where
I thought the next price price would bounce I would had my stop right there like I did
earlier but time of day writing on the wall
watching price action I want to see if I can get
that and by the way my stop for my trade was under
this level I
drew now we’re back over this 30
minute can we stay I won’t survive a back touch because it’ll get me out I’m
pretty sure 06 and I don’t really care
I’m going to follow it at 60% of the move 06 is right at the trend line it’s
okay come
on Jackie’s long also in my
group and wouldn’t be surprised at all this it gets me out and I only capture three points of the Sixpoint move it’s
if you care too much about the outcome you’re probably trading too
big you know our levels Bounce About 92% of the time so most of our trades make us money
we just never know how far they’re going to
go come on everybody get out of your shorts tomorrow’s
pce you’re not going to take it down it looks like come on big white
candle big white candle big white
come on come
and you just wait and if this causes you anxiety remove
it who
got to send a screenshot to a
it’s better to experience the anxiety of staying in a trade than the anxiety of looking for a new trade
come on let’s pop it let’s go look at everybody
else okay okay okay look where pck is for um
NQ and
Es certainly looks like I’m in a good trade looks like I’m with the
current I’m back at halfback though of today here’s halfback of
yesterday strong level
pock looks like I’m in a good
trade once it gets here to this 50 I’ll move my stop to the 25 that’s 50% of the
follow but I think if we get above this we’re going here so we’ll see
got to get above it though gotta break vwap got to break
it oh come
on and this will be my final trade no matter what
I’ll take my profit today and be
content and certainly not surprised where price turned around but I wanted to give it every
chance I could it could still Bounce It could come down a little bit
more then bounce up and maybe it won’t get me but I’m not willing to move my stop
any further as I said if I want to maximize
before a bounce level you take your profit
there if I’m wanting 10 points or more you’ve got to play the follow game until
you can get some protection
layers never got to the 10 points cuz 1250 is
here I’ve got one protection layer right there that’s where price should bounce
if price doesn’t bounce go ahead and get me out it should bounce right
here of course we’re Power Hour your levels are less
meaningful pce Tomorrow People positioning for major red folder event
tomorrow please your levels are not that important to any anything this is why I
don’t typically trade during this time I’m only trading this time because I’m managing a trade and when it gets me out
here I shall be done and there’s the
bounce I no longer have a protection layer that’s where probably should bounce but I don’t but most of the time
this is not a big enough pullback to break V VPO I mean
vwap you’re kind of hoping that when it’s doing this it has enough momentum that it just rips through it and that’s
my final trade okay guys I’ll see you tomorrow for the am briefing
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