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welcome to the am briefing video
presented by micr where
together we trade
better good morning
Traders thought today we’d use some
peaceful music
matches the theme of today’s
quote I say this quote every morning to
my wife when we do our Bible study but
it’s a little bit different than this
one but I’m going to give you the one I
use drive to live a peaceful life and
boy that is one of the gifts of Aging as
you learn that that’s the most important
thing is striving to live a peaceful
life not wanting more needing more
striving for more more but to live a
peaceful life and how do you do that the
next two parts so strive to live a
peaceful life minding your own business
strive to live a peaceful life minding
your own business boy our world is
designed and set up to where you can
easily be in someone else’s business
Twitter Facebook Instagram name it it’s
all about being in someone else’s
business business and sharing your
business so strive to live a peaceful
life minding your own
business and working with your hands you
want to sleep well at night do those two
things you want a peaceful life do those
two things mind your own business and
work with your hands and I’ll tell you
guys you want to do something really
awesome with your wife read to her
whether it’s the Bible or Lord of the
Ring or the Mount of Monty Chrisco or
where the two Fern Where the Red Fern
Grows read to
her it’s a delightful delightful
experience but strive to live a peaceful
life minding your own business and
working with your hands so what other
Traders might be trading today just mind
your own business and do your own
thing so guys it is Friday Friday rules
are full effect just as I said yesterday
if I if you listen to the am briefing
yesterday I said am rule start today so
it’s really Friday so today they really
apply don’t give your week back don’t do
it today trade with a smaller daily stop
loss you might even say you know what
I’m going to trade this but I’m going to
trade it small if at
all and if I take one loss I’m done I’m
out take a percentage of your weekly
profits yesterday I said Friday rule
start yesterday take a percentage of
your weekly profits whatever you are up
let’s take that as a 100% number I’m
only going to risk 10% of it for
Thursday and Friday if I lose 10% of
that I’m out I’m done there are easier
weeks there are easier days to trade the
most important thing that you need to
know when we get new members I tell them
you have to learn when not to trade and
trust me it’s a journey for all of us
the first one you’re going to learn are
there certain days to not trade there
might even be certain weeks not to trade
such as this
week but there’s certainly certain days
to not trade then you narrow that down
to their’s certain times of the day that
you trade better I’m a much better
Trader in the AM than I am in the PM I
still try to trade the
PM too often I still need to learn to
say no let’s make all of our money still
in the am so learning when not to trade
but it’s Friday Friday rules go into the
weekend a winter go into the weekend or
winter it is nonfarm payroll day small
if at
all so I’m not going to do an in-depth
amm briefing although this video might
be longer because we’re going to review
yesterday one of the quotes I love to
show share on non-farm payroll Friday is
the quote by Jesse Livermore there are
days to go long there are days to go
short and there are days to go fishing
and today is that day to go fishing it’s
that day to go golfing it’s that day to
to go clean out your garage it’s that
day to grab your laptop and hit a coffee
shop and do a candle by candle replay of
every day this week it is a day not to
trade but if you are going to sit down
on the chart and trade today leverage
down how can you leverage down well
number one don’t trade your cash account
today don’t trade your funded accounts
today you got an eval account okay you
got 10 eval accounts maybe just do one
of those or just literally paper trade
or say today I want to trade on the
chart I want a chart trade today and I’m
going to practice that today or just
bring out a pencil and piece of paper
and literally journal the day like an
investigative journalist will do what
was happening how were you feeling you
would have went long at
83 Journal of the day or literally just
grab your favorite
beverage have your Dom closed kick your
feet up and say I’m just going to watch
I’m just going to listen to the zoom I’m
just is going to trade through someone
else’s eye someone gets long I’m going
to be supporting them how would I manage
this trade while they’re in that
trade so there are ways to dial it
down so what I want to do is let’s look
at here we go yesterday we had about 12
trads and in fact if you go to the end
of the day charts I marked those out for
you um these were the time times of the
trades this was the results the profits
and the losses and then what was the
trend we had a lot of chop trades early
on then we had with the trend and there
was a counter parabolic Trend when we go
parabolic should you be counter trading
I don’t recommend it um then what was
the level and then what was the chart
and that’s how I track them so let’s hop
on the chart now and let’s just look at
yesterday so when the day opened
London was stacking on top of
Asia we had the Gap that we talked about
on Zoom um our indicators would ah had
you mark this and this as uh session
levels we came down and grabbed that
liquidity and then came back in now I’m
not going to answer this question but I
want you to answer it what trade should
you not be taking when it grabs session
liquidity and comes back in if you don’t
know the answer to that question ask on
the trading floor and I want another
Trader to answer the question it grabbed
session liquidity and it came back in
what trade should you not be
taking all right so as we were coming
towards that Gap in the morning I was
mapping out where you could go short if
you wanted to go short towards the
filling of that Gap um is anyone shocked
it went and grabbed yesterday’s
liquidity no es has to eat it’s a
Pac-Man it is seeking that liquid
liquidity once it’s grabbed the
liquidity on the south end of the chart
what is most likely going to happen next
it goes to the North End of the chart
the Bulls were in control I was saying
the play is longer flat in fact
yesterday I went live on YouTube in the
afternoon in this area whoops this
little area here mapping out what was
happening if you were on that you know I
continually was saying the play is
longer flat the play is longer flat the
play is longer flat if you do decide to
counter trade realize you counter trade
please do it small do not add to a Los
or do not move your stop loss look for
opportunities to take the gift of Break
Even because you are
counter so the play yesterday was long
or flat did we take out one break level
to the South my Traders did we take out
one break level to the South my Traders
only at the end of the day and in fact I
mapped out this short right here on um
YouTube that was
it that was the only short on this chart
that you should have taken in my humble
opinion now when the day started one
could have easily drawn in this trend
line say okay uhoh where are we
going and you needed to know and being
on Zoom is helpful because together we
trade better that we grab that session
came back
in and in this area I’m saying longer
flat longer flat longer flat longer flat
flat that will help you stay on sides to
map out these trades I’m like a tour
guide for
ES showing you the SES along the way and
then as you were watching the day
develop and you’re watching the break
level stack
you should be have on your chart
something along this
line then what
happened then there was a
shift then it went
parabolic this region
here on the chart here let me just draw
it this way from here on up here please
do not be shorting this you are now in a
parabolic move it became more aggressive
and in fact on a 30 minute
chart what was noted is we left behind
two sets of single prints we had single
prints here and we had single prints
here let’s go back to a three minute
chart when we were on zoom and I was
talking about not on Zoom when I was on
YouTube live talking about the breakdown
trade I said the first Target is the
first set of single prints
search on my YouTube channel strength of
the move and go watch that video when
there’s a strength of the move heading a
certain direction careful counter
trading it and if you don’t know how to
trade the breakdown well that just
requires butt time on Zoom with me um to
get that and if you need I was saying
okay guys play as longer flat play as
longer flat but up here we’re about the
seventh the fifth or sixth Ladder Up and
I said I’m not going long it’s outside
of my three to five ladders that I like
to trade so therefore I’m not trading
did I miss several opportunities to to
make very well on a long yes why because
the trend is hard to break Trends are
hard to break Trends are hard to break
and do you think you’re going to call
the exact
top so if you counter do it small look
for the gift to break even do not add to
your losing trade do not move your stop
loss if you had to wait wait till
there’s a strong level like uh yesterday
when we skyrocketed up we stopped here
on a dime okay maybe at a strong
level you entertain the thought of maybe
I’ll take a small counter trade there
but when you’re watching Trend here and
this is mapped out this should be clear
as day that the trade is long or
flat the trade is long or flat and
hopefully you stayed on sides so today
today if you were going to get your
refreshing beverage prop your feet up
and just watch the price action this
would be something to do today is for
you to pay attention to Trend now this
is a set of single print still on your
chart it’s nonfarm payroll this morning
I bet it doesn’t play a role at all
level schels nothing matters um we will
be live before that candle I need to get
this video out cuz we uh news event is
in 2018 8 minutes so I need to wrap this
thing up and of course straight sideways
right it’s just waiting for the next
piece of information apparently um
Apple’s doing stock buyback increasing
the dividend I saw somewhere that
someone had said that uh Warren Buffett
gets an extra 10 million a quarter
because of the dividend so um very
interesting so yesterday was pretty
straightforward now there were tons of
eight-point candles yesterday the a
point candles from all of my research
does not reduce the win rate but it does
increase the
risk it doesn’t in decrease the win rate
oh my goodness it does
um the win rate is the same but it does
increase your risk that’s what I’m
trying to
say because when it goes eight points
your direction that’s nice I was in this
short when it went when it went eight
point candle down right there beautiful
and then where did it stop where did it
stop you know where it stopped it
stopped at the
opening and the set of single prints
that’s where it stopped I was hoping it
continued down I was hoping it went to
the next set of single prints which were
down here but that didn’t happen oh well
you manage your trade we never know how
far it’s going to go but we try to
manage it for a runner because the
runners can really make a day it can
really make a week we’re good at getting
10 20 30 pointers in fact in our group I
added the hat trick under the leader
board um where you can so you post your
10 pointers 20 pointers 30 pointers well
yesterday one of my Traders congrats
papy had multiple 10-point and plus
Runners so he had made a hattick which
was three 10-point runners or more so
that’s a new thing we’re going to
celebrate in our group is the hatrick if
you have three or more 10-point runners
in a day uh post it there in the hatrick
category so you can stand and be
recognized for your accomplishments all
right guys I’m going to get this video
out I’ll see you live on Zoom