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“Welcome to the AM briefing video presented by where together we trade better. Good morning, happy Friday, April the 19th. This should be a rather short and sweet video. There’s really no news drivers today except for the geopolitical news that came out of the Middle East last night, and it had a delightful vomit. Okay, let’s talk about these trend lines. This is our primary 30-minute trend line. Then we went parabolic, as we’ve talked about, and now we’ve gone double parabolic. I know that sounds so ridiculous, a double parabolic move. It makes me laugh every time I say it, but we are in a double parabolic move. I believe the risk of short covering is still high. Last night, my old college roommate – I know he’s listening to this – he texted me and said, ‘Is the risk of short squeezing still high?’ I said, ‘Absolutely.’ He said, ‘Good, because I hate looking at my portfolio losing wealth as he’s looking at his phone.’ And it was beautiful because we had a perfectly beautiful bounce from our strong levels. So, let’s look at the strong levels. How well have these things been performing? And in the vomit last night, we came right to my next strong range. When this move started last night, I made this post in the Discord group. So, I mentioned 8 days without taking out a daily high. Can it? And I drew out this from this strong level to this strong range. Can it get there? And that’s what I was looking to short because a lot of times, our prices love to go from our strong levels to strong levels. And that was fun. And then I had a nice little 10-pointer in this drop, and I should have held all the way down. Here’s my screenshot of the trade last night. So, I shorted this, um, 50, 20.25, somewhere right in here, and I took my 10. And um, I should have just followed my own little plan that it was going to come to this next strong level and get 50 points. One thing I was not going to do, although in hindsight, it looks gorgeous, I was not going to take this long. War news just announced. I’m not going to long this. And look where we marched right back to. My goodness, how cool is that? This is where membership has its privileges. This strong range was not given to YouTube. This one was in yesterday’s video. I didn’t call out the level, but it was in the video. Visible membership has its privileges. If you’d like to learn how we draw these bounce levels and trade these bounce levels and how we trade better together, check us out at Stay green, my friends. And to learn more about our group, go to”