Emini Live Stream

what’s up sloppy joe
[Music] let’s
see there we go all right all right all
right thought I’d try something a little different this afternoon I’ve been trying to figure out when I could live stream
and not mess with my own group or my own trading and a day that might offer some sort
of I was like let’s try to stream today Thursday man we got into some phenomenal
trades this morning one of my Traders if I told you you wouldn’t believe it like it’s
like wow but when you trade multiple es
contracts and this thing bounces the way it did
today not bad not bad well I thought for sure we were going to run up here and grab these two
pools of liquidity up
here but we didn’t I need to get my chart back to set Pock from
yesterday the low and overnight low that it grabbed this morning
couple of my Traders were in that long I was already long so I was taking draw down there but I felt confident in my
entry and use those levels as my backup levels but like I said this morning on Zoom if you wanted to be greedy trade
the backup levels require a backup level but trade the backup
level so we’re going to see how the this works my eyeballs are still on this line down here
um we’re going to see how that works I actually don’t need
this little trend line on here anymore I know it’s going through our bull bear zone I’m going to get rid of that for
the time being where is that oh it’s
here I can get r that actually I want to
bring my session levels back here clean this up just a little
bit don’t need don’t need don’t
need um I don’t think I need that either no
back to three minute don’t need the single print
we just need our strong levels dang I deleted
uh me bring back my indicators I’ve tried to encourage
trading view to make indicators to where uh you can’t delete them but they don’t
have that feature yet all right
[Music] don’t need don’t need don’t need oh that was the arrow from
yeah right I’m going to remove that don’t need this
anymore pretty sure I’m not going to need that but you never
know I want to go back to an hourly I I really chart here for a second if you’re in my group remember we
talked about this level being an origin level a level of of uh High polarity where price can move quickly so yeah it
has proven to be that for sure back and forth there are strong
levels that’s looking good looking good so sloppy how’s the
volume and all of that stuff is the music annoying is it I like to have a little bit when I’m just sitting here by
myself it’s different when I’m leading a
group maybe you’ve rolled it’s all
good oh perfect thank you sir all right so for rth we’d have to
come in here and just draw this we’re obviously laddering up the play
has been longer flat all day long that hasn’t changed I said above the bull
bear Zone here I would not be shorting I’ve tried to be long several times in the morning and then honestly I
lot frustrated so um cuz I’ve seen it right and just price did not behave in
the manner that I require it to behave so oh well what do you do you take a break you come
back all right let’s go down on the music a little thank you sir let’s lower that a little
bit just a little bit let me know if that is still too loud I can I just don’t want to sit here in
silence cuz sometimes there’s nothing to say we just wait let me know if it needs
to go down anymore I’m
easy I just wanted some kind of peaceful cuz that’s how we trade in our groups peace
yeah just wait for the next trade 100% so seemingly like we might be I’m
having a little bit of a parabolic I’m going to put these back on
wh they’re just information they’re not trade levels um it’s just an indication of
which direction are we going and we want to stay on sides
I’m sure the lag is not obviously Zoom is like
instantaneous all right I also have up on here um this which is SPX 500usd I
signed up for the leap um account their little paper trading competition but I really hadn’t
done anything with it I keep forgetting about it um which is really despicable because I
would have entered long and just held on through the leap um for the leap account
so I haven’t done anything with it so it is setting here in case decide to do
that and show you that as well um the front sides have just been
bangers today my goodness the front sides have been the trade
today paid paid paid longer flat has been the play all morning as we’ve
talked in our group and as long as you did
Longs at our levels you banked
today all right two relative highs here the rth the overnight surely it’s going
to get them and I wouldn’t be surprised if it kept going I’m really disappointed cuz I was long down here at 24 to 26 a
few times what do you do wait for the next
trade so 50 points down 50 points back uh one of our ters was short here
several of y’all guys were long here which was great I went long a little higher because I wanted to make sure I
was in the trade then I added and on this thing is where I made my my money but I was really wanting this move
that’s happening right now and it just couldn’t quite get there let’s go take a peek at everybody
else let’s see where everybody else is all right so here’s the halfback from
yesterday actually let’s make this a rectangle tool make it a little easier uh so Russell is up here da is up
here we appear to be getting all on the same train let’s move the train up here
choose Che you’re
king that’s right two
[Music] two all right we appeared to all definitely all be on the same
train dang it I wish papy would have held on to As
Long and you know if you’re ever getting to a trade when we’re on Zoom please let me know and I will help you manage
it cuz it’s amazing once you kind of pop the
balloon of hitting 10 20 30 pointers it’s amazing how often they’ll
come it’s just like this hump you kind of got to get over you got to break that barrier it’s like the sound barrier once
they broke the sound barrier it was easy everybody does it all right matched
the IB high this will be a recorded trade on our 2024 Analytics
all right let me come over here and look at this so certainly uh don’t counter trend
is where we’re at here we’re above our bull bear Zone I can move this down just a little
bit it’s not that big a
deal we’re at yesterday’s halfback Russell and DOW
are definitely trending above their halfback we’re all above our openings we’re all above our vws all of our vws
are having a slightly slant slanted upward
lean es is the lagard we’re getting no level separation
here so no trades really for me I need something clear and clean and
crisp if I’m going to trade the afternoon I wish it would have grabbed that liquidity at the London High there
then maybe we could have had a shift and Market struction gave us so I’m kind of short because look how many times it’s
been in this bull bear Zone just crazy here that one and here’s
what I’m looking at on that this had a wonderful bounce less of
a bounce less of a bounce it’s kind of like a a bouncing ball and it’s kind of doing a little less a little less a
little less then eventually it can follow through like when we lost 27 the
other day and we had that beautiful short there so that worked out really really well um so just because the play
is short and flat once it grabs some sort of liquidity kind of the chart resets and we’ll wait to see if anything
changes but the play is longer flat if you counter do it small do not
add to a losing trade do not move your stop loss look for an opportunity to take the gift to break even if it is
given to you that’s if you go counter if you go with the trend be a little more
patient all right let’s go to
the so one thing that happened on this upshoot is we did have a little develop level development and then it just
Consolidated and then it shot up and went for the high so
so we’re just in the middle of yesterday’s range there’s no real advantage of trading here I just wouldn’t go short unless
um we get a shift to Market
structure cuz this is not a squeeze yet this is not a
squeeze this is es making its money when we get a squeeze you know
all right let’s close this up go look at a 30- minute chart
there got one set of singles [Music]
here we bang this out here make sure we’re good on
that we’re C certainly good on that I’m get a 30 minute fa value Gap
here so we got it one set of singles which does show some irrational price action of course we knew that by all the
eight-point candles today
um I’m just going to mark this it’s not a level that I would do anything with but I am going to mark it just as a gap
that way when I’m in this chart I know exactly what that looks like over
there Perfect all right so some bit of a parabolic trend here we’re leaving
behind to set a single prints and a 30- minute fair value gap on top of that the play is certainly long or flat I just
don’t have a level here for me to go long and if it runs without me oh well
there’s easier days
all right let’s put on the next [Music]
[Music] song Let’s go check out inq thanks for the heads up on that yep sure did thank
you sir together we trade better three of us hasn’t and one of us has not that’s us
which one of these aren’t like the other kind of
[Music] es I do want to throw on our Essentials
indicator I want to see the 8 point candles go ahead and put back on the
vwap just so I know where that is
all right see if we get anything I don’t mind a small content
morning especially when some of our other guys just rocked it papy in the house hey
[Music] buddy Monster Day for front
[Music] sides pey you know you were in a you’re in a trade that You’ made 50 down and 50
on the way up isn’t that
crazy you could have not entered any of your other trades mean those two would have made
the [Music]
day all right I want to go take a peek over here I really want to see what NQ is doing on this
zoom in here zoom in here keep those halfbacks lined
[Music] up we’re kind of on the same train we’re
all at here at the
halfback you know because of where we’re at I would much prefer a shift in Market structure here and being able to find a
short then to go long but I’ve got to see several things happen before I get short the obvious magnet are the single
prints here and unfortunately it’ll probably get them before I’m giv the situation
that I might be interested in going
short let me keep an eye over here on cuz remember I also have on here
the leap account right here so I’m watching it as well to see
if I want to enter something on the leap account go back to es
here go take a Peak at in Q just individually
in qu on a 30 minute here to a 10
minute okay back to ES
think about it it’s bouncing perfectly you couldn’t ask for a better bounce
day espe since we’re bounce Traders [Music]
let’s go see what everybody else is doing here see if there’s any writing on the
wall nothing nothing
like I said sort of a parabolic move here in the rth but just rushing up in all obviousy to grab that
[Music] liquidity back to the opening back to the IB high that will be recorded in
fact I’m going to go ahead and record that for our metrics H I’ll
wait single prins is certainly um the most intermediate
Target a very small set but it’s there
now 7375 here is also a good place to [Music]
um think about getting along [Music] long if you want it to be
long you do have a backup level there relatively nearby
around [Music]
[Music] 71 had had an eight-point candle in a while
all right is this front side going to keep it [Music]
down oh I got got
you well about 35 more minutes see if we can get something here
take a peek at everybody else real [Music]
quick come on there we [Music] go yes it’s still the weaker one
go a one minute [Music]
chart if either of those two levels their effect price to the
[Music] South I would still
um say we’re in a parabolic move I just might adjust this over a little bit
play is long or flat trying to see if things are
changing NFP tomorrow morning so crazy action is very possible
had to go let my dog in all
[Music] right as I said the play is long longer
flat till it’s obvious it’s not any shorts would be counter should be done
small not adding to a loser not moving your stop loss look for opportunities to get out of break
even longer flat is the
play on again front side paid there for a
long you what it does when it comes here officially takes these two
[Music] pools es is going to make its money took out yesterday’s low about to take out
the overnight High
[Music] yes is the weaker it is the
weaker let’s pull you
back we kind of Departed the station but not
really take a peek at everybody else again Russell about to make new highs
getting close getting close we still haven’t taken out our overnight
high price action is excruciatingly slow then you get a big
candle the type of day it is
two three that be four lad up okay
so what do we do here
come on get up there
yeah look at all those eighto candles in the morning and nothing here in the
afternoon all right final three periods affectionally known as Mo Larry
and curlyy cuz sometimes that’s what you get the
antics of Mo Larry and
[Music] curle we’re getting above the opening
the lading continues longer flat is the play making new highs making new highs
making new highs we’re about to make new
highs if you counter this do it [Music]
small play as longer flat I just don’t really like going along right in front of the liquidity
crab all this was a perfectly legit entry I chose not to take it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t 9 Minutes of back and
four through the level that doesn’t really work for me in most cases and there we go
all right place longer flat but it did grab the liquidity now we’ll see if there’s an
adjustment on the chart as far as what it wants to do
still in a somewhat of a parabolic move leave him behind a set of single
prints and a 30- minute fair value Gap go back and check the 30 minute chart nothing new
just observing [Music]
man all those front sides down there this morning boy you’d have to handle it coming all the way back and then
bouncing off the front side the next front
side man papy honestly I was hoping you kept one back
but you didn’t need to for your day of
course and actually when we’re pulling back here I was hoping we actually pulled it a little further back
but didn’t happen play as longer flat taking out the rth high IB High
overnight High es8 I pulled up to the buffet and took a
big old thing of shrimp I got you my
friend nothing wrong with dom closed [Music]
it didn’t stop me hoping for you though music is getting louder and
louder let me check and make sure I didn’t bump anything I’ll lower it I don’t know
different songs I guess maybe have different
volume this why I don’t play it during Zoom
all right play as long or flat seems the parabolic seems to be uh
extending it doesn’t change until something changes longer flat is the play until something
changes everybody’s making new highs we appear to be on the same train
appear to be on the same train choo [Music]
choo if the Bears decide to all run out the at the same time
[Music] that’s song’s getting louder getting it out of there you’re
to go short we’d be looking for a breakdown to go long you’re looking for a bounce level to send it up but now you’re also at the I don’t know one two
three four five ladders UPS I just typically not interested in playing fifth ladder
UPS so for me it’s just
watching plus I get a breakdown
take a peek at everybody else train still looks
Northbound all aboard for
what you going to do seems like the train is north
you do
my goodness looks like it loves to hit a level 10 minutes at the level then big
candle out 10 minutes at a level big candle
out 18 minutes to the top of the hour and that’ll be it for
me could just be a small content day and that’s okay
check everybody else out let’s go to inq specifically
here all right back to
yes for
15 minutes to the top of the
hour play is long or flat if you counter do it small do not add to a losing trade
do not move your stop loss know you’re playing Counter
let’s go take a peek at everybody else here
all right bounce where it needed to nothing’s keeping price down
everything is bouncing price up play as longer flat
go check everybody else out new highs new highs new highs we’re all on the same train
all aboard the long train is departing the station play has been longer
flat just stinks how many times I’ve tried to be long this morning and this afternoon it just
easily marches right up but now we’re on the fifth or sixth l
lad up I have no interest I’m just watching
the Bulls are certainly in control my
opinion Bears can’t get it below the bull bear Zone every time they do gets bought up
play is certainly longer flat you counter do it [Music]
small I wouldn’t do it
10 minutes to the top of the hour final Power
Hour and the front sides have been the money
today front sides have been the money jeez everyone of those pullbacks bounced
off a front side every one of
them tomorrow NFP not for
professionals go take a peek at everybody
else you know in es feels such the weaker candidate if either of these guys
had be bouncing off yesterday’s high and came in I bet we would just
collapse we seem to be the weaker but what do I know
everyone’s on the North train long or flat is the
play I’m flat because we’re five six ladders up no thank you
all right P his way down there at 52 which makes sense
all the cards are certainly going the Bull’s
Direction for
certainly still in the parabolic part of the move no questions
asked are they going to retrace the entire day yesterday took out its low and now
aiming for its high the day before the day after fomc is going to retrace the entire fomc
day my goodness new High new
High new High new high
still in a parabolic move the play is long or flat I’m choosing flat I’m not chasing this after five or six ladders
up I’ll just watch
no big deal to
me right there at the edge of that 30 minute fair value Gap
the play is certainly longer flat
we’re short we got to see it break Trend break a
break do it with some sort of vigor and so far it’s just a grind up
every pullback has been long off the front
sides pick your perfect day for bounce Traders but now if you’re not already
long managing your Runner I’m just
watching by the time I came back to trade the move was already
on don’t need every
trade although it certainly is fun
there’s our 27 level yesterday our ey for yesterday is right there as
well let’s just keep it in view right there
I could peek at everybody else again nothing’s changed
when it goes parabolic it’s usually a good idea to not counter it till it breaks something the other direction it
has broken nothing to the
South for
we are certainly all on the same train
the play is longer flat till we break something if you do counter this to it
small do not add to a losing trade do not move your stop loss look for an opportunity to take the
gift to break even goes you R counter
we’re in an area where there was very thin action yesterday it was quick up and quick through it
so not a whole lot of people defending price one way or the other way here
think I peek at everybody else
okay all right we’re are in the final hour I’m going to watch it a little bit more you want to hang out great if not
thank you for joining me I’m going to watch it anyway so I might as well keep streaming
it’s going to turn around this could be the place because it’s the only place that anyone could defend price we get
back above here I don’t know so we’ll
see wrong direction take a peek at everybody
else back to ES all right it going to finally break
something this is yesterday’s halfback is what that represents this is yesterday’s Pock today’s Pock is down
here we left one set of single prints right well actually at this moment
there’s two me put this here
at this moment there two sets of
singles you set a single
prints play is longer flat it’s too many ladders up for me to go long I’m just
watching see if we get a breakdown
trade all right look at everybody here look at
Russell D and
Q of course es
here okay go take a peek what happens if these set
of single prints is that all they want to take back and we go make new
highs or are we going to break something are we finally going to break
something I need to see it get under the single prints and break this trend line
play is still longer flat but it’s getting
interesting it’s getting interesting see if it takes back these
set of singles so far every front side has been
a winner every level that could bounce price North has is
bounced that last Little tune I really
liked fact I’m GNA download
it okay well seem to be defending again
every level that can bounce price up has bounced price
up play is longer flat if you go counter do it small do not add to a losing
ever now if you plan on to spread out your orders across Ross a range I don’t consider that adding to a
loser but you know what I
mean every level that can bounce price up has bounced price up play is long or
flat [Music]
all right let’s see what you do against this 30 minute for Value Gap if that’s all you
wanted to do then we bust through it yesterday’s high is up there around that
27 once again we have broken nothing to the South not one thing
go take a peek at everybody else here let’s zoom into each of these
so we can see them a little tighter okay
[Music] okay
okay rain still says up longer flat is the play I’m just not
chasing so for me it’s flat unless I get a breakdown trade then I would be
interested into a back Topock type of move for
new highs on Russell
use my stream deck here for a
second for
new highs new highs new Highs play as long or
flat you choose to counter a parabolic move you’d better either not do it or do
it small so 30- minute fair value Gap is
officially gone I’m not worried about anything
else the high is what
matters one 2 3 four five 6 7 I’m just
I’m out I’m just watching I don’t just jump on the train either and if it goes without me which it is doing and has
been doing since I went live it already made its
move all right let’s put on the next song
let’s go to a 10-minute chart here I remember I went long yesterday at
05 or 90 yeah actually yeah somewhere in there forget now
interesting what happens here at 0607 play as longer flat
though bad thing about having bounce lines above your head here is you want to counter and that’s why there aren’t
any but I’m making
note okay
still have two sets of single
prints we haven’t broken anything to the South every front side has
bounced leaving behind a string of even 30 minute fair value gaps
careful counter trading anything like it I’d much rather trade a breakdown
than trying to pick the
top okay let’s see if it’s going to take back this set of singles
now kind of Buy in something like this at least come to this set of
singles fact I would think it’ probably look more like
this if it happen the play is longer flat I’m only
interested in a breakdown trade and not predicting the top but participating in a breakdown
now if I had an untested strong level or something like that in above my head I might play for
that but for here I’m waiting for a breakdown it needs to break something to the South so far it’s broken nothing to the
come on give me
something by the time I came back to the computer from my break it had already broken out to the
north and in this ugly consolidation area you’d only want to be in that if
you were long down here which I was
earlier oh you’d want to be doing now is following just moving your stops up
moving your stops up and hoping it continues those Trends are hard to
break broken nothing to the downside
we’re still in the parabolic part of the
move longer Flats the play
so far nothing has pushed price
down boy look how close this thing is getting seriously
and [Music]
interesting okay Dow here is the more interesting
one and get up there and go ahead and hit the high I want it to come up there and hit that high and then we can all
bounce soth Maybe
play is still longer flat it’s broken nothing to the South
NADA and if we don’t get a trade you don’t get a trade
all right let’s go take a peek at everybody else real
quick h
all right got to get under the single prints got to pretty much do what I outlined
play is still longer
flat H all right
see if we get it here
all right just watching to see what happens here go take a peek at everybody
else looks like a little pullback not a breakdown
yet challenging the parabolic trend line hasn’t really broken it needs to take
back the set of singles
Trends are hard to break
I like that little music we just
heard somebody just submitted their break level
Badge go take a peek at
this still bouncing off everything that sends price to the north
we take a peek at everybody
else we’re also going to retrace its entire day yesterday although it didn’t take out yesterday’s low we
did and
inq all right let’s check out this break level bad oh James the new
guy makes sense I don’t know why I was surprised by
that um yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes he passed very
nice very nice p
I have a zapier setup that sends me a text message when someone submits a chart to
be graded
he’s pass pass
save passed good
job give him a badge
here good job buddy all
right all right let’s take a peek on the charts seriously Russell you’re not
going to get it let’s go go back and look at
us still in the parabolic move longer Flats the
play as I said fifth six ladder up I have no interest I’m only looking for a breakdown type of trade coming into the
final 30 minutes five minutes to the bottom of the
hour Israel strikes on Iranian Targets in
Damascus Syria
still got nothing here I really wish somebody would go and get their High then maybe we’ll get a
shift in Market structure this don’t like dal’s going to
do it or us looks like this guy’s got to do it then maybe he’ll come in and we’ll
all just kind of come in come back to the opening maybe maybe back to Pac who knows
tomorrow’s non-farm payroll who knows Man four minutes to the bottom of the
play is still longer
flat take a peek at every body else again I mean how has Russell not gotten up there
yet 3 minutes to the bottom of the hour then the final 30 minute
period still looking for this scenario here
if I don’t get that I have no trade it’s okay
just watching
the tale of two days plenty of entries this morning none this afternoon really
play is still long or
flat take a peek at everybody else
okay it’s time to light up a pipe
all right come on now make a man happy
all right had to refill my lighter
all right see if I can get this pipe packed before have to get into a trade
everything that keeps pricing up is working anything that keeps price down
failing all right let’s go come on
all right let me light this pipe here
all right pipe is [Music]
going go take a peek at everybody else real quick
all right might get a trade here
come on I like this music
too all right come on now okay we seem to be breaking the parabolic trend
line 30 set of single prints here they’re taking them
back can we get under the single prins this is very
important maybe do what I outlined we’ll see what do I know I knew Dow was going
to lead the way you could just see that happening all right we’ve taken back the
first set of single prints so that won’t need to be on my price
map come down a little bit more come down a little bit more
nice very
nice there we go
e e
I kind of did it as a quick entry
back to the opening there let’s go take a peek at everybody else
sometimes I I don’t know how I picked the wrong tool like how did I pick that
[Music] well unfortunately the opening freaking
it it’s nice when you get an eight-point candle going your
direction I am on a three minute chart
well puts me up six points per account small day
should have been a much bigger day with these Longs I had down here [Music]
man well with that eighto candle you’re kind of hoping it would keep vomiting but man every level that could keep price up has been
working where that drawing I had let me bring it
back but that’s what I was waiting for breaking something taking something
back inside of this candle it came back up that’s when I went short then it was up like five six
points I don’t remember exactly put my stop at one point profit
why not typ Al I would follow it at
50% but I kept it back a little
bit so I would have probably made two more points if I have followed at
50% you just wait for your entry and then price has to behave in a certain way to keep me in the trade
man oh
well all right let’s go take a peek at everybody else yeah boy look at
that our Pock is still down here I’m pretty sure let’s go take a peek
yep man but I just kept it at one
tick you know when you’re calendar though man I mean I I consider this calter that that was first ladder
usually the second ladders are the safer
ones you know like this is like seven ladders up well usually the second or third ladder are the safest ones
I was going for the first one with a very quick
entry I would have reentered if it went a little bit higher on this white candle here I had
orders lined up but didn’t get there so
didn’t get there I know sometimes you make your day one two three points at a time sometimes
you get 10 20
pointers let me put this chart in our group
so I took out the parabolic now it’s no longer short or
flat it’s we’re in balance
15 minutes to the end probably won’t have another
trade man you were hoping with that 8o candle in that short that you would have kept getting
them didn’t happen stopped on a dime right at the opening
we still have the second set of single prints below us which is a big Target as well we’ll let take back both
sets they are defending the opening
take a peek everybody else
if they want to Target these singles here back to three minute chart tighten it up
minutes Amazon earnings after the close right
get about to get that 10 till
candle heck I guess we’ll take it to the end why not see what happens
that was a good song too almost done with my
pipe thought that’d be a good name of a video video one day are pipe smokers better
Traders still got this set of single prints here nine more minutes to get them
9 Minutes hovering here at the darn opening been all day below it got above
it there for an hour or so
L do people want to be positioned for nonfarm payroll
all right somebody else submitted a
badge well looks like it’s going to finish here around the
opening James the overachiever
let’s see
[Music] um no we’re gonna have to work on this
um for
all right we’re rounding down five more
minutes maybe one more
song Just hovering here
turns out I wouldn’t have made much more anyway all
right this is what I saw and hopes
that was the rth trend line don’t need it we’re certainly ain’t going to need it
tomorrow no question
H heck let’s see what time does Amazon report maybe we’ll watch see what the
Amazon candle
does what time does Amazon report earnings today
and then Amazon
today earnings
Whisperer apple is it Apple dang
calendar I don’t understand their website I have to [Music]
go Whisperer
view calendar today is May 2nd
all right so it’s Apple I thought it was my Amazon for some
reason I do know one thing I like my iPhone but man I don’t know if I’ll ever buy another one for how expensive they
are like maybe I’m just getting
older after the closing bell he let’s just stick around see what happens
close for
a point candle up going into the clo
all right it’s closed
hard to break Trend man
another eighto candle going to today’s
high take a peek at everybody else
well looks like that might be it all right my friends I will see y’all
later for