ES Emini Trades on CPI – Friday


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Helping Futures Traders Via Our Core Strategy Academy Training Program and Futures Trading Group – The Best Emini Group IMHO. all right good morning Traders I have not recorded the trades from Wednesday Thursday or Friday and I’m going to do
so and I thought I’d record it so I was not going to record Wednesday
trades because it was CPI look at the ca of red Point candles but I’m going to do it and I’m going to make a special
situation so when I’m recording these trades Let me refresh this cuz I just added that special
condition and the special condition here is going to be was it on a trifecta day and it’s going to be 8 point landle
candle no trade zone so there’ll be some special uh notations
there for that so let’s get started here so I’m going to mark this here and I’m
not going to I might not worry too much about if it’s a solid or dash line kind
of know what we’re looking at so we have a um break level trade here I’m going to
slide this over just so you can see what I’m doing all right so this was a
Wednesday and I want my no trade zones
up so first thing I like to record though with overnight highs overnight lows IB
lows IB highs do we have any of these trades
um so let’s do the IB so at the IB High we just came up here and just immediately took it out that’s not a
trade I like it if there’s an IB High that’s so the Shaded area is the IB range and um so I would have liked let’s
say it made this or let’s look at this made an IB low and when it came back to it what did we
do what did we do so we’re going to record the IB low this was when was the
IB low finally hit it was New York lunch is that something we’d want to denote absolutely IB low cuz what if we
discover the IB low as long as it’s challenged in the AM session it works
beautifully but in the lunch session well you better be careful so it’ll be
interesting to see what happens are we in the land of eighto candles yes are we on a trifect a day yes um so let’s come
and look at this and what we’re going to do is I’m going to come to my replayer to I’m going to put it here let’s go
look at this on a one minute chart first of all when you have this 8-point candle
coming in here your first thing is do not trade I got to wait until it bounces
off to two newly created levels then this candle opened
here I’m curious was it eight I don’t know what I just did was this candle
um price range already eight points when it got to you yep so it went red again
on you should you take that trade absolutely not um so let’s go to a one minute chart
I want to see what it actually did when it finally hit that level and let’s see if it’ll give me a
30- second chart I bet it doesn’t oh wow it
did well thank you eight-point chart I meant 30 second chart so
let’s just Bunch this and make sure I’ve got that marked right I did this is why I like to have these 30
second charts because if it goes two points I cannot count it as a loser and if something goes two points
you should not take a loss there you go it went
2.25 so basically it was a touch and go um you didn’t make much though um
price action I’m going to call that a touch and go how far did
that see I really need a 15-second chart want a point against you I cannot
count that as a touch and go CU it might have done this and you never know inside of this candle let’s hit 15 seconds
let’s just see if we get it oh my goodness are we getting it I didn’t think I could go that far back so it’s
this is good to know actually okay so this tells us what happened in here no no no no come on
keep going keep going all right so what actually
happened is it came to your level it went down a point and a half it came up
two points don’t let that go against you again so not a touch and
go I’m going to say this was it’s a chop day let’s go back and look at it again
on a three minute
let’s reset this chart
um yeah I think I got to call that Chop Chop I’m going to say you made a
profit you better have been quick
um and I’m going to put in my notes Here for later 30 second actually 15 second
chart 15 second chart
reveals um I’m just going to put profitable
trade and if I want what I’ll do is I come near to the 15c Chart
again Zoom this in and this is going to be my screenshot is the 15sec
chart and what I’m going to do is I’m going to change this properly to a white Sol ID cuz that’s what it would be on
so not there is that where it
was all right let zoom in sorry guys I
just yep there we we go so what I’m going to do is I’m going to circle where
that trade was I’m going to use my screenshot tool here so that
later I can look at that entry on a 15sec chart cuz I’ll never be able to get it back you know let’s say I was
wanting to go look at all of my 8-point candle uh I IB highs and lows are
Trifecta days I’ll never get that 15sec back I think that’s properly marked
let’s go to 3 minute chart all right and let’s reset the
chart okay so that’s our IB low there was no overnight low nor overnight High
trade so now let’s go back to our break level
trade all right so Wednesday I want to make sure I chose Wednesday on that last
trade I’m looking at my actual data okay so
Wednesday this was also their New York lunch this was an IB low um it certainly had a little uh
touch and go there you certainly would not have lost money you would have made
money and um
what’s the high of this candle here did it go Five Points I don’t know if this would have I don’t I’m going to have to
say no because I’m pretty sure this would have came back and got you let’s drop to a one
minute there so it would have got you in it
would have went back up depends on how you managed it so all right so we got I below let’s go back to a three minute
chart and let’s
reset um certainly eighto candle land why you had eighto candle this would
have been your first bounce actually to tell you you could resume trading we’re on the
trifecta um I’m going to say wiggle wiggle wiggle it’s
chop it is it’s profit it’s not much it’s it’s a little little something
something so I’m just going to put a little arrow here I’m going to
screenshot this put it into my Air
table go submit okay so as far as overnight highs
overnight lows IB low IB high this pretty much uh covered it and then we
had um what am I doing that was not an IB low entry you’re probably watching this
going uh no that’s a break level George it was a weak break level why is it a
weak break level because um you didn’t have backside
development so I’m calling these weak break levels okay so you had this break
level that was weak uh you had this front side which was never became
anything then price boy this is just an ugly day um I can’t call this a break here
because it’s actually a test of this break back here so which was actually
tested right there so that’s a trade actually so two Blue candles down two
candle clearance it came back to near Perfection that’s beautiful okay so
Wednesday a.m. you had a week um
break and I’m going to call this with the trend because it’s lading um but you’re an 8o candle
land um your own Trifecta that is a touch and go if I’ve
ever seen one I’m going to call that with the trend that would have been your best trade certainly Five
Points man that was a good
one so we’re going to do this going to capture little
coffee pot sorry my wife good morning I love
you I figured we weren’t it up as early huh that didn’t transfer over I
screenshot this so I made the smaller pot yeah
that’s all right very nice nothing nothing nothing it comes
down this is nothing it’s a test of this
um now this is a 3 minute break level here I’d do it off the lower body on a
one minute I’m pretty sure that’s a break level but
um yeah see on a one minute this is actually a break level here so when I’m
looking at this on a 3 minute and I’m going to trade it I’m already like uh do
I really want to trade that um and if I do I want to do it lowest leverage and in this particular
case it worked out but I see this back here and I go H that’s already something tested um so I would have been in that
trade uh right there so let me measure one thing cuz I
entered two ticks before the body so let me make sure I’m being on the money here
let’s turn on this I go by I go by the bottom oh my
goodness I go by the bottom of this and I enter two ticks before certainly that’s two ticks before now I got to
turn off the magnet tool yep you’re in it very nice okay so
we got a Wednesday this is a week break level um New York
lunch it’s a week Break
um I’m going to say the eight-point candle is not existent here cuz it bounced off that level
here um I’m going to say that it’s probably not in the eighto candle
land um I think you’ve had two bounces this front side here yeah I’m going to
not give it the eight-point candle um boy was that a touch and go that’s what I trade for we are in chop
you are in profit you did make Five
Points so let’s draw here let’s make
box let’s capture it
let’s submit it okay um nothing here nothing here nothing here this would be a front
side price went away slammed back into you wiggle wiggle
wiggle it’s a dogee front side I almost want to make a special situation for
dois I think I’m going to do that um let’s make
a it’s typically a level I don’t like trading and if I do I trade I I prefer
the base and now you know why look at
that so we’re going to Mark so this is okay let’s just go through it
Wednesday it’s in the PM it’s also long at the bottom of the range which is nice right you got a weak front side because
you never had backside development so we got a weak front side we are certainly in a Point candle
land um it is a fair value Gap it is Trifecta
day which is a better entry this is where I’ll denote that if I feel there was a better entry I’ll denote it
otherwise I don’t did it did
um BL backup that’s a break level backup I’m trying to think for a
second I don’t know if I’ve been using that I might I have to remove that
um let me see something real quick guys let me check my BL
backup oh I’ve done that several times was a backup a break level well let’s
look at this for a second yes this would have been a clear brake level so yeah I need to pay a
little more attention of that especially on front sides um
okay front sides and back sides okay let’s keep going this was a touch and go this was in chop this was profitable
whether you did the if you did the body you probably got wiggle wiggle wiggle if you did the body which was the better
entry it was touch and go um Five Points I’m going to say
yes so I’m going to draw both of those for the notes
let’s go here let’s screen capture this that’s fine with me let’s drop these in
here and I think that makes sense submit now you got this front side up here Wick
or body well in this case the body would have been the better entry you took less heat so we got it
Wednesday PM session a weak front side um you are certainly
an eighto candle land you are certainly on the trifecta it’s in a fair value Gap
the base would have been better um I’m going to say no uh if I’m going to say
you did not have a break level backup
um I’m going to add something to the special situations did it yeah did it
have a backup level that’s really what that’s supposed
that’s really what that means um backup level question mark That’s exactly so
next time this page loads is going to be better denoted it did not have a backup level that’s the purpose of that it did
not have a backup level I’m wanting to note that um
it seems pretty touch and go I like those big Wicks like that certainly
chop profit Five Points uh
yeah so let’s screenshot this I don’t think I need to denote where that is
and save I’ll be right
back okay so we got that front side we did this front side um boom boom boom
nothing nothing nothing uh so here’s a weak front side with no
backup level that’s a weak front side and a no backup
level let’s go to one point what does that look like on one
point look at the gift to break even boy there is a perfect thing for
the gift to break even so Wednesday um okay this shaded area at
the end of the day this is the first 30 minutes and this is the final 30 minutes
okay I’m tracking those separately so we’re in the Power Hour first 30 30 minutes weak front
side um Let Me Go a and screenshot this before
I um I want to make a note one
minute okay let’s go back to 3 minute here uh certainly we’re in the C of8
Point candles what I just confirming eighto candles fair value Gap
Trifecta oh let’s look at the difference between the wick and the body so I might record a different screenshot here whoa
is that interesting so all around the better cuz if you went off the
wick um let’s go to a 30 second
chart because this helps reveal other things so let’s go to 15sec
chart here we are so look at this on a 15sec chart once
again you were given the gift to break even this thing went up against you came back down as soon as price goes
against me I’m doing one of two things I’m like okay that’s my stop one tick above that or I start following price
back at 50% hoping that it keeps going or you just take the gift to break even I can’t tell you how many times a gift a
break even is the gift so whether you did the wick or the base fact I’m going to denote these here
so I can put these in my notes this is a great one Wick
base I’m going to make a note here just for myself later cuz if I decide to
share the screenshots um gift break event on both
levels how good is that gift of break even on both
levels all right I need
to uh I don’t want that screenshot I want
this screenshot
um Wednesday April 10th just in case I ever want to go back
to that although this date is already been recorded because the day I enter this
transa this record it will be put into the database okay he boy how valuable is
the 302 chart look at that the gift of Break Even all right let’s go back to a thre
minute chart let’s
reset all right so that was the front side there had a front side here that was
never done you had this front side here but once again you have no back up
level cuz this is nothing more than a test of this 3 minute which in my opinion is nothing but a test of this
one minute but you did have a front side here and you got the gift to break even
again it certainly was not profitable I don’t need to zoom into it um oh I’m so sorry trend is
chop and it was
um these were the gift of break evens
all right let’s submit another response Wednesday final 30 week front
side eighto candle land it is in a fair value Gap it is on a trif
today um there’s no difference
here um I’m only trying to denote when there’s a difference otherwise that’s
there’s only one entry so there was no better did you have a backup level no
um I can’t put took heat needed backup level cuz there is no backup
level um so certainly wiggle wiggle wiggle it looks to me there’s that
another gift of Break Even
um I’m going to remove this word wick it’s a front side two candle clearance
came back yep gift of break even and um let’s
screenshot I’m fine with that let’s drop it
here final 30 minutes and submit okay so we did
Wednesday lot of eighto candles of course Trifecta day there
and uh so we will go with it so now let’s go back
to Thursday which is
here all right so the first trade I look at is
the IB High I mean the overnight low overnight High did I really get that trade
um oh I remember this day this was the reversal box this is great this is why you want
to do these recently cuz boy you can really relive the day cuz I took a
long here and then I took a short here and I got Wicked out there several of
y’all made really nice there and then spent the day lading up and I said do not counter this do not counter this if
you want to see the am briefing and the um wrapup of this day you can always go
to my website micr and go to the Daily videos and I have an archive of them
there all right I don’t keep them on my YouTube channel it clogs up the YouTube channel so I unlist them and they’re on
my website so um certainly got
this here now we know that above here was a was the previous day’s
high but
um yeah yeah whatever okay so this was the
ivy High I mean overnight High let’s let’s come to the end of the
day let’s put our replay there let’s go to
a 302 on this level
scroll over
look at that straight against you came back and gave you the gift of Break
Even or at least as I told you when price goes against me it comes back I’ll
put my stop one tick above that and then you have a choice do I take the gift to break even or do I follow it at 50% just
in case it keeps going notice every time we’ve looked at it so far how many times did it just keep going so far are none
this is why the gift of Break Even is the most powerful so we’re on
Thursday um I want to screenshot this 30 second
chart I’m going to denote this of course I’ll see it but I’m just denoting it
while I’m thinking of it
302 gift to break even all right let’s go back to a 3 minute cuz I’m pretty sure we are eight-point
candles we are eight-point candles and we’re New York lunch all right so let’s go back up New York lunch overnight
High 8o candles I’m curious did that turn eight points before it hit your
level and of course it’s counter it did I’m G screenshot this again because I want to denote
candles so eighto candle before it hit the level I almost wish I had a special
situation trade you should not take you know that okay just went red on me do I
really want to take that as I’m laddering up no you don’t but how do we denote this um
so took heat needed backup level I can’t use that either this is uh counter and
then I got counter parabolic I don’t think we’ve went counter parabolic
yet I don’t know if you can make that determination right there that we went counter
parabolic it certainly seems that it went parabolic on you didn’t it how big
of a candle was this now at that moment you don’t know that you only know it’s an eight-point candle but you got a
12-point candle and in that 12-point candle gave you the gift of Break
Even I think I’m just going to have to call it
counter you got the gift of Break Even or it hurt you bad or or it took your full stop it didn’t hurt you bad it took
your full full stop it was depending on how you want to manage that and this is one reason I say every time there’s a
break even that maybe could have been a loss that also maybe could have been a profitable sometimes I’ll take a break
even and it does keep going but I believe the gift of Break
Even should be what you take my humble
opinion all right let’s submit this okay so that’s it for those
levels um
so I want to see something here yeah the yesterday’s high was right
above it I I thought it was so let’s go back to a three minute here all right so
now it’s when parabolic right um is there any entries here oh
let’s go back to the beginning this would have been a backside
then I want to look at the difference between the wick like there’s that’s really not the
prettiest all right let’s look at this again did this leave anything no nothing
nothing nothing how ugly and right here was your touch and
go um let’s look at this yeah that went five points at two
actually so let’s actually let me throw that on here
what I’m looking at is this touch to this blue candle did it go Five Points yeah it did that’s what we’re measuring
did it have the potential you wouldn’t have made Five Points I’m not saying you made Five Points when you see Five Point
potential so Thursday New York lunch this is a
backside this is a backside
um it is not the pretty as so I can’t even Mark whether it was better to do the base or the wick in this case
obviously the wick but boy that’s tough um I’m not going to say the 8 point
candle land this is totally counter why One ladder two
ladders I don’t know two or three ladders up so total counter certainly
not counter parabolic this one that overnight High might be counter
parabolic um in fact one of the things I can do I’m going to on that last trade I’m going to
say it was not only calendar I’m going to add counter parabolic I’m going to
add that all right so let’s look at uh so this trade was profitable it wouldn’t
have been much but it was profitable did it have five point potential yes it had five point potential um I’m going to
mark it here let’s get the screenshot in here
okay make sure I’m still on a three minute
chart um no no no no no the best long
would have been right here for the reversal box situation
now there’s a special situation called reversal box but I can’t Mark that the reason why because usually the reversal
box here here here and let’s say you had a level right in the middle of the vomit
that would have been a reversal box situation we didn’t have that so and then straight up
man that’s where you want to be long and then it couldn’t take out this break level the entire time it’s up here I
vividly remember cuz I was wanting a breakdown trade so it did that that that
that um you got to say that’s a break level counter parabolic so let’s mark it
Thursday p.m um this is a as weak of a break
levels you can get because you don’t even have a front side do you you don’t even have a front
side um but it certainly moved a good
distance away you certainly had two candle clearance um how far away is that to that it’s
more than a point okay um it’s just weak weak weak
um none of those special [Music] situations account you certainly got
wiggle wiggle wiggle almost say counter parabolic I’m going to say that’s a break even
trade um if you even took it
um not even a front
side all right let’s and I’m talking
about actually let me remove this for a second
let screenshot that again so I know exactly what I’m looking at let’s drop this in here
okay let’s let it load let’s bring you down here another break level wiggle
wiggle wiggle so Thursday but this did have a front side
cancel NOP because I would consider that tested right there well it’s in a fair value Gap cuz when it comes back and
does that I kind of consider that tested I just ah I don’t think I want to mark
that one Thursday uh that happened in the PM it is a week break
level it is not an 8o candle
land and actually that last one I would have called eight-point candle CU you didn’t have two bounces yet so I’m
making I’m adding that special situation on the last trade um
I’m going still say that’s an eight-point candle because this would be the second bounce you got wiggle wiggle
wiggle I’m still going to say it’s counter um no no no no that’s not
counter this would be with the trend with the
trend let’s drop down on time frames here for a second let’s look at this
closer let’s go to 30 seconds
so here it’s showing it went against you and then popped
up you know I need to be extra careful here off this ladder Point did it go more than two points it did
not so it went against you came back up this is where if you put your at one tick and say I’m going
to this will be my worst case you made out if you followed at 50% you probably
got out break even um if you took the gift of Break Even it was probably break even so I’m still going to call it break
even uh no Five Points let’s go back to a three minute chart it’s the same
thing didn’t reveal much more we see the doing nothing
now this is this is with the trend and I got to add in how many lighter UPS is that well I don’t know one two three
4 let’s go one 2 3 four five six or
plus um so becomes exhaustion type of move right I don’t long six ladder UPS I
just don’t I’m waiting for a breakdown and you didn’t get one
okay um I think that’s it all right let’s go
to Friday now those are all Thursday trades let me make sure I marked
Thursday on all of those for accuracy yes okay so let’s go to Friday
now so Friday we’re looking for IB lows and highs and that Ivy overnight highs and lows
man I say that often too many times I say it wrong too many
times so as we’re looking at this one has to
think how close did that already bounce is that three
ticks see that’s at the point that’s a tough one man
and the reason why I say that because it did a touch and
bounce and really it’s off the break level right if you’re looking at it as a break level it bounced off the break if
the break is if the body is tested the wick is tested I’m not going to count this as an overnight low trade um to me
it’s a no trade so it’s nothing do we have anything here nope
cuz it was lading down all day uh um you we’re looking for level
development there’s a backside
so Friday it’s New York
lunch um it is a backside
um it is eight8 point candle land um it is an a fair value Gap
um better entry where’s the base I don’t even know
see it’s not the prettiest the base is up here the wick is here let’s go to a
one minute chart is there a better entry I don’t
know probably the wick let’s bring it here
so I’m go Wick wiggle wiggle wiggle I’m going say
it’s a break even trade for
me let’s go to 30 second chart let’s nail in even more what happened
here okay there’s your backside and it came up to here okay so how much did that bounce so
it came here it went against you two ticks and then it went
down H point and a half came back when yeah to me it’s a break even I can’t
count at a loser I can’t count at anything 30 second chart backside let’s
see if I can let’s go
to let’s do this
let me screenshot it let’s bring the level in there
too yeah I think it’s break even at at best it’s not a loser but it’s a break
even looks like one of the fields are missing um I’m going to count this as
with the
trend let’s go take a look at it again yeah that’s with the trend okay
submit usually those are better trades
um this is not the prettiest Peak here but if I was to trade this I’d go okay I
got a little bit of some sort of backup here maybe you want to trade the backup um and you’re like yeah this is a
break level up here so you had backup levels in fact I need to go ahead that did have a backup level
yes yes okay all right let’s continue by being a backside I automatically know I
have backup Levels by the way um does this meet the definition of a
break level it sure does two candles away and came back now
I was actually long in the sequence there’s no way I took this trade here I would have taken this trade
um and the reason why I was long is because uh we pushed down there was something I don’t remember but we were
looking for evidence of lading up it was ugly but uh made
money um and then it’s actually this pullback that got me out went back up probably was not
recognizing in real time that was a break level because it seemed like we were lading back up
so this is going to be a break let me
submit all right so this is going to be a break level Friday New York
lunch um this is this is the weakest of all break levels there is cuz there’s
not even a front side not only did you not get a backside it’s the weakest of all weakest so it’s a weak break
level um
let’s go look at it on a one
minute it’s pretty wiggle wiggle to me it’s wiggle
wiggle what do I call that I’m going to call it counter cuz we were lading
here let’s go back to a three minute I going to make sure I’m looking at this
as properly as I can one two it’s got to be
counter um for me that would have been break
even for somebody else that would have been a winner
um let’s go back and look at it again
I’m just curious how much it go against you cuz that plays a little bit of a role all right well it went
1.75 and it came back and gave you the gift to break
even and then it slammed down I’m going to use Break
Even we’ll make the note one minute chart
here let’s just denote that so I can if I go back and study that
later submit all right 3 minute
chart all right um then it goes down you get this
backside you get nothing this is the one Justin made really good on 40 points
past two eval accounts
um so you come down
here you got to draw that as a backside with a big old Wick man those
are tough let’s go look at it let’s bring it
in oh yeah I went long at 60 there but too much wiggle wiggle wiggle then it ran 10 points on
me all
right the difference between the the body and the wick in this case
um now it’s so interesting when you look at
it on a one minute why is it interesting is it is it tested here on a one
minute it is you know one of the thoughts I always had and I haven’t done enough research on it should I only
trade the wick if it’s untested on the one minute that I want it untested on the 3
minute and untested on the one minute I haven’t done enough research on it but I’m just sharing this for if you’re
happen to make it this far in the video maybe you got a golden nugget there for you to watch and pay attention
to H so on a body you got the gift to break
even which makes sense this is really already
tested okay Friday I need to go back to a 3 minute so I can count the
ladders well actually I’m not counting the ladds on that actually I am counting the ladders on that okay so we got that
in the PM session it is a
backside with a with a big wick
um you had eight point candles down so you’re really in the eight-point candle no trade zone it hasn’t bounced off two
levels um and on a thre minute actually that
goes to here let’s go look at that on a on a one minute chart again
so in a one minute that’s even better you certainly were given it went against you it came back in back and forth back
and forth back and forth I’m out I just don’t play with that I want to touch and go it’s what I want your mileage may
vary all right so in this case the base was a better
um so I’m going to count this with the
how many ladders that’s a tough one man cuz the move has some exhaustion one
two 3 four five once again I’m going to say six or more that’s a tough one um
I’m going to say it’s a loss if you go off the wick if you go
off the base it’s Break Even if you let’s talk about all let’s talk about
all the stuff here so you had a break level did it go more than two points it it went right to two points past the
wick right to the two points it probably kept you in it then it pulled back in to
the backside giving you the gift of Break
Even I got I’m going to call it the gift of Break Even it did not take out your break level and it came back and gave
you the gift to break even and that’s how I have to count it did it take out my stop no was was I given the gift to
break even before it took out my ideal stop no should I’ve even been in the
trade no why you had the eight point candle
um and then you got eight points right against you that’s what you get for trading on Friday the week of um you
know I want to call this whole day I this whole three days I want to call it the trifecta day but I can’t um you just
have to know it’s a high risk scenario to trade this day as I’ve told you Wednesday Thursday Friday level
10 all right let’s screenshot here let just kind of get as much of
that as we can in there capture drop it in
there so the base you got break even the wick you actually got the gift to break even without taking out your
stop man it’s a tough one that’s a tough
one and for the people if you’re watching this and you took my Back to
Basics Workshop you saw a trade there I haven’t really talked to people about yet so if you’re in my back to basics
Workshop you there’s a trade there that I haven’t revealed to people yet that uh
um you might notice but it’s it’s okay I’m not ready for that yet okay so now
you got this front side here um nothing nothing nothing so you
do have this front side here all right let’s submit
this let’s turn on the magnet tool so this can be more to
Perfection I don’t think you’d have been in that trade and it’s tested so I probably will not record this cuz if I I
wouldn’t have been in the trade I can’t count it that’s my three ticks tested it bounced I would not have been in that
trade cuz I would I’m not going to front run along in this situation by a point
no thank you um boom boom boom that’s it there’s nothing else that
day all right there’s one more thing I want to say about this backside because we talked about that hey it it didn’t
take out your ideal stop loss came back and give you the gift to break even and as I was finishing the I wait a minute
there was 8 Candles there so the ideal stop was 13 points away do you want to
take this backside at 13 points away do you want to do that no you don’t
even if you came up here to the front side you’re now looking at an
eight-point stop loss would you want to take that no the ideal stop loss is too far
away and you had no backup level because your break level would have been here right which actually tells me I
didn’t actually record that trade so hey let’s pop that real quick geez it’s sometimes diffic it’s hard to see them
all um um you really need to do it Candle by candle but it just takes me a little too
long to do that all right so we got a break level we got it in the PM session um it’s a week break level for
sure um you had eight point candle down here I’m going to call that still in the
8o candle R land there um this
is in this particular case the wick actually would have been a better entry um I’m going to call this with the
trend and I’m going to call this
somewhere probably the fifth ladder down it’s just it’s it’s a tough one but if
you’re looking to get short that I mean that’s where you do it
um I’m sure that was a profit let’s go to one minute let’s look at it closer let’s make
sure well depends on how you handle your your management here cuz for me it when
it gets me GI to break even it went the pro no for me it’s break
even for me it’s break even um I’m going to make a note here
this is a one minute chart let’s go here capture depends on how you want to
manage it some people like hey I’m going to take my take profit or my full stop in that case you did really really
well I’ve just learned too many times if price immediately goes against me take
the gift to break even there’s also one more trade here that I noticed I missed
because I was so focused on the back side there’s a front side if there’s a back side there’s what there’s a front
side so let’s go down to a one minute chart how did this front side
perform this front side touched and bounced once again that was eight points
of a stop how interested am I in that with no backup level so
Friday p.m. it was a front side interfer value Gap so you kind of had two things on
your side so weak side fair value Gap um let’s go back to 3 minutes
here were we an eight-point candle land well you had that eighto candle down you
now want it to bounce off two levels so yeah you’re an eight-point candle land let’s go back to one point cuz you
didn’t bounce off twice yet
um um backup level you did not not break level was already
tested uh it was a bit of a wiggle wiggle wiggle I’m going to say that was
still with the trend but it’s in that six or more
ladders at this point I’m going to say this was let me see how much that bounce
sometimes the candles are deceiving it only went like a tick against you then
it went two points so you made profit you didn’t make Five Points though but you made profit
let’s capture this let’s drop this in here so interesting sorry I missed those two
trades um I don’t think it grabbed my
capture there we go now it’s uploading all right cool I just wanted
to mention that about that backside I’m like wait a minute it is with the trend you had trend on your side if you wanted
to take that trade with that big of a St stop um um smallest leverage possible Right
does your leverage metrics have a 13-point ideal stop loss leverage mine
doesn’t mine only goes up to 10 points so um if you if I took that I would
probably take that uh with if I was to take that and I wanted to enter at the
wick this base would be would have been my stop and how much heat would that
have been let’s just look at that so four points or so it’s a tough
one um and you’re an eighto candle land it’s a tough
one unless you fully go by your leverage metrics and I’m pretty sure you do not
have a um 13p Point stop
loss okay

CPI – Consumer Price Index, an economic indicator.
Eight Point candles – Likely refers to a specific candlestick pattern or a significant price movement indicated on a chart.
Trifecta day – Could refer to a specific trading strategy or a day with significant trading opportunities.
8-point candle – Possibly a typo or a specific candlestick pattern characterized by an 8-point price movement.
No trade zone – A trading strategy term referring to conditions under which trades should be avoided.
IB (Initial Balance) – Refers to the range and price levels established during the first hour of trading, often used in market profile trading.
Overnight highs and lows – Price levels reached during the trading session that occurs outside of the regular trading hours.
New York lunch – A time frame that might have specific trading implications due to decreased market activity.
Parabolic – Describes a market move that is extremely steep and rapid.
Break level trade – A strategy involving trading when price breaks past a defined level.
Touch and go – A term possibly referring to quick, short-term trades based on rapid price movements.
Chop day – A day characterized by market conditions with lots of price movement but no clear direction.
Replayer – A tool used to review past market conditions, possibly for educational or strategy-testing purposes.
Wiggle wiggle wiggle – Informal term possibly referring to small, quick fluctuations in price.
Backside development – A concept in trading that refers to price action that confirms a trend after a breakout or breakdown.
Front side – Opposite of backside, referring to the initial move before the breakout or breakdown confirms the trend direction.
Fair value gap – A gap in price that might represent an opportunity based on perceived fair value vs. market price.
Backup level – Refers to a secondary price level that traders might consider if the primary level breaks or does not hold.