all right guys let’s do something fun
here and let’s walk through the day
together Candle by candle so it’s shift
and right arrow to advance all right we
got a potential break level there one
candle clearance two candle
clearances I’m going to move this over
here so that’s technically a break l
level now it’s a weak break level why CU
we don’t have a front side or a back
side but let’s just mark it cuz it got
two candle
clearance okay and there’s your touch
bounce on that level with a continual
move now you may not actually want to
take this trade just here at the very
beginning and I understand you might
want to see how things shake out but
we’re just marking uh these as they
occur um that would be marked according
to our strategy that’s a two candle Peak
and a two candle clearance right so that
counts um nothing was left behind oops
eighto candle so what do we do
here we stop trading until it bounces
off two levels so we ignore everything
until we feel like it bounces off two
levels now um this is actually the trade
Johnny took here you had this front side
and you had this against vwap if it
bounces here I would count that as the
bounce and there’s the first bounce okay
now you might have this front side
marked here but because of the 8-point
candle rule we do not take
it and you go ooh and then you go o cuz
we’re in the sea of 8 point candle they
well not a c of eight-point candles but
when we see these eight-point candles I
have learned to wait till two
bounces occur that saved you from a
loser okay now I’m thinking what did it
leave behind well we got another break
here and I’ve got a front side here you
can go off the wick or the bodies let’s
just do the bodies let’s be a little
picky um you got a backside here
Wick or if you want to do the body you
can do the body so let’s mark both of
those and let’s just see how they play
out okay let’s see how they play out let
me turn
on that tool so I’m more
exact okay all right so two candle
clearance we’re
okay so that could be an entry if you’re
going to play off the wick if you’re
going to play off the base you wouldn’t
be in
it and now you’re stop in my opinion
would be at break
even um depend on how you want to play
that so this backside is the one that
worked when the wick is tested the body
is also tested so we’re going to measure
this off the
okay we leaving anything
behind well now at this point you would
have this as a break level CU you have
two candle clearance right
and there is our strong level now I know
we’re just marking 3 minute levels but
we also need to realize this is the
bottom of the range the very bottom of
the range it’s my strong level and so
price is most likely going to bounce
from here anytime we have a strong level
um or 30 minute or higher you want to
give that a 15 to 25 Point bounce do you
want to take the very first short that
exists when it bounces off a high time
frame level I’m going to tell you not to
do it how however you do have a backside
here right here so let’s mark this Sorry
my phone’s going off so let’s mark that
you do have two candle clearance they’re
in a fair value Gap so we’re going to
judge this
trade so right here we would consider it
tested I don’t know if you would have
been in that trade or not but that’s
tested it’s within two ticks let’s just
see what the next candle brings us so
you may or may not have been in that
trade you could mark it if you wanted to
I wouldn’t have marked it I’m not going
to mark it because I wouldn’t have taken
this trade why because we’re bouncing
off this High time frame level and you
have to be aware of those things but
note that you would have been safe if
you did take it but you’d have had to
front run it by three you know two or
three ticks there’s no way I’m front
running that two or three ticks there’s
just no way I’m not taking that
trade okay and there is that that is
within um definitely two ticks of that
if you were going to take that short
which I certainly wouldn’t be taking
that short why the high time frame level
you got to give that thing room to move
it’s the bottom of the range so I’m not
taking any of these
shorts in fact on this this short that
Johnny took here we were managing his
trade here and we were talking about it
all which kind of made me miss a long
but that’s okay um but that break level
is there
and you were given the gift of Break
Even if you took that trade I’m going to
mark it but I certainly wouldn’t take it
um and if you were going to take this
trade you know where you want to take it
you want to take it off the wick just be
as greedy as possible if this is a high
time frame level price is going up and
you want to take this short with two
fair value Gap candles coming in your
face uh be careful um go the greediest
possible which would be the ladder point
and that makes more sense to me now
we’ve left this front side down here so
I’m going to mark
that all right so let’s go
okay now we have definitely entered into
the New York lunch type of not
interested in trading and there’s that
trade that would be your entry there
let’s draw this out here to
perfect so you would have made a couple
three points there for sure did we leave
anything behind anything that I would
want to Mark the answer is no absolutely
nothing I wouldn’t even mark this as a
break level down here I don’t like all
of these can this is not a clean clear
crisp Brak level to me I’m not really
interested in trading
that all right let’s hit
this um still nothing to
draw well I guess this should be a break
level you got a two candle Peak and you
have two candle
clearance okay so right there you were
given the gift of Break Even if you
wanted to take it so I’m going to mark
that I don’t play with when price goes
against me and it comes back I don’t
play why I want this I want to here
let’s talk about that one
second so let’s talk about a couple
things here number one are we going
short up here or we going short down
here tough place to be going short
similar to this we’re going short under
halfback under half the rth range that’s
that’s a tough place to be wanting to go
short um but we’re going to mark it
anyway and if you’re going to take that
you should take it off the ladder point
so it came up touch went to the profit a
little so you had a couple opportunities
to get out at break even I recommend
taking those break evens what was left
here okay that was left behind I can’t
count this as a break level because this
is nothing more than a test of this ugly
break level in my opinion so I’m not
going to count this as a break
level um I if I I would trade the front
side and so I you kind of got a a not
the strongest break level as a backup
but you’re also at the bottom of the
range so I like this front side not in
love with these break level shorts um
under halfback not really in love with
those all right let’s keep
going boy you get really bored watching
this okay so if you took the if you were
going to take the wick you’d be in it
let’s just let me just hit the next
one o so let’s talk about a couple
things if you take the wick where’s your
ideal stop loss well it’s five points to
there and if I if you do two points
that’s a seveno stop loss if you move
this to the
that’s now you’d be at 5.25 as an ideal
stop loss um but not if we go by the the
lad point so hold
on so let me go back here if we go off
here and you’re going to go two points
above there do you want to take a trade
with an eight and a half Point stop loss
eight and a quarter point stop loss or
you could say I’m going to be a little
greedier I’m going to go for the body
which is now
6.75 you might want to say well I’m just
going to do six because it is just past
that so maybe you would want to trade
just the body and not the wick in this
case so you’re in the trade you took
heat it’s now in the profit and it came
back and just gave you the gift of break
even my opinion the gift of Break Even
depending on how you do your brackets or
whatnot you might have made a little bit
let’s see how far did that go down okay
so if you did brackets at one and three
you took one off at one point and then
the other ones were break even it’s that
kind of slop and chop it
right so let’s come in here let’s do it
off the
body and there’s that entry okay now if
you got this trade that like Johnny got
and you had this 20 point move just be
done trading for the
day um plus this is all New York lunch
right and fomc notes are going to be
coming out here at this level right here
so let’s mark that let’s put that in r
red cuz you want to know that that’s
coming up all right so let’s keep
going I I don’t survive these type of
entries I would have already been out at
break even for sure done no thank you um
all right let’s stop here what do we
have here do we have this this is a
backside I’d probably count it here I
like how it’s off the body so right
there I would want to enter long let’s
see how this trade works out
okay you’re in the
profit you took off let’s see how much
of a bounce this is so far okay pretty
good you’re like finally I get a touch
and go comes back and gets your Runner
maybe and then you’re right here at the
fomc if there’s anything you want to be
out of your
trade you want to be out you got to know
when that F when that red folder event
coming out and just like I am staying
out of the way okay okay let’s hit here
8o candle 8o
candle 8o
candle this is when I remarked in the
group I’m out I’m done trading for the
day but let’s do notice that there’s no
way I would take
it but that actually worked out pretty
well your break level I just grabbed a
little bit of liquidity from this I
would call it a just a weak break level
cuz it’s kind of a test of this not in
love um but it is the bottom of a huge
range but I’m not taking that with
eighto candle so it doesn’t really
matter but it’s nice to see that it
bounced isn’t it all
right another eight-point candle what do
we do with eight-point candles you got
to wait till it bounces off two newly
levels another eight-point candle just
be done trading don’t trade in this just
be done I’m out I’m
out all right so there’s that break
level that worked out but I’m not taking
it so there’s your first bounce I would
I would count that and then there’s your
second bounce
um nothing’s clean though I don’t
know you didn’t you didn’t have two
candle clearance here for that to be
your backside I don’t know like I said
I’m not I wouldn’t be trading it so if
you don’t like it don’t Trade
all right pushes
down I don’t have any level on here and
once again I would just be out I’d be
like you know what there I don’t have
any levels I remember watching this
right here going okay if it came back to
here would I would I take this short
yeah I was going to take it but it
didn’t happen and you’re left with
nothing so that kind of ends the day so
look at that eight-point candle
eight-point candle yeah I’m out so that
is a playby playay
analysis of the day I hope you enjoyed
it stay green my friends and to learn
more about our group go to micro
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