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good morning and welcome to the am
briefing video designed to prepare my
Futures traders to trade in our futures
room at micr so what happened overnight
well I want to pick up from the last
night wrap-up video we talked about how
es FR ran this Zone where I expected
price to bounce they frint ran it and
ran all the way up here to this
beautiful area right here where I said
oh I wanted to short but it was in the
maintenance period it was after the
closing but before that happened I
posted in my group that um 15 minutes
before I was like you can do it no horse
in the race es always makes its
liquidity money this is where I wanted
it to go to cuz I was prepared to take a
trade but it didn’t get there in time so
in the afternoon this was in my no trade
zone right here and so I missed this
entry long I did take this entry long
made small yesterday was just a small
content day I wish it would have been
better than it was but the morning was
just not favorable for trading so it was
a small day and then this was outside my
window I was in this but I did not make
much it is what it is so the challenge
to my Traders I would throw out this
morning is look at the Asia and the
London and find the perfect backside
short go find it and then you would have
thought I made some phone calls for this
to happen and this to happen to where
literally would you just look at
it that’s pretty cool and amazing and
this is why we trade es es can be very
very exacting in where it bounces with
our strategy we are really good at
knowing where price bounces and playing
that bounce given Trend giving trade
location locations given where magnets
exist on the chart we’re really good at
that and if you’d like to learn how we
do what we do check us out at micr um so this is certainly the
Battleground here I could have easily
called this area the bull bear
line got a little Cannon here to
represent that and we’re going to see
what happens if we decide to flush that
our next stop would be coming right down
here and I would be careful with Longs
below because it could be a rather
significant move in my humble
opinion so what a beautiful bounce off
this area came right back to it now this
could be nothing more than a liquidity
grab off yesterday’s
low wonderful move up this could just be
a ladder back up and we make brand new
today so we follow price I don’t predict
price I can’t go short here thinking oh
we’re going here no no that’s not what
do that’s not what we
do we follow price and we react to price
as price develops bounce
levels that’s what we do when we play
bounces so here
in 2 hours and 8 minutes will be red
folder GDP news event this will be on
our Zoom this morning I will be live
hopefully 15 minutes before the news
event so if you’d like to be live with
us um you’re either a member or grab you
a zoom pass if you’re interested in just
watching for a day so last thing to look
at Daily trend line we are under
it under the daily trend line and this
30 minute trend line we are under it we
are at the Battle Zone we grabbed
liquidity will this be a continue March
up or will we create a situation where
we can go short and
maybe Target this now that this
particular area has been softened up see
you on Zoom Stay Green my friends and to
learn more about our group go to

all right let’s do an AM update so from
the market briefing we talked about this
short we talked about this long in our
group while we’re on Zoom we we were
talking about this major trend line and
then when we went parabolic and what we
were really watching for is NQ here so I
was taking several Longs onone NQ here
and had a decent morning uh nothing to
write home to Mama about but we saw the
market really well and we knew when this
turn was going to happen and then once
we went parabolic here I’m telling my
Traders be careful shorting this be
careful if we get over this trend line
we get over the London overnight High be
careful now what’s not happening we
aren’t continuing this push up so it’s
very interesting we did take out the
trend line we back tested the trend line
and had a little move up so we’re still
in this more of a parabolic state it is
New York lunch no when not to trade and
it’s okay to watch the chart it’s okay
to keep
charting but I recommend if you want to
continue to enjoy
trading only trade your best hours only
trade when probability is on your side
nothing’s more frustrating than taking a
loss at a time frame you know you
shouldn’t have been trading you had no
business being in that trade at that
time learn to walk away so the warning
shot for Bulls down here is still
interesting in the sense of I believe
this is a battle tested area now and
that if we decide to take that out it’s
going to be pretty easy the next time
down I could be completely wrong I’ve
seen it bounce 23 times off of a a
strong Zone before it flushed so I don’t
know that to be true but my eye is now
certainly on it because yesterday we
went right above it here and this
morning we took it perfectly to the tick
and now we’re lading back up we still
haven’t taken the high from yesterday
that’s obviously a delightful pull of
liquidity the overnight high is slightly
higher than that so it will be
interesting to see what develops to
where when I start trading again about 2
pm. Eastern where are we and where do we
look like we’re going Stay Green my
friends and to learn more about our
group go to micr