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okay happy
FC menes day now that is not the only
news driver it is minutes plus
Nidia um that’s really the biggest news
driver to okay so first thing on the
AM Briefing Video Archives
agenda today is am briefing archives my
YouTube channel to me was just getting
way too cluttered with am briefings and
wrap-up so I’ve removed 98 % of them
from my channel that way if you come to
my channel and you’re wanting to find
some good information I tried to only
keep the videos that I thought contained
information so what did I do with the am
briefing videos well I’m starting to
post them every day on my website and I
called it daily videos and the reason
why I called it daily is because such as
yesterday if I click this so yesterday I
would if anyone was interested see the
reason I removed them who’s going to go
back and look at last year’s am briefing
on a specific day nobody nobody’s ever
going to want to look at that but I do
have an archive of them on my website
now I’ve been doing this for the last
couple weeks so like yesterday this
here’s the am briefing video from
yesterday um a transcript of that and
then I posted in the morning the one
trade I did in the morning which was a
nice 10p pointer and then I did a little
wrap up here as well and went over our
core strategy entries we had six for six
trades yesterday and our strict core
strategy on a three-minute chart
so each day I will remove them but they
are on my website if for some reason you
wanted to go look it up and the
beautiful thing about that if you’re a
prospective member go watch the am
briefing video then see how the day went
okay especially when I give you new
strong levels or any level in all
honesty so um I’m going to try to do a
Trading Tip
tip each day today’s tip is do not
anticipate trade do not think you know
where price is going if you knew where
price was going you wouldn’t be
watching anything on YouTube you just be
trading so don’t anticipate trade don’t
try to get in early oh I know we’re
going here I might as well just get in
early resist that patience yesterday I
had two trades I had a short in the
morning and then I had a long in the
afternoon just two trades yesterday and
that’s okay I didn’t you don’t have to
trade every single move be patient and
wait so we’re going to look at the daily
Daily Chart + Trend Line
chart first because this is the daily
trend line and I want you to notice down
day down day up up down down and now we
are actually having two days starting to
crack this trend line is the ship
starting to turn
over so yesterday was short or flat when
the day began and it has been a while
since I told my Traders it is short or
flat but that’s what we’re
in primary trend line there and then
we’re going to throw on another one
probably right in here and I’m just
going to skim it right there along the
top like that and I’m going to color
orange so as we’re coming into
today where are we well here’s the rth
range it went back to pck and now we’ve
hung out
basically underneath the halfback is
where we’ve basically hung out today
what will we do here is going to be
really key today are we going to just
liquidity grab and come back in um I
usually love that trade when we’re in an
uptrend now I’m not saying and we’re in
a downtrend we’re in a weird spot is
where we’re at we’ve got to trade the
levels as they’re presented but the
lean in the current state is short or
flat for a day trader it’s short or flat
with the mind that on the higher time
frame we’re still rolling up the Bulls
have been in control and uh the shorts
the Bears are getting an upper hand here
lately so it will be very fun to watch
that um we went over the overnight let’s
pull up the strong levels now so here is
Strong Levels
where I’m at on the strong strong
levels I’m going to keep this range on
here that we had yesterday this was the
bull bear range where testing the top
tested the bottom tested the top and
tested the bottom I think this was
perfectly drawn so I’m going to keep it
on the chart the note I added up here
careful with shorts Above This 5028 if
for some reason we start squeezing so
what’s the biggest risk today the
biggest risk today in my opinion is we
get over this level
here so that would get us over the trend
line over this level and back up
attacking this bull Bear area we get
above this I think the short squeez is
on should you be shorting probably not
the risk of a short squeeze is high and
I did make this note careful with shorts
Above This
5028 so the environment we’re in is yes
we’re laddering down yes the play is
Shor or flat but you don’t want to be
shorting once it starts squeezing you
need to be
aware of where you’re at and what’s
happening we will be live on Zoom this
morning I’ll probably stream this
afternoon inside of the Discord group if
you would like to join us check us out
at micr Stay Green my friends and to
learn more about our group go to micr