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well I’m about to do a wrap-up video and things are getting interesting here um asked the group I said do you think we’re going to take out the IB high and hit our liquidity grab up here at ‘ 08 that I expected to happen this morning and it didn’t but we are almost there now there’s only 19 minutes left in the trading day certainly more of a high-risk time to trade let’s go check everybody else out real quick so Russell here is getting to yesterday’s high Dow has broken out from yesterday’s high again enq is about to make new highs like we’re about to make new highs uh so that’s all really interesting let’s flip over let’s take a peek here let’s take a peek here is it going to make it I bet it makes it come on a little bit more all you got to do is a little bit more surely you’re going to do it so today I took I took this short here I took a short here I added to that short there then on a one minute chart that was a short and then I took this short here put my stop one point above my entry and went to lunch and it came out and got me so it is what it is it was worth gambling one little point of my morning winnings and then I went long here at 89 and we’re going to see if this thing will make it up here or not that’s really interesting so on a day like this when I say it’s a level 10 difficulty day I’m automatically trading small there’s no sense in putting the account at big risk now today we had really nice moves we had really nice moves this was the only trade that and actually I was up nice at one point and I said you know what I’m up really nice I’m going to leave for lunch I’m going to put it at one point I’m going to walk away and I’ll watch it on my phone and maybe we’ll get some sort of move but that’s not what happened price just kept bumping its head and finally broke through no big deal you wait for the next trade and I came back I should have been in this short uh one of my Traders did take it and did well in this so in fact he was short when I went long here I made money in my long he made money in his short the beautiful thing is we can be in opposite trades and still cheering for each other cuz we have our system we have our meth methodology and we stick with it so he can make money in his short while I’m making money in my long it’s okay and it’s really cool it didn’t quite make it there not yet 15 minutes are left in the day I really thought when we had these flush candles and these flush candles we would do more damage than just bounce off a level here um I really thought that was going to be a really good move South and it proved to not be it got baled right up pushed right back up and now we’re about to make new highs so who cares what I think you react to price you follow price you do what price tells you to do when it’s probably going to bounce that’s what you do the afternoon trading always Pro not always but it proves not to be the most fruitful um the morning hours are really the best but I don’t mind sitting here and scalping one two points at a time sometimes you get a good run and sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don’t um I really think it’s going to reach up here let’s go take a peek at everybody else again will it make it to its opening I would assume NQ is going to hit its high I assume we’re going to hit our High um that’ll probably be about the time that righty hits vwap here comes back in um I had this 30 minute trend line on righty and it got right down to it at the at the low of the day um of course that was right before the news event it’s very hard to want to be in that trade I don’t trade righty anyway but that’s really nice to see that and I guess for this level I mean I’ve got to keep this on my chart right I mean it bounced there really nice to near Perfection and until it’s taken out I guess it’s a strong range it’s still a warning shot to Bulls at this level in my humble opinion so let’s see what’s going to happen here 14 minutes to the close anytime you’re in the last half hour the less your lines are to be meaningful Pock is down here below us so we’re in this range here will it come back to Pock it’s very possible you’d think it’s going to come up here and grab this liquidity and pull back in what do I know let’s see so here are my order setting here to go short if it comes and gets this level here I want it to push through a little bit and I got three orders setting here to go short let’s see if it does it yes it’s the end of the day yeah it’s it’s risky but I’m up really nice on the day so I’m willing to take this little bit of a gamble that it’s not only going to take this rth IB High liquidity but there’s a 30-minute pull of liquidity here as well that’s what orange means on my chart so there we go taking that come on come on come on come on push up let’s take a peek at everybody else where’s okay okay so inq did take its high of course we took our high too but I was wantan a little bit more of a push all right let’s go back come on come on come on patience patience let’s get up there well now this rth high is going to be in a different location it’s no longer going to be with the IB high so I liked the additional information just miss me there’s no sense in front running that it is the end of the day here it could be quite a little candle at the end of the day I don’t really care I’ll just hit exit and um still be up nice on the day it matters very little all right we got this tin candle that should push it up come on come on come on you’re right there come get it now I’m requiring it to actually go past the line to get me into it so I’m being a little greedy not really it’s just I want you to go all the way to to the line I want you to go all the way to it and then let’s bounce in and let’s come back to here so I’d like it to come back to somewhere in here um that’s pck about right in there all right come on you touched it let’s go a little bit more you got to go a little bit more get up there come on come on this is Mees Mees is a little bit more of a wild child than es sometimes oh seriously seriously come on one more little push let es make all the money it need needs to make today come on there we go all right you’re just going to get me into one I’ll take it so I’m going put my stop at one tick now and this is what we do it touches our line and it bounces now I’m total counter the smart thing to do and who cares if it’s only if you only make one point is to follow it at 50% so I put my stop there at 50% and now I’m going to lock in two points as a little final end of the day trade at minimum let’s see if this thing makes it down to to 96 come on and you know I tell people in all honesty if you go to micros sharer.com I got a little article there all you got to do is make 50 bucks a day if you can make 50 bucks a day we can multiply that across multiple accounts it’s awesome let’s go I’m going to lock in three points why because I want to very nice come on let’s go push push down and if it gets me out that’ll be the end of the video and the end of my day it’s all good it did exactly what I wanted it to do I was hoping it pushed a little bit further and got me into three contracts because I’d have a little more flexibility here because I would keep one back for sure I’d be having one at three points here one at two points and keeping the other one all the way back but I’m out all right I thought I should show you this after I got out I was like okay if it gets up there and hits that single prints I’m going to take that trade I’m going to lock in 10 points here it’ll probably get me out we’re we’re after the main clo of course Futures keep trading and uh this turned out to be a fantastic entry um I I frint ran it just by a point I wanted to make sure I was in that trade and a beautiful touch and go so this will be another 10-pointer today and I’ve had four or five of these today so that is really nice fact let me screenshot this ah it got me out before I could screenshot it I was going to send it to my Traders it’s oh well they’ll see it on this video all right so we go my friends and to learn more about our group go to micostrader.com