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good morning happy Tuesday and welcome
to the am briefing for the e- mini
micros future trading room at micr so what happened yesterday we
took back all of the single prints from
Thursday we laded down and shorts paid
if you were patient it was just sloppy
price delivery um only at the very end
of the day which I was not even looking
at the chart was there a nice smooth
flush and took out the low and then very
similar to yesterday’s Asia and London
Asia spent time underneath it London
took out Asia’s high and we’re hovering
under the halfback so you want to make
sure yesterday’s halfback is on your
chart we have taken back 50 points of
the 150 Point short covering rout Valley
so make sure you have
the rth high here the all-time high the
halfback on your chart and of course the
London low Asia low make sure those are
on your chart as well I’m not changing
anything about the strong indicator this
is still a warning shot to Bulls Bulls
are still firmly in control firmly in
control watch out below here I still
believe to be true now the truth is we
take out this Zone we’re probably coming
to here is that Watch Out Below I don’t
know but here I believe things could
unleash so if we take this out I expect
to come here then let’s see what happens
now trend lines our daily trend
line that we’ve had on our chart for a
long time I think these things are
interesting to have on your chart look
at that touch back test back test it’ll
be interesting to see what happens and
we’ve also started to now establish a
new 30 minute trend line with the first
Anchor Point the second Anchor Point I
wanted to see it bounce one more time
before that becomes a legit line to me
so I’m very interested to see if we
touch it and what
happens there are news drivers today an
hour before the opening 30 minutes
before the opening and 30 minutes after
the opening there’s durable goods and
consumer confidence are the ones that
stick out to me the overnight we already
covered and once again are they really
strong levels or can they appear to be
weak levels because you know as well as
I do when things start to flush they
flush rather aggressively and your
levels mean very very little so if this
thing starts to flush you want to stay
out of the way and I’ll tell you one of
the things I’m looking for today is how
does this trend line behave does it
bounce one more time and then does this
move go parabolic down and when it goes
parabolic down you don’t want to long it
that’s one of the rules that we use in
our room that when it goes parabolic
don’t go counter but if you do go super
small take the paper cut loss do not
make things worse so today’s tip has to
do with you got a noisy chart and you’re
really getting no level development I
often find the best thing to do is to to
switch to a higher time frame instead of
a 3-minute chart go to a 10-minute chart
instead of a 10-minute chart go to a 30-
minute chart Zoom it out a little bit
more yes it’s going to require more butt
time to get an
entry but it’s going to clear up the
chart for you so noisy sloppy chart
switch to higher time frame Stay Green
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group go to

all right let’s do a quick am update so
what’s happened not a whole lot small
morning for me I did one long one short
up two points nothing to write home to
Mama about now the intersection here
where the daily and the 30 minute trend
line intersected I almost took that
short but I didn’t but it is very
interesting to note the bounce so what
are we doing here well these guys that
are short down here
are not getting paid yet so you got a
risk of something here them running out
door if they decide to take this thing
down you could have a really good move
this seems like a pressure cooker to me
here the tension is building the tension
is building we’ve had our opening which
was right
here a little up move and then it came
in and we have not seen our opening
is that the canary and the coal mine
that they’re going to take this thing
down let’s take a peek at everybody else
where is everybody here well Russell is
way up here and DOW is way down here in
the middle near the bottom are we all on
the same train no we are
not but if Russell decides to pull back
in which you know can happen at any
moment and it does it
violently we could have a really good
move down on the contrary if Dow decides
to turn around and start going up these
guys could easily go back up as well so
it’ll be very interesting to see how the
day happens I will not be trading until
my start time this afternoon Stay Green
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group go to
all right let’s just do a quick little
wrap-up video I was five ticks off from
the warning shot to Bulls line um I was
really hoping it would touch it of
course but as you can tell they frint
ran that just a little bit now the truth
is there was also a 30 minute level
right here it was liquidity grab and
come back in when I was originally
drawing this range um the Bulls defended
right where they needed to defend ran
out and took out the overnight high and
is now at yesterday’s halfback against
the daily trend line I wish this was a
time that I could trade because I would
certainly be taking that short I drew
that for the group and I said that’s
where I’d go short and it’s the Market’s
still open but you can’t trade this time
so I didn’t um but that was absolutely
beautiful this was outside my trade
trade trade zone so all I got to do was
watch it and um and then it ran all the
way to here how nice so what a day it
took out the IB low the IB High the
overnight High and the overnight low es
always makes their liquidity money I
hope you stayed safe today see you guys
on Zoom tomorrow stay green my friends
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