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Good morning, everybody! Happy Tuesday, June the 25th. Today’s quote, “I’m studying Exodus right now, and I like this concept here: ‘The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still.'” I like that, you know. Traders, it’s funny—can you be still? Can you not trade? Can you just look at the price action and go, “Nah, this isn’t for me,” and wait for a better day? Every day has a different character, and if you don’t like the character, don’t play. Be still—it’s okay. There are easier days to trade. Alright, guys, let’s get into it.

Welcome to the AM briefing brought to you by, where together, we trade better. Number 25, so the first thing here is the news drivers today: 30 minutes before the opening, a little orange folder, then 30 minutes after the opening, we’ve got consumer confidence in the Manufacturing Index, with, of course, eyes towards the end of the week for the PCE, Chicago PMI, and we’ve got some inflation data later in the week.

Tip of the day: Check Price Map for today’s chart. So, what I decided to do—I’m still massaging how I want to do this AM briefing—but if you want to be happy like this monkey and you’re entertaining joining the group, I’m going to put a little chart each day on the website. So, let me go to my website here real quick. So, if you go to the website and you go to Price Map and scroll down, yesterday, um, it’s got yesterday’s AM briefing as of right now, and a chart that I put on here yesterday. We’re going to talk about that chart here in a minute.

So, that’s where I’m going to put anything on as far as chart-related. It might be a single strong level; it might be a key level. Yesterday, it was where I thought price would go and bounce, um, and the bull-bear line. So, uh, that is going to be on the Price Map on the website each morning. My goal is to update that and put something on there. Yesterday, this was the image put on the Price Map, and I said if we take out 19, we’re probably coming to 10, which is a level we talked about all last week. Um, it’s been the bull-bear line for a while for me personally, uh, that 5510, and then what actually happened, I think, performed very well. And that’s what we do—we’re pretty good at knowing where price is going to be attracted to go, but we’re really good at knowing where price will bounce, and we play the bounces, and that worked out very, very well.

So today will be YouTube Live. I will go live 30 to 60 minutes before the New York open, depends on how the rest of my morning goes. My wife is up early; I like to spend a little time with her, but 30 to 60 minutes, I will go live. I’ll put the link in the first comment; it is also on the Price Map page. So, seasonality here, towards the end of June, it typically experiences a dip, so we will see how that continues to work out as well.

So now let’s get to the Chart. I’m not going to do much on the chart because we’re going to be live on YouTube. So, basically, um, we did what I was kind of hoping to do. I had an order setting here for overnight, a resting order to go long at 10 because it missed it by one tick. I really got to get more accurate in my levels because I missed it by one tick. So, I did have an order setting here, uh, this was a beautiful 3-minute front side. Perhaps I should have had my order setting for right here, but it bounced beautifully off a 3-minute front side. I just really wanted it to complete to 10. I have since removed that order.

Um, so, is this bullish or bearish? Well, as we talked about yesterday, yesterday’s briefing, we talked about we’ve had base, it goes up, it creates another base, it goes up, and then we’re hanging out right here. Now price has, um, come back to here, and we’re hanging out right here. So, notice what this says here, “Careful with Longs below.” Well, should have an ‘S.’ “Careful with Longs below.” If we get underneath here, we should have a nice flush. Okay, if we stay above this, it’s bullish. So, bull-bear line—who’s winning right now? Well, which side of the line are we on? That’s how I look at it. Alright, guys, I’ll see you on YouTube and on Zoom here soon. Green, my friends! And to learn more about our group, go to