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“Good morning, everybody! Good morning, good morning, happy Tuesday, May 28th—the first day after the holiday, which is usually a difficult day to trade, so be prepared. Today might be difficult. All right, in light of yesterday being Memorial Day, ‘Greater love has no one than he that laid down his life for his friends.’ Amen, amen, amen—laying down your life for your friends. Total thoughts and prayers to all of our veterans, including members of my family. My grandfather actually was in World War I and World War II. How crazy is that?

All right, let’s get into it. I am ready to trade. All right, so let’s start here with last week’s results. I did a results video, so if you go to my website,, I added a new thing here called ‘schedule,’ and what that is, is just giving you a little insight into what a weekly schedule looks like. So, Sunday night, we did a high-time frame tuneup. Okay, so make sure you watch that. In my humble opinion, it’s really meant for my members, but if you’re not a member, maybe it gives you a glimpse into what we do. I updated the strong indicator last night, so if you’re a member of mine, you’ll want to refresh your screen or remove that indicator and add it back. The voox and single prints are updated; they’re here on the price map.

And then, this is Monday’s schedule: I’ll do private coaching for members who buy those Zoom packages on Monday and the weekends, and today is Tuesday, so AM briefing as normal, which we’re doing right now. And then, live Zoom trading for my members, and then today, on Tuesday mornings, I’m going to experiment a while with live streaming on YouTube, so consider it a free Zoom pass—you just can’t ask questions and whatnot. And if you do buy a Zoom pass, which is right up here, you get the first-class treatment when you’re in the group.

All right, so let’s go to the price map. So on the price map, this is about last week’s results. Once again, a low number of trades. It reminded me of this week—just not that many trades, but no real losers, and it depends on how you manage your break evens. I always say, at least a third of those break evens would be a loser if you didn’t take it. So, just because it says zero here, doesn’t mean you would not have experienced a loser because maybe you didn’t take the gift of break even, and you know, losses happen. It’s no big deal.

So, this morning, if you’d like to watch us live, this link right here, if I press play here, I think it’ll say, ‘Yeah, notify me right here,’ and it’ll notify you now. I have, over here, where it says ‘analytics,’ these are like a year of results for our system, and this year, I’m tracking some different metrics. So, this weekend, I finally combined those two databases, just for the profit and loss of it—what does it look like, for all ever since I’ve been tracking officially? What do those numbers look like—winners, losers, break evens? And wow, it shows me I need to trade better—still too many ‘George trades’ and not enough just strict core strategy trades. Welcome to the human element of trading. So, here’s a link to Sunday’s night’s tuneup. Saturday, I did a weekly results show. This was a lot of great pre-flight information for the entire week, so I hope you got to take advantage of that. The single prints and VX are here, and now let’s look at the news drivers. This is part of our AM briefing. So, yesterday was a holiday. Today, we have a couple of things: one, the red folders 30 minutes after the opening, we will be monitoring that, and of course, the big boy later in the week is the PC, so we will be prepared for that, knowing that the market might be resting and waiting for that. Now, today is the trading day after a holiday, so that is typically a great day—in all honesty—to not trade.

All right, let’s keep going. So, where are we? Well, on Sunday night’s tuneup, we threw in this white trend line here, and so we did that before the market open. We did that at this point in time, where we connected these points. It worked well for the RTH; the overnight based out and tried to get back up and then failed at that trend line. Interesting. So, what I’m going to do is, I’m not going to remove this trend line yet. I’m not going to adjust it out to here—you could, you could go ahead and adjust it out if you wanted, but I’m going to keep it here because if RTH comes back up, I want to see what it does when we back test this trend line. I want to see that. So, I’m going to keep that there, and I might draw a new one. Actually, I like to draw them based off the overnight, so my overnight would look something like that—maybe. We’ll see how this develops. Okay, and if you watch us live on YouTube, you’ll see how we adjust that, or if you’re in my group, of course, Duve will do that live as a group.

Now, as we said on Sunday night, high-time frame—it’s this day that controls everything. What do we do above? What do we do below? What do we do above? What do we do below? We are just in the middle of yucky, smack, chop action. Let me throw on my ranges. Okay, so if you’ve been paying attention the last week or so with us on our AM briefings, we are in the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle. The right trading right here is not trading an edge. I would love for us to kind of base out here for a little bit more, then come up here to the top of this, retesting the backside of this trend line against this range. I think that would represent a fantastic short, but we will see.

All right, let’s go on, guys. So, today’s tip of the week: Speed is not the goal; the goal is the goal. This weekend, a guy made a comment on one of the videos that I said, the Apex 250k account—how I would trade it—and good luck, you’ll pass by the year 2031 or something. I don’t know, but alluding to time is a problem. No, it’s not. The goal is the goal. I know anytime I personally try to speed up my results, I screw up. Do you find the same—that when you try to speed up your results by either taking more trades that really doesn’t match your system or you decide to go with bigger leverage and you’re not thinking as clearly, you screw up? Speed is not the goal; hitting the goal is the goal. And like the fighter pilot says, please like and subscribe if you like what I’m doing, and if you’re interested in trading with a group of ES and ME futures traders with a very good system, check us out at

News drivers, we covered. So, what’s happened in the overnight session? Well, right now, it’s still stacking on top of Asia. I mean, it’s not difficult to see; we’re stair-stepping up, but we are in the middle of the middle. So, I’d like to see us get out of this area before I initiate a trade. We need—I need—something new to happen. I say that often on our Zoom when we’re just seem to be stuck somewhere. I need something new to happen, and usually, it’s one of these red folder news catalyst events, but we’re in the middle of the middle, guys. I know I’ve said that 2200 times, but part of my job of leading our group is to remind you of the critical elements of what’s happening and where we’re at, and I will continue to do so.

All right, so let’s go take a peek at our indices. Well, number one, let’s stop over here for a second. I am working on adding a new feature to our suite of indicators in our group, where I can have the NQ, Dow, and Rithy setting right here, so instead of having to switch to a different tab or look at a different screen or whatever, at a glance, I can have this. In fact, this would probably be hidden over here, and when I want to take a peek, I can slide it and move it back out of the way. Now, this scale seems too big. All right, this scale does seem too big, and by the way, this will only work during RTH hours; this will not work in the extended hours. So, what happens here is I’ve kind of anchored a high, I’ve anchored a low, and where is the current price, which is exactly what we look for over here on this, don’t we? So, currently, Da—I mean, I’m so sorry—Russell is not participating; it’s way up there. Da is way down here. Okay, so one indic is already up here, one is already down here, and two are in the middle. What does this tell us? Complex chop is on the menu today. I’d like a side of sugar-free barbecue sauce, please. And by the way, if you’re looking for a good sugar-free barbecue sauce, oh, what’s the name of that company? I head country—oh my gosh, their sugar-free barbecue sauce is awesome. So, as you get older, you worry about things like that, but I love it. All right, let’s move on—that’s a side note.

Um, so, guys, whoa, I wish you the best of luck today. I’ll see you live on YouTube and live on Zoom here in a little bit. Stay green, my friends, and to learn more about our group, go to”