Preparing ES Emini and MES Micros Traders
To Trade In Our S&P Trading Room


Price Action Bounce Trading System. How To Scalp ES Emini or MES Micros Futures.

Helping Futures Traders Via Our Core Strategy Academy Training Program and Futures Trading Group – The Best Emini Group IMHO. all right good morning Traders so I have
a couple primary goals for the traders
in my e- mini trading room and that is
one keep them safe helping them know
when to trade when not to trade trade
location and just stay unprofitable so
in yesterday’s am. briefing February
21st right now it’s unlisted that’s
because I’ve removed it from my channel
but if you go to my website micr and click daily videos you
can see the archive of that yesterday
21st um so part of my job is to keep you
safe and yesterday at this 5 minute and
10sec Mark I
said so what’s the biggest risk today
the biggest risk today in my opinion is
we get over this level
here so that would get us over the trend
line over this level and back attacking
this bull Bear area we get above this I
think the short squeeze is on so that is
part of me helping you plan your day and
then in my group I get more specific of
where do I think these things are going
to occur so before the fomc minutes this
was my prediction and we did bounce off
of there really nice now I did make one
mistake yesterday and um I’ve got to be
a little more mindful of it I was
profitable I was I had a 100% day I just
didn’t make as much as that I should
have and my big mistake yesterday was in
my strong range I’m going to turn on my
strong ranges in my strong range down
here I was trying to go long a Futures
Contract at the bottom of my range
expecting this to happen what I should
have done is done an option play instead
of trying to be long Futures here I
should have done even just a on DTE call
and that was a mistake we were in a
critical spot where price was most
likely going to bounce and squeeze and
now we’ve had 100 Point squeeze since
then what would that 1 DT option be
worth today my goodness that was a
mistake so no big deal um I’ve got to
just be more mindful you know I’m
running Zoom I’m trading there’s a lot
I’m trying to do and um that was a
mistake and then we came to this strong
range that we kept on the chart then we
had this strong range and then I had
this note careful with shorts
above we got over it we retested this
level and and the move is still on we
are nine points
away from the all-time high there nine
points that is really really something
so let’s um so you can see that just
zoomed in there nine points away not bad
now what do you notice here there’s our
daily trend line
we’re back back
again will we bounce off of it and
continue our our move South I am
certainly watching for a breakdown here
I have no clue if we’ll get it um but I
will be mindful of this where is
everybody else at I think this is a
really good thing to always look at
where is everybody else at so I’m going
to bring this in we’re well first of all
righty is nowhere near it’s alltime high
how far
is d
okay within sight within sight and we
are within sight so this is es NQ and
DOW all right so now as far as the
strong levels are concerned I’m not
going to do anything with them guys I
feel like I need a
little it’s going to require a little
more thinking a little more time so if
you’re in my group just turn off the
strong indicator let’s trade the levels
as they are presented today’s tip don’t
short of short squeeze don’t try to pick
where is Price going to turn around now
there’s obvious places where price has
turned around do you want to trade them
I wouldn’t it’s a good trade to take off
of your trade plan no one’s trade plan
says when we start squeezing I’m going
to pick the critical points where I can
short no now if you do it I tell my
Traders you can do anything any trade
you want just do it the smallest
Leverage possible with a paper cut stop
loss it’s okay you could take this short
here there’s a level that this bounced
off of this es performs nearly perfectly
you know just to show you these strong
ranges these are a combination of a
number of factors but you can see here’s
the hesitation the don’t short above and
then we go straight up here’s the bounce
off this range here’s the bounce off
this range ES performs beautifully to be
a bounce Trader and that’s what we are
we are bounce Traders we draw lines
where prices probably going to bounce
and we make our play in futures or
options based upon the
chart we are so close to this all-time
high do you really want to be shorting
here we’re definitely above my don’t
short above this line until we start
seeing it break things to the
South monster Gap up
today is going to be a tricky day this
has completely just reset the chart um
we weren’t overly short in my opinion
here but this was a highly visible line
that we were going to bounce off of and
now we’ve springboarded all the way back
to the near the all-time high um so
today will be interesting what’s one of
the trickiest days to trade the day
after a big move we just had 100 points
squeeze my goodness I don’t have any 30
minute trend lines it’s on my chart
because I watch it if I was to have a
trend line here I mean how do you draw
that that’ stay out of the way anything
more than 45 degrees is really stand out
of the way so for me it’s going to be
stand out of the way I’m going to let
things develop we have multiple news
drivers today an hour before the market
unemployment 15 minutes after we open
some PMI and a half hour after we open
some home sales so we do have some news
drivers today overnight uh
Skyrocket stay out of the way strong
levels I’m not going to indicate them if
you’re going to worry about strong
levels worry about your session
lows session
lows okay until we start breaking things
the play is longer flat but do you
really want to go long after a 100 Point
squeeze I
don’t do you really want want to go long
or short when you’re nine points from
the all-time high I don’t so it’s a
little more wait and see for me today
and we will trade our levels as they
develop if you’re interested in finding
an e- mini trading room that helps keep
you safe it help keeps you profitable
and is very cognizant of trend and trade
location check us out at micr
Stay Green my friends and to learn more
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