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Good morning, good morning! Happy post-CPI day. So, yesterday I left you with several things to take into consideration. It’s these things here. I said I was looking for a 100-point flush on a 30-minute candle. That is possible, and boy, did we get that! From the push up to the drop down, it was gorgeous. It went right for that large pool of liquidity that we talked about yesterday.

Days after CPI are just as dangerous. This is the day after CPI; it’s just as dangerous. We have PPI today. There are days to go long, days to go short, and days to go fish. And I promised you a level 10 difficulty day yesterday. We certainly got that.

What I was really looking for is the liquidity to grab off the session highs and lows, and that was really great. It was really cool to see that. Now, the game plan for today: I want to see how quickly, if we flush this low or flush this low – the RTH or the London – how quickly do we get a reaction. Because look what we’ve done: we’ve spent all day at this level to grab that liquidity. It was 92.50, something like that. I forget the exact number. I went long several times off that level, and look how many times it’s testing it again.

Another flush is highly possible today. What do we do at this strong level is going to be really key to me. And then this is the M contract low, at the switch over. You know, when we switched contracts, when TradingView switched contracts, that was the low that we’ve experienced since the contract change. So how quickly do the liquidity grabs happen at the lows would be more specific.

Price map with all the data that I would want you to know, plus my updates throughout the day, are on the price map on my website at

Today’s tip has to do with yesterday, but it’s true every day: patience. Oh my gosh, this was mind-numbing. But I’ll tell you what, it was easier in the group. Trading by yourself, you tend to do stupid things. You get bored, you get tired, you get frustrated, and you try trades. Waited for hours and finally got a really nice 20-pointer, but it was hours. And then I watched a couple of hours after that, it was just mind-numbing. But I slept like a baby.

Nothing on the trend line front here. Basically, we had a monster flush, and we’re having acceptance near the bottom of that range. Once again, these two lows, if we get there, how quickly does it happen? Can we get over this strong range right here, finally? I mean, look how many times it touched. Really a thing of beauty, just absolutely gorgeous.

Fun news drivers today: Well, we’ve got the PPI today, unemployment, a Fed speaker 30 minutes after the opening, and then a bond auction today. So, have those on your chart, or if you’re in the group, we’ll remind each other.

The overnight: where we have London stacking under Asia. London didn’t even grab the liquidity of the Asia, which is interesting. Now, that doesn’t mean that it can’t come down here. It’s still flirting down here at this 92 level. That it’s going to come up here and grab it, this might be a perfect position for a long. But this level is beat up to death. That’s why we are set up, in my opinion. If they’re going to take it down, it’s going to be another hard flush today. Will it be a 100-point flush? Most likely not, but boy, we lose these two levels, the character of the market has changed.

The character of the market has changed because if there was a trend line, I would show you it’s the daily trend line up here, but it’s way up here. We are under it. You want a trend line? There’s your trend line. We are under it. I really can’t draw one for this session. We’re at the bottom of this M contract range. We’re at the bottom of the M contract range. Let’s bring that up. Let’s go to a higher time frame. Let’s go to 30 minutes. Let’s bunch this thing up. And actually, I have two daily trend lines. It depends on how you wanted to trade it. This is the bottom of the trend line, so it’s really two different ones. Let’s go to an hour. Let’s pull this in a little bit more.

Okay, so you see where price jumped up here. This is the M contract, and you see this purple thing. This is where the contract changed. So that low is the strong level. This is the M contract low. Once again, go to the price map, and you’ll see my strong levels. You know, let me throw this on here. Well, that’s obviously been broken, and that one is still valid.

So let’s have a talk here about this little trend line. I’m going to bring this to here. I’m going to bring this to here. So, just talking about trend lines for a second. Forget this is an hourly chart; it doesn’t matter. Just look at these orange trend lines. I’m going to take that one off. The other one, I’m keeping on there. It’s actually okay.

So, if this was a three-minute chart, what would we say about this? Well, you’re having this trend here, then what happened at this point? Did we just go parabolic? Same thing here. Did we just go parabolic? Got bought up. Did we just go parabolic here? Got bought up. So, buy the dip has been the norm. Okay, dip goes parabolic, came back. Goes parabolic, comes back. Goes parabolic, are we going to come back? We’ve been coming back since September. So, we got September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April – 8 months in a row. Buy the dip has worked. One day, it’s not. Is it this day? I don’t really know, but we are right here. We are on the edge of the cliff dive. The market is peeking over and looking below. Will we get under there and have a real move?

You see, the last 8 months have been dependent, in my opinion, that there was going to be multiple rate cuts this year. Now, you’re looking at possibly none. On the outside of that, you are looking at one more rate hike. That is in the realm of possibility. That is a far cry from multiple rate cuts in an election year. So, we are fighting seasonality. Usually, April is pretty straight up. That has not been the case yet. We are 11 days into the month. We’ve been through a third of it. We’re nowhere close to the seasonality. In fact, just hang with me here, and let me bring up the seasonality chart. This is something we talk about in our group quite often, and it’s just based off many years of data. What does the seasonality look like?

So, let’s look at it. Here’s March and April. Here’s March and April. Here’s April, and April is pretty strong. Okay, it comes off March lows and goes up historically. Historically, has that happened? Because, well, you see here, March 25th, you know, somewhere in here, straight up. Let’s take a peek at the chart again. This has been the exact opposite, but the expectations were different. From multiple rate cuts to now talks of no rate cuts, to on the edge, perhaps another rate hike.

We are on the edge of a cliff dive. And if you want to learn more about our group, check us out at Stay green, my friends. And to learn more about our group, go to

all right happy afternoon Thursday April
the 11th what a gorgeous day in our
group So Satisfied
so just so happy so this morning I gave
you a game plan in the AM briefing now
if you want to see the am briefing in
previous videos they are stored on my
website under daily videos I move that
around a little bit I move daily videos
down here because in my opinion price
map should be the main Focus um if
you’re entertaining joining our group
but you can click daily videos here and
you’ll see the previous day so this was
this morning’s Thursday video if you
want to watch it press watch video and
you can see the am briefing to verify
what I’m telling you is accurate so
here’s the uh my my little to-do list I
use and yesterday’s game plan was here
and today’s game plan was this one how
quickly do we respond to the liquidity
grab at the art rth yesterday’s rth low
and the London low from yesterday as
well these two levels highlighted over
here on the side how well did those
respond well let’s take a peek I’m going
to slide this
off I think we responded very very well
responded very very well and you go
okay risk of short covering is high as
was covered in the AM video so I need to
be aware of that and then we were
presented with a beautiful reversal box
I honestly didn’t see us coming back to
the rth low but we had a beautiful
reversal box and we were calling out
shorts in this area several of my
Traders took it and had 10 20 pointers
and Caleb had three contracts that he
took off right there for the perfect
reversal box if you’re in my group
please go to the trading floor and
Discord and type in reversal box and
look for those videos on reversal boxes
it is something that we watch for and it
worked like a charm once the reversal
box worked like a charm I told everyone
okay remember the am briefing we
responded strongly here the Bulls are in
control we are now looking for evidence
of lading up to get
long which happened here and then what
happened we went parabolic where did we
go parabolic I’m going to show you
exactly where we went parabolic I’m
going to bring up my strong
levels this strong range right here
tried it tried it tried it and then
catapulted above it just absolutely so
cool but the main thing is is you knew
to be on sides the instructions I gave
my Traders this morning is please do not
short this as this is going to go up do
not short this do not short this do not
short this and we had a delightful
discussion I wish I would have recorded
Zoom this morning so if you’re in my
group I’m I really meant to record it
and I didn’t it was is awesome I wish
you could have replayed even just the
reversal box replayed that and then
start watching the trend there now on my
website let’s go back to my website real
quick if you come to price map scroll
down you will see periodic updates you
will see periodic updates timestamped
when they came live so down here let’s
let’s come down here at the beginning of
the day um so there it is
what that means we have the answer quick
reaction what was I talking about from
the am briefing and then I shared a a
chart you can click that and you can see
the chart
um and then a
long multiple 10 pointers that was on
short boom we hit the uh that was
beautiful pretty easy day here let me
hit this one okay there’s nothing else
to say um oh an inq almost retraced to
the the high I gave you a link to the
candle I want to scroll down just a
little bit out two points there there
there oh here we go so this is where I
made the comment multiple 10p pointers
on the O2 short now lading up Target IB
High overnight high and yesterday high
so when we started coming back in I
noted to the Traders I went this is
weird cuz there was the um now we we had
the London High we couldn’t get
it okay that’s the overnight high and
then yesterday’s Daily high was
somewhere up
here um so there were several magnets
above us that were left behind and I
went weird I said is that the canary and
the coal mine that they’re going to take
this down then we had they with the our
reversal box with clear short here and
you take the profit it bounced
beautifully and started to go back and I
warned the Traders do not short this do
not short this and we certainly stayed
Tren all right hold on there’s one more
thing I need to say this morning in the
AM briefing we talked about price going
parabolic it bought it back price going
parabolic it bought it back price went
parabolic what’s it going to do it
bought it back can you believe it it
bought it back
again wow I’m just really amazed at the
strength of the buy the dip it bought it
again very nicely now I want to talk
about the alerts that were in the group
um because if you’re in the group I want
you to pay attention to
those so um I turned on the alert
somewhere in here after this big candle
I knew not to turn it on before the big
candle um then I turned it on
afterwards and you got this careful
counter trading at this exact moment
which means hey a trend has been pushed
be careful countering which would be
what shorting then we got Trend check
are things changing Trend check again
are things changing we knew it was a
reversal box and we knew where price was
going to bounce which really helps it
help Caleb capture three contracts then
we started lading up now because we got
this check Trend right here that was
basically saying hey you were up but now
check if it’s down then right here you
got a Trend check which basically saying
hey has Trend reversed again it sure did
careful counter trading right here okay
and then careful did we just go
parabolic we sure did careful did we
just go parabolic sure
did I would recommend not counter
trading until you get another Trend
check change which happened actually
right here I didn’t screenshot it but
because it happened after I Was
preparing for this video but you got a
check Trend right here um in the group
of hey things might be changing check
your Trend when you get this
parabolic you should really be careful
countering that’s going to help you stay
on sides plus the am briefing and the
instructions on Zoom do not short this
do not short this do not short this we
got the strong reaction that we wanted
we knew that Bulls were going to be in
control they flushed out the week Longs
laded up all day long hard to break
Trend Trends are hard to break and it
was and it didn’t it was
beautiful it was beautiful I can’t wait
to trade tomorrow I’ll see you guys live
on zoom in the morning