Okay let’s talk about a couple of things today First of all whenever you’re presented the
opportunity to take a break from the charts, take the break.
So it was a holiday on Monday, and I tried to take the next day as a holiday as well.
Calls typically trading the day after a holiday is horrible.
Plus it gives me an extra long break So I took four days off from the
charts Now I did do some programming for the indicators in our group.
Um I did look at the charts and reference them from time to time but I never traded I never charted.
Um I was simply making comments.
So the break was great because I could come back and I was so ready to trade today.
I was so on fire. And you are able to
see the charts So clearly.
Our core strategy absolutely rocked today And part of that is because of the clarity of my thinking.
So I’m going to show you our traits today. Um in our, in our group we have a channel for our
end of the day charts or you go in and post your end of the day charts and the trades that you
marked should be the exact trades I mark.
So I went in there and pulled out the trades that were our
official three minute chart trades Now some people chart trade on.
On one minute charts I’ll even trade on 32nd charts.
Uh some people trade higher timeframe charts If they’re options traders.
It doesn’t really matter, but this is a three-minute chart The reason I picked three minutes,
it’s easy to put three minutes all the way across the chart and we can see the entire day,
typically we’ll come in here and mark the opening.
Right here. And then you can simply move this and like don’t even look at anything that
happened before we can literally trade just the newly created levels on the day.
So here were our core strategy days. So if the arrows pointing down that was a short and I put it on the candle.
That it was So these two were shorts This was a short this one took a little bit of heat.
Because it was on this candle right here. But it went a little against to then it came in.
There was a long on this white candle probably a breakeven trade Another one here.
Along on this white candle probably a breakeven trade.
Um, then this nice short was not in this run all the way up.
We’re watching for it to break down. And our system called for a short here
at this Uh, 24 I think or 2350 somewhere in there.
And there was the short for that. So those were our official trades there.
And I’ll show you my account today.
Let me hit go. And there were my trades on
this account a trade at two different accounts Once this one hit the $500 mark.
I stopped trading and flipped to another one And I only made a point and a half nobody since and even showing it to you.
Um…But this was the uh my trades today I traded 36
contracts One was a loser and did very well So all the charts were really well.
Um, traded nicely and was very pleased with that Part of that goes back to the very first thing.
The brake. So when you can take a break take it.
And I recommend you even go one more day because the day after a holiday is rarely a great data trade.
Okay That’s one trader his opinion. That’s how I see it.
I hope you had a profitable day
and I will see you soon. Bye.