Recording your trades is GAME FILM.


1. I have a program on my computer that will take screenshots of my monitor when I enter a trade. So, at the end of the day, I have a folder FULL of screenshots. The program is called Keyboard Maestro (mac only). Having those screenshots are SO helpful if I need to review a trade and find out what went wrong. You can ALSO just manually screenshot your screen on entry and exit. Surly PC’s have a way to do it easily.

2. Write DOWN your trades. So you can review them later with your tradingview chart. Be sure to record the TIME your entered.

3. You can use trading view to record your trades. I will create a video to show you how I recommend you do it. I LOVE when I do this. It makes life so easy.

Videos will be forthcoming.

**Quick Start Guide: Record Your Trades**

How to use TradingView to keep a record of your trades.

You will LOVE this with your End-Of-Day Analysis. Do they match? Did you take the right trades? Which trades did you miss?

This is VERY IMPORTANT to improving your game. This IS **YOUR** game film. Study it. Improve. Change your life.

What you do while the market is CLOSED will often determine your level os success DURING market hours. Musicians PRACTICE before the concert. They rehearse in their heads too – mental playing.

Review your game film.

No ifs, ands, or buts, … do it.

Keyboard Maestro

**Keyboard Maestro**

Screen Capture your trades automatically on a MAC with “Keyboard Maestro”. A Macros software.

I use this program for MANY MANY THINGS.

One of them is this…. when I click on my tradovate app on my computer, it will start taking screenshots. This records my entries and exits and stuff in between.

I found a neat “trigger” to start an action.

Anytime I CLICK on tradovate, it will take a screenshot!

This should help in getting screenshots around when I enter and around when I exit BECAUSE I click back and forth from tradovate AND tradingview and everytime I click tradovate it will do another screenshot!!

ES MES Emini Futures Trading Strategy Price Action Chart
ES MES Emini Futures Trading Strategy Price Action Chart

ES MES Emini Futures Trading Strategy Price Action Chart