Pre-Market “Pre-Flight” Checklist for Futures Traders

Just as pilots have a pre-flight checklist, you NEED a Pre-Market checklist.

This is a routine you do EVERY SINGLE TIME.

You don’t attempt to trade UNTIL you have DONE your pre-flight checklist.

Even pilots with 20+ years, methodically go through their checklist Every Single Flight.

Checklists keeps you from MISSING things that help you prepare for the day.

Dismiss this recommendation at your own peril.

1st thing I do in the AM is study the OVERNIGHT action. What levels are being respected. Is price action being ORDERLY according to our trading system. Is it being unruly? Could I have played last nights action and been profitable? IN OTHER WORDS, does the action seem IDEAL for our system? This might yield valuable insight.

My “Pre-Flight” Checklist for Futures Traders

**My Pre-Flight Checklist**

I have this PRINTED OUT. It is RIGHT by my computer.

I will actually PICK IT UP… and go through each item one-by-one.

Some itms are MENTAL.

Some are reminders.

Some are information seeking.

Some are mechanical.

Each are vital.

Create your own.

Here is mine. If some of these don’t make sense, no worries. They will ALL be covered in this Quick Start Guide.

▶ Should I be trading today? Mental and Physical ready?

▶ No Bias | Take the Loss | Plenty of Trades.

▶ Play the Obvious Levels | Trade With The Trend

▶ Yes, Price CAN go there | Play Small | Respect the Leverage | Respect God’s Money

▶ What news will be released today? What will be released tomorrow that might effect todays trading? What is being released the week? FOMC? Non Farm Payroll? PMI? Look for orange and red folder events. This will be discussed more in the “When Not To Trade” part of this training series.


▶ Mancini Levels on Twitter…

▶ ShadowTrader PreMarket Perspective & Levels

▶ Watch Camelback Trading Morning Video. Link Market Profile Guy. I love his pre-market video and post-market videos.

▶ Monthly Levels

▶ Weekly Levels

▶ Daily Levels + FVG

▶ 4Hr + FVG

▶ 1Hr + FVG

▶ 30 Min + FVG

▶ Origin Levels


▶ Midnight Opening Price (EST)

▶ Yesterday High & Low & Close