Bold and True

Futures traders, bold and true,
With nerves of steel and a keen view,
You stand at the front line of the fight,
Trading with all your might.

In the world of futures, there is no room for doubt,
You must stay sharp and never lose your route,
For the market moves with a will of its own,
And only the bravest traders can be shown.

But fear not, for you are a warrior of the trade,
With a keen eye and a clever mind, you will not be swayed,
So take your stand and make your play,
For in the world of futures, every day is a new day.

Stand Alone

Futures traders, we stand alone,
In the face of risk and unknown,
With our charts and screens and graphs,
We try to predict the future’s path.

We watch the market’s every move,
Our nerves stretched taut, our patience prove,
We buy and sell, we win and lose,
But still we keep on, never to choose

To give up or to turn back,
For the thrill of the trade, we do not lack,
We chase the highs and weather the lows,
For the love of the game, no one knows.

So here’s to you, oh futures traders bold,
May your profits multiply, your risks be controlled,
May you ride the waves of the market’s flow,
And emerge victorious, come rain or snow.

Trading Life

Futures traders, oh how great you are,
Masters of the markets, near and far.
You brave the storms and face the fray,
To buy and sell, each and every day.

With nerves of steel and brains so sharp,
You analyze and calculate, never to carp.
The future’s uncertain, but you know what’s true,
And make your bets with a strategic view.

You live and breathe the trading life,
With endless hours and endless strife.
But through it all, you stand tall,
A testament to your risk it all.

So here’s to you, the futures traders bold,
May your profits continue to unfold.
May you weather every market crash,
And come out on top, with money in the stash.

Dance In The Flames

Oh futures traders, you wild and crazy guys,
Trading contracts and futures, before our very eyes.
You laugh in the face of risk, and dance with the flames,
While the rest of us tremble, and hide away in shame.

You’re a breed apart, with a heart full of fire,
A love for the game, that never seems to tire.
You chase the dream, and ride the wave,
A true master of the markets, you are so brave.

But beware, oh futures traders, of the dangers that lurk,
For the markets can turn, and make your wallet smirk.
But even in defeat, you never lose your smile,
For you know in your heart, it’s only a little while.