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“Welcome to the AM briefing, preparing you to trade live in our E-mini trading room at All right, good morning, good morning. I’m off to a little bit of a late start this morning. Fames on spring break, normal alarms didn’t go off—time change. Nice cool weather, sleeping with the windows open. Oh my goodness, it is delightful.

So today’s pre-market video is actually really simple. Tomorrow, CPI. Last week, we had a pretty wild week. Friday was a pretty wild day, and it’s the day before CPI. So, it seems like it would be a rest day for the market, but we’ll see what happened.

So Asia went here, London went just a little under it. Let’s take a peek at everybody else. Here’s everybody else. I need to change these. So here’s the halfback area. What is everybody else doing in relation to Friday’s halfback? Well, INQ and ES are under, even yesterday’s low. Dow was under yesterday’s low. NQ is just, I mean, and Russell is literally just straight across. It’s not doing a whole lot at all. It certainly hasn’t taken out yesterday’s low yet. So three of them look the same, and one of these doesn’t look like the other.

So careful today. It’s Monday. It’s Monday after a big day. It’s Monday before CPI, and the fireworks happen after today, most likely. All right, see my guys on Zoo. Stay green, my friends. And to learn more about our group, go to”