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good morning
everybody happy Monday June the
17th plans fell for the lack of counsel
but with many
advisors they the seed so thank you for
letting me be part of your trading team
I have people that I pay that are part
of my trading team which trickles down
you as well but thank you for having me
as part of your trading team and as one
of your advisers and may your plans to
be a successful Trader
SED all right let’s get into
it so finally am briefing number 200
that’s exciting I’m really happy about
that and uh let’s get going
so this morning’s tip of the week it is
not your job to predict price it is to
follow price you don’t need to be in the
prediction business you need to be in
the following business so do your
job news drivers this week uh we got
something here that’s already happened
or about to happen here in 2 minutes
actually and um and of course the big
event towards the end of the week I need
to add it to this slide so I don’t
forget is the quarterly quad witching
towards the end of the week and if
you’re looking for a beautiful 3-day
weekend this is the weekend to take
off last week our core strategy 17
winners zero losers four break evens now
caveat to the four break evens as you
see in the slide right below it if you
did not take the gift of Break Even it
would have became a loser that’s what
the red GBE loser stands for if you
didn’t take the gift or break even it
would have been a full loser so it could
have been 17 and four and zero so um but
the 17 winners were obvious the four
break evens to me were obvious to take
the break evens but if you didn’t I
continue to follow the trade did it
become successful or would it been a
full loser in this case it would have
been a full loser so big strong level
today would be 5457 careful with Longs
below it is all Bulls
until we take that out and that could
represent a change of
tone so guys if you like what we do here
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every morning to trade the ESN NQ
charts seasonality well we can see what
to tends to happen towards the end of
the month but this is a presidential
Year and that may not happen and when do
things change we’ve got a a ladder below
daily lows nothing really changes until
happens all right so let’s go to the
Chart so let me pull this in a little
bit here so what happened overnight and
I think that that is important what
happened overnight well we stayed up
here where we basically
closed London took out the high London
took out the low of Asia uh signifying
EX dream chop um Asia took out this um
low here and it looks like London took
them all out and took out an Asia High
I’m so sorry I said a low I meant a high
we still have this rth high up here let
me move this and spread this out a
bit so we’ve got this alltime high
just setting up here and now we
have this pool of liquidity and this
pool of liquidity I would encourage you
to have those on your chart let me open
that up a little bit
yep and here’s our bull bear line
careful with Longs below and that is
down there at that
57 so when we get down there it would be
interesting to see what happens that
completes that CPI Gap that we just
couldn’t take out we got to
it a little bit and then we got to a
little bit more then we got to it a
little bit more and just couldn’t close
it I mean look at that I there’s nothing
magical about that level it’s pretty
obvious so if we take that out I would
be careful with Longs below that’s my
note that I would put on your chart even
if you’re not in my group if you are in
my group well it’s on your strong
indicator so um make sure you update
your strong indicator cuz I updated that
yesterday let’s come over here and take
a peek at everybody else Russell’s down
here in the lower distribution Dow’s up
here whoa I didn’t even really notice
enq made a new
high wow guys Bulls are in
control don’t predict price follow price
forget what the number is here on the
chart it matters not forget it just
trade the candles as they develop and as
new bounce levels develop we will trade
the bounce levels hopefully with Trend
and a great trade location and that is
our game plan again today it is Monday
it is see money take money and barely is
it a trend day but could it be
absolutely and we’ll let the
candlesticks tell tell us if that is
going to happen now tomorrow morning uh
we will be going live um so if you’re
not a member of the group and you wanted
to check it out we will be YouTube live
I will post the link in the first
comment below so you can be notified
when I go live um let me open this up
just a little bit more so you can just
see that we’re three of us are in the
upper distribution Russell doesn’t
really matter um but it is important to
note all right guys that would be it I
hope you have a successful trading day
I’ll see my Traders live on Zoom
probably as soon as this video
publishes green my friends and to learn
more about our group go to