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“Good morning everybody. Monday, June 3, today’s quote is: ‘Spend time with the wise and you will become wise.’ I am not claiming to be the Wise One, um, but you can spend time with the wise. Met a man on Friday night that when you heard him speak, you could just feel the wisdom from this guy. I told my wife I said I’d love to take him to dinner three times a week. Can I pick his brain three times a week? You can spend time with those who are wiser in the good book, in autobiographies, in interviews. So spend time with the wise and you will become wise. This image reminds me of last night, uh, episode one of season 4 of ‘The Chosen’ was released, and it was absolutely fantastic. So, if you’re a fan of the series, I recommend you check it out. All right, let’s get into the AM briefing. So first of all, this is the AM briefing number 190 by where together we truly trade better. On the lower left-hand side, I want to remind you that tomorrow we’re doing a complimentary free live stream in the morning, um, it won’t be live on Zoom, but you’ll be getting a delayed stream. I forget how much it’s delayed, 10 seconds, 5 seconds, something, um, it’s a way to get a free Zoom pass in all honesty, and if you want to pick the day that you attend Zoom as a guest, you can always buy a $30 Zoom pass, and I promise to give you a first-class experience, but tomorrow will be the live stream and, in fact, right after this, I’m going to schedule it, so if you want to go to that link I’ll put it in the comments and click ‘notify me,’ you will be notified. Okay, so number one, instead of that saying ‘yesterday,’ it really should say ‘last week,’ but that’s okay. So last week was the lowest number of entries I have ever seen with this system: five entries, well, five profitable trades, and one loser, and no break-even trades, it was pretty uh black and white last week, um, but five winners, one loser, not horrible. Friday was the day though, if you traded Friday and you entered well, and you played chess well, Friday was the day that made up for the entire week, so that was exciting. Okay, so before we get going, I do want to mention that, um, even when we’re not live on Zoom, I am leaving commentary in the afternoon, so on Friday, about 1:00 p.m. Central Time, I posted this chart with what I believe price is going to do because I told earlier in the day, okay guys, if we get above here, the short game is over, and I told them that when we were trading here I said if we get back above that the short game is over, so once we got above it, and I was in that long, I’ll show you here in a second, I’m saying get up there, just ignore any line that you think is going to push price back down, ignore it, that game is over, in my humble opinion of course, anything can happen, and as a reminder, short weakness not strength. So even though we’re not live on Zoom, I leave these types of commentaries in the afternoon on the trading floor, um, next image I want to show you, oh yeah, here was where I was long, I took my 10p pointer right here, and um, which was great except if I would have played perfect chess myself, I would have had an 80-point pointer because last day of the month, short covering, a historic run-up, I missed out on an 80P pointer because I wanted to lock in my 10p pointer, that’s okay, but boy, I missed a major opportunity by not playing perfect chess myself, I was already up 10 points, I was already long multiple accounts, this was my lotto, um, and I chose to take the 10 points, um, so how did that prediction actually turn out? Well, let’s zoom in here, I believe this thing performed exactly as I drew it, and that’s really cool and fun, you can learn to do that too, um, so in the afternoon, I only traded my static account, oh it says right there static, um, and this is what the results look like in the morning, I traded the bigger accounts and did very well, and in the afternoon, I said you know what, I’m going to focus on you know, I’d rather keep the morning profit then go for additional in the afternoon, I hadn’t traded the static account yet, and I went, you know what, that’s what I’m going to do on this run-up, I’m going to trade my static account, and this is how that looked, every one of these represents one Mees contract and boy, Mees can add up, guys, don’t knock it, why do you trade micros cuz they rock. All right, let’s get going. So where are we, so here are some strong levels, um, and I, um, guys, I’ll release the newer version I released, I removed a lot of the wording, I think I removed one, um, so I forget exactly what I did, that was yesterday, so in this strong range here, you can see how well price played in that strong range, then historic move, ignore any level that pushes price down, and then after a really, really strong move we pretty much tapped out at this, we came back into here, then we open, and this was actually last night’s opening, we went to the top here, we went here, so and we’re now hugging this strong line, so those are some strong levels right there on the chart if you want to screenshot that and put them on your chart, so I did release um, the trading the um, Micros Trader Essentials 3.0 indicator, this es won’t be there, I’ve got to update my own indicator on my own chart, so if you’re a member of my group, make sure you get that, there’s also a video on YouTube where I walk through those changes and setting them up, um, so what have we done overnight? We have had total acceptance over Friday’s high, this is acceptance, this is bullish, who’s in control right now? I’m always thinking that, who is in control, the Bulls are the Bulls about to give it up, are they in a position to give it up, do they have a bad trade location? No, they do not have a bad trade location, so uh, we have to expect that, now let me turn on my ranges here, you can see we were tapping our head here against the top of this next range, typically to get in and out of a range, it’s a strong move, okay, so be careful shorting this, be careful shorting this, of course, we have tons of inefficiencies below, and yesterday, uh, on the Sunday High timeframe, marking we marked all of those session levels, there is no need for me to review that today, so what’s the tip? Well, if you watch the video about um, the update on the Day Trading Essentials indicator version 3.0, you will know I talked about trade location, and I also sang a little tune about looking for longs in all the wrong places, and looking for shorts in too many places, so thought I’d put a little fun image there, trade location, and when you have a good trade location, you want to milk that entry okay by playing perfect chess, and yeah, capturing a 10p pointer is nice, George, but an 80 pointer would have been nicer, had you played more perfect chess, so that’s a reminder to myself, so if you like what I’m doing guys, like and subscribe, hit that notification bell and you’ll be notified when I go live or when a new video is posted, I would appreciate that, so what are the news drivers? Well, this week we got a doozy, next week we got a doozy, so here we are on my website and first of all, if you’d like to um, take a peek at our training academy right here is where you can do it, there’s a nice video there, and in fact, I’m going to show you one thing that you may not that’s kind of hidden on this page, so this is an overall VI overview video of what you get as a member, it’s about 5 minutes long, but I used to have a much longer video and it’s right here if you want to click this link, it’s a 26-minute deep dive video into the membership and in fact I show you um uh, how we trade those levels as well, that’s a great video I used to have it here but by my analytics no one wants to watch a 26-minute video so I came in and did a snapshot video and if you want to see the zoomed-in portion, click this video here at the very bottom, so let’s go to the price map um, a briefing video will be setting here once it’s done and rendered, um, this was the chart video we did Sunday where I marked up the ES and the NQ chart, I’m going to start doing both of those charts on the weekend, uh, this is about the day trading Essentials indicator and here’s the updated VPX and single prints that I told you that I would update this weekend, and then here’s our news drivers and on Friday is the big day, nonfarm payroll and next week is FC if you’re looking for a vacation leave Thursday morning and come back next week, late next week, um, so we’ve got some uh, bumpy waters in front of us, all right, let’s get going, let’s get back to here, have acceptance up here above Friday’s high after that historic monster move up, so let’s go look at the indices and I’m going to [Music] remove actually we’re good here, we’re good here, so where is Russell in relation to Friday’s above and where is Da in relation to right under interesting, upward slanting VWAP, downward slanting VWAP, where is NQ above the high, where’s ES above the high, are we all on the same train? Look at Russell, are we all on the same train? Well, we are still at Friday’s high, three out of four of us is above, Dow is testing coming into the range a little bit and looks like it’s pushing back up, that will be interesting to watch, so are we all on the same train? That’s the purpose of this, it is almost so, what’s the game plan today? Trade location and knowing the Bulls are in control, well guys, I wish you good luck today, and if you’re looking for a trading room of ES and NQ traders, check us out at Stay green, my friends, and to learn more about our group, go to”