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“All right, good afternoon, happy Monday, April 8th. So, what was the theme of this morning’s AM briefing? It was, ‘We’re in the middle of the middle.’ And where did we stay all day today? In the middle. So, I want to bring your eye to this day, and then this day was smaller, and then this day was smaller, all inside of each other, like those Russian dolls where there’s a doll inside of the doll inside of the doll. So, ES is coiling up, getting ready for CPI, for a monster move. I bet these trend lines really told the story. In fact, in the days, you could have drawn these, which we did in our group, and you’re just in the middle of the middle of the middle. It was basically a no-trade day. It missed me by one point on a beautiful long, and then, as we were ending Zoom, going into my no-trading zone, there was a beautiful one-minute short that I told the group, ‘If you’re going to take it, this is where you would take it,’ and it went 20 points if you would have taken it, with almost no heat. But it was a nothing day all around. I hope you stayed safe, and I’ll see my traders tomorrow live on Zoom. Stay green, my friends, and to learn more about our group, go to”