so many moons ago when I was a much much
younger man I was a car buyer for CarMax
in fact I started at their third store
we flew all over the country attending
dealer auctions by an inventory to send
them back to the stores for them to
sell eventually I became a trainer
teaching new car buyers how to inspect
cars finding all the potential problems
with it now relate that to trading we’re
marking our levels and find in all of
the potential problems with those levels
and then what price should we pay and
then how to deal with the emotional
dealer auction environment it’s just
like trading I had to teach buyers how
to walk away from The Auction Block when
the auctioneer was bidding them against
the wall they didn’t even know what was
happening they had to learn those things
you have to learn to control your
emotions in an auction environment to
where you know exactly what price you
want to pay for that car you know
exactly what price you want to pay for
the Futures you either get it or you
don’t and if you don’t get it you walk
it’s amazing the parallels between being
a car buyer and trading Futures you have
to know what you’re looking for you have
to know your trade location you have to
know what price to pay and if you don’t
get it you
walk that’s what you do and there is a
wonderful parallel between the car
business and trading futures