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welcome to the am briefing preparing you to trade live in our e- mini trading room at micr all right happy Friday morning so yesterday was really a thing of beauty just the number of 10p pointers yesterday was really awesome it reminded me of trading quite a while ago to be honest um having great volatility great ranges tou and goes just a delightful day um if yesterday felt chaotic to you it’s because we haven’t had that type of day in a long time and it was a thing of beauty I would love every day to be like yesterday it was that fun and easy to trade in my humble opinion so today’s tip obviously is Friday rules Friday rules is capital preservation day do not give back your week do not give back your week it’s not only the financial loss that stings but it’s the time that you lost do not give back your week on Friday use a smaller daily stop loss in other words let’s say normally you you’re willing to lose $500 well today it’s $250 or if you had a great week let’s say you were up $5,000 this week today going to bet 10 or 20% of that Max and then you’re done for the day or you can even go into the day saying if I have one loss I’m out one loss and I’m out so Capital preservation today Friday rules so trend lines that’s the next thing on the topic let me punch in the trend lines well there 30 minute trend line has obviously been taken out and what did it do look at that it retested it and bounced up very nice so we are still hugging this daily trend line so that’s of significance I’m going to delete my 30 minute I no longer need that so news drivers well 30 minutes after the opening we have ISM Manufacturing PMI more inflation data more inflation data and then consumer sentiment so 30 minutes after the opening will be quite a move most likely we’ll see so so what’s Targets on this chart here well we have the all-time high within nine points of when we finished yesterday not too bad nine points and what else is on this chart that we need to be cognizant of the warning shot to Bulls again you can tell kind of tested it perfectly tested it lived at it took it out a little bit retested the bottom of it and shot up how many times can it test this level a a lot I remember I think it was November one of our levels tested 23 times before it gave it up so one thing I would say for sure this is now becoming a battle tested Zone every time it comes down here it’s riskier to try a long is all I’m going to say all right so be careful with that cuz if we take it out it could be violent and this level may not actually be a strong level if it violently takes it out so this is more of a careful with Longs below because if we take that out and get going underneath here watch out so these white lines are just things I want to make sure on your chart the all-time high yesterday’s rth high the halfback the rth low and then the other untested session lows we have a London low here we have another rth low here and there’s another London low there all right I hate it’s Friday cuz it means it’s the last trading day of the week it’s been a fantastic week I’m excited to trade today I hope you’re excited to trade today in fact when I wake up I’m just already thinking about the charts I just love it I hope you love it too and if you love trading check us out at micr Stay Green my friends and to learn more about our group go to