Table of Contents:
00:00 – Welcome ES MES Traders.
00:33 – Trading Is Like Bowling With Bumper Lanes
01:23 – To Be A Great Trader Require …
03:27 – Have A Good Community Around You
05:11 – Should I Be Trading????
12:25 – Leverage Matrix: Risk!!!
18:38 – Entry Discipline
24:21 – Exit Discipline
32:11 – Recap
33:31 – Where Traders Mess Up.

Welcome ES MES Traders.
okay happy Saturday morning I feel like after this week that this specific topic
is what’s needed so today we’re going to talk about
self-examination how do I how do I improve what flaws do I need to remove
from my trading I look at Trading almost
like bowling so let’s say you’re going to go bowling you want to knock down those pins where you want to knock down
Trading Is Like Bowling With Bumper Lanes
those trades you can have the gutters completely open or you can put in
bumpers and those bumpers stop the ball from going in the gutter if you roll the
ball down it’s going to bounce off the bumpers and it’s going to hit the pins
the good thing about trading we can use bumpers the these are rules
protocols things that keep us out of trouble fantastic so you’re a
Trader pretend you’re a bowler put up the bumpers help yourself keep the ball in
the lane keep your trading in the lane to be a great Trader it requires
To Be A Great Trader Require …
constant NeverEnding self-examination self denial is part of
this road without the ability to tell yourself no you’re not doing that no
you’ve been doing one contract the whole week and been crushing it you are not
going to put your account at risk your emotional Equity at risk by doing 10
contracts on this one trade let’s hear it your account cannot handle that
asymmetrical risk your impulse are wrong your impulses are wrong if you
were to bring a brand new Trader and set them down and say okay let’s learn trading the first thing we’re going to have to learn is everything you want to
do is wrong you enter a trade the the trade
goes against you and you’re like I can get a better price by adding more here buying
more as the trade goes against me Tom time has
proven that’s a bad strategy your impulses are wrong and your impulses have to be
retrained now you can try to retrain those all by your lonesome little self and I wish you good luck with that or
you join a strong Community where you can allow yourself to
learn and the community is such that egos are removed one of the things I myself on
our group is we’re a group of professional Futures Traders whose egos are put on the back shelf no one is here
to one up you no one is here to put you down no one is here to tell you that you’re stupid because they’ll be kicked
out immediately I have kicked out two members is all I’ve kicked out luckily we seem to attract people who want to
behave professionally and use professional language another thing you’re not going to do in my group is cuss you’re not going to yell you’re not
going to scream so having a good community and a coach who encourages enes you to be vulnerable gives you the
Have A Good Community Around You
environment that you can be vulnerable gives you an environment where you can admit your mistakes you are encourag in
our group big time to celebrate your successes and to let us know the lessons
that you’re learning you can get a journal right here in our Discord group where you can Journal your journey
there’s a Lessons Learned where you can put your lessons in there this morning I asked two people who responded that they
had a losing week I hope they realized it was a weekly question not a daily question but do what do you need from
me I applaud them for the courage to click the red button and say I had a
down week because now it gives me the option and the opportunity how can I help you
and to be honest those two red dots has encouraged this video today it is my job weekly
daily and hourly to help you to make sure you have the bumpers up to keep you
safe you have to protect yourself from yourself and you have a coach me helping
you stay within that framework I got a lot of stuff to cover here this morning
I hope you bear with me and I hope that it proves to be a fruitful training for
you it is something we have to revisit often sometimes we’ll T take one of
these topics and we go deep today we’re going to do a nice sweeping overview examining your
weaknesses what protocols do we need to put in place to help protect yourself from yourself first question is always
Should I Be Trading????
should I be trading that goes off 45 minutes all day
long as an audible Alert in our room should I be trading the first part of that is taking
a personal inventory do I have time to trade am I in the right place to trade
or am I trying to trade in the Carline when I’m picking up my kids on my
phone okay so take that personal inventory did I just have a fight with my wife or my husband or my spouse um
did I have an argument with my kids did I just have a horrible night am I
expecting some bad news today am I preparing for a trip tomorrow
but yet I want to get in a little bit of trading today take a personal inventory should I
be trading and if the answer is no just walk away no big deal the casino’s open
tomorrow are we in rational price action this week was a perfect
display of why our Essentials indicator and our group has the eight-point candle
warning are we in rational price action or are we getting eight-point candles all over
the place when your typical stop loss and for our system our typical stop loss is six points or
less do you want to be trading where one candle can just rip through an entire
structure probably not now the system can work well with eighto candles but it
if you choose to trade in that environment you need to be greedier so so if I had a range of price where I
expected price to bounce and it was this or that I’m want to enter at that the one further away the greedier
price I’m going to take my leverage metrics and go you know what I’m cutting that in half as far as my uh contracts
so I can double my stop loss you should not be trading with the same leverage when there’s a c of eighto
candles so is there rational price action this goes under the heading of should I
be trading am I prepared and is there right rational price
action okay all right I got those two things settled now what about news drivers not for just today but tomorrow
if this is the day before fomc which is this week by the
way that you need to know that information what’s coming up this week
you need to know that information is there any news drivers in the next 10
minutes that should already be on your chart if we’re live on Zoom I’m really
good at helping you uh know those things are the levels
bouncing we’re bounce Traders we’re very good at knowing where price
bounces are the levels bouncing are they ripping through levels
and most likely if they’re ripping through levels you’re in the sea of eighto candles so are the levels
bouncing are they bouncing perfect are they giving us touch and goes or are they giving us touch and wiggle wiggle
wiggle you need to know that if if they’re touching and going you might be
able to use your normal leverage if it’s touch and wiggle wiggle wiggle you might
want to go smaller and know you’re going to add if the trade moves your direction am I trading before 11:00 a.m.
eastern at 11:00 a.m. eastern well 10 minutes before 11:00 a.m. eastern my automatic system comes
on in 10 minutes close all trades and at 11:00 Eastern it tells me
to quit trading you might need some sort of system in place like that for yourself I
don’t like trading New York lunch it has proven not to be a good trading time for me plus the mental break is really
good am I trading after 2: p.m. I don’t I like coming back at 2 p.m. and trading
the Silver Bullet hour and sometimes the power hour but you have to know in the Power Hour the the closer you get to
closing time the less likely your levels are to work don’t give back your whole day if you’re going to trade in the
afternoon need to be part of your system if I’m up let’s say 20 points how
many how many points would I be willing to risk in the afternoon session for me it’s half I’d be willing to give up 10
points so it might mean in the afternoon I need to trade smaller because I want more than just
one trade does that make sense do I know where I am at oh my gosh
should I be trading and where am I at monster that’s one reason I started
coming up with the am briefings to help my Traders and honestly to give some
teaser stuff to perspective members of where am I at and where is
Price likely going to be attracted to go which is the next one do you understand the magnets that are above you and Below
you do I understand those higher time frame levels and that’s really what I’m
giving in the AM briefing some of these are multiple Confluence levels these are the ones that I think are the single
most important um have I done a proper pre-flight
pre-trading preparation to start trading I remember one day I got on Zoom one of my Traders
popped on and he just admitted that he just entered a trade and hasn’t done one
thing as far as preparing to trade you probably keep hearing this
little bell ringing it’s my dog’s collar she’s going nuts it’s raining here and
so I apologize um but do I understand the magnets that are above me and below me
has price already taken the magnets above me if so we’ve experienced in our
group with our trading system that now price is going to head the other way and go to the other
magnets do I still have magnets above me if they’re all taken should I really be
that excited about taking Longs something to consider okay so proper pre pre-flight
preparedness that pre pre-flight preparedness is to get your bounce levels ready so I can know where I’m at
and to know where price might be attracted to go and have you figured out your
leverage metrics have you figured it out we’re going to talk about that
next so should I be trading leverage
Leverage Matrix: Risk!!!
metrics on YouTube I have a full video on it to me it was my gift to the
community I do not give out our training that’s inside of our group I don’t put it on
YouTube but I did put the leverage metrics in fact you can download the Google
spreadsheet my gift to the community this is going to help you work
out your risk and risk is the only thing you can
can control okay it’s the only thing you control I’m pretty good at knowing where price is going to bounce but doesn’t
mean it’s going to so I’ve got to manage my trade I’ve got to manage my risk
should I be trading what are my entry requirements what are my exit requirements how much leverage should I
be trading that’s the only thing I control I don’t control what price does okay I’m just pretty good at
looking at the chart and knowing where price is probably most likely and I’m going to say with a 92% accur
where it’s going to bounce but I don’t know if it’s going to vomit right through
it so I got to manage my risk risk is everything you’re a professional
loser if you’re a Trader you are the best loser ever and I think that’s the best title of a book
ever the best loser the best loser wins is the title
of that book symmetrical risk this is this is
really an important topic it is one of the things I personally violate so part of this today
is you self-examining where are my holes in the boat here well one of my holes is
the symmetrical SL asymmetrical risk I’ll trade one contract 10 in a row and
then I get a wild hair and I go oh this is the one I’m going 10 contracts just last week I posted a
video in the group on YouTube loser lesson that trade I decided to leverage
up and I’m not going to go through the lessons of that video I encourage you to go watch it but one of the biggest
problems in my own system is I will take asymmetrical risk too often my goal is
to never ever do it again you’ve trade one contract one
contract one contract and then on this one trade you think you know what price is going to do you do 10
contracts or a 100 and that trade will humble
you you just negated all the previous trades you just did because you took
asymmetrical risk this is the one I want to go bigger on now let’s talk about that for one
second so let’s say in my leverage metrics I’ve determined I can trade six
contracts okay well I like to trade smaller than the leverage metrics tells me
to so I like to if it says six contracts I’ll trade one two or three six is if I
really that’s that’s my leverage up let me do six at The Leverage up not
60 so I’m still trying to stay within my leverage metrics now some of my Traders if their leverage metrics tells them six
contracts they trade six contracts every single time no big deal I it’s perfect
um I just know that I try to not go into the asymmetrical risk area I tried to
stay consistent this week I did that perfect this week was one of my best trading weeks as far as discipline and
I’m really happy with that cuz last week I took that asymmetrical risk and it hurt and so
this week I’m re earning the right to leverage bigger and I traded small and
did beautiful every single day so that was fantastic okay question to ask
yourself did you have a single loss this week larger than your max loss per trade in
your leverage metrics you’re going to have to decide what is my maximum loss per trade did you take a loss bigger
than that this week if you did you failed did you take a daily loss larger
than your agreed upon max daily loss if you did you
failed every day you want to be able to answer this question perfectly there was
no single trade that I took a loss larger than my agreed upon Max loss per
trade number because you’re the one that created your own leverage metrics and there was no single day that
had a loss larger than my agreed upon max daily loss if you can answer both of
those questions truthfully honestly and correctly awesome you’re doing the right
things if you keep doing those right things you will be fine no loss larger than your max trade
loss and no loss on The Daily bigger than your daily Max loss I cannot tell
you how important these two things are if you don’t have these things ironed out the next two doesn’t matter cuz I
got two more okay this is where we start should I be
trading and it could be argued The Leverage metrics is where you should be but if you shouldn’t be trading uh The
Leverage metrics doesn’t matter so you really do have to answer should I be trading first do I know where I’m at do
I know where price is attracted to go am I trading at a good time frame am I aware of the news events of the day of
the week and even am I aware of next week so on Friday we were already looking at what’s coming next
week and do I have my leverage metrics worked out let’s go to the next box
Entry Discipline
trade entry discipline once again you’re going to
want to revisit the topic am I in the land of rational price action and level balancing our core strategy Works
amazing when we have rational price action when our levels are bouncing it’s
taking candy from a baby it’s just easy is the level I’m considering
trading is it a clean clear crisp level or is it muddy something for you to
consider I I have discovered that the more the clean clear and crisp that level is the more obvious that level
is the better it bounces the cleaner it bounces the more it does a touch and
go do I have backup levels very key I
don’t want to trade a level if I don’t have backup levels and those backup levels need to
be within an ideal stop loss as defined within my leverage
metrics these are four things you must answer before every trade sometimes
when we’re live on Zoom I’ll talk about an entry I’ll I’ll highlight a level and
say should we take this trade usually it’s because you
shouldn’t um because either there’s not backup levels or it’s a tested level
already and just want to make sure you’re catching that or the ideal stop loss is too
big that doesn’t mean you can’t take the trade with one little tiny
Mees okay because one tiny little M you can you can go 10 points and it’s 50
bucks that shouldn’t hurt you at all that should be sign significantly under your max loss per trade that should be
significantly under your max loss per day you know there if there’s a level just sitting out there and you’re like I
got to take that well you know you can do it with one Mees with a 10-point stop loss it’s not going to hurt you it’s no
big deal when I’m entering am I aware of trend am I trading with the trend am I
trading counter Trend do I adjust my leverage based off am I trading with the
trend or am I counter trending counter trading should I adjust my leverage that should already be worked
out over here but this needs to be in your mind am I counter trading because
you need to know that now some of my Traders take the same leverage no matter what actually kind of makes it a little
easier I will vary my leverage based off Trend or
counter do I have an awareness of the high time frame levels did we just bounce off a 30
minute level that I should be giving a 15 to 25
Point room for it to bounce and am I entertaining the idea of taking a trade
three points into the that bounce the big kid just bounced on the trampoline is my analogy so you got that 30 minute
level that’s the big kid that just bounced it’s typically going to bounce 15 to 25 points as we see over and over
and over and over should I be taking a trade within that 15 to 25 Point range
probably not you got to be aware of that did we just bounce off a high time frame level
that’s why the color of your levels are absolutely critical that they match mine so that way when you see an orange line
you know that’s my 30- minute level your level should be 30-minute level and that line should be on your chart
also it’s part of being on zoom and then what’s your style of Entry
this is a decision we’ve got to make this this part of our entry
discipline as you’re examining yourself am I doing this on every trade as you
trade longer they’ll become more automatic at the beginning you might
actually have to have a checklist written down is it a clean clear crisp level do I have backup levels what’s the
stop loss does that fall within my leverage meth metric is this trend or counter trend is this a high time frame
level did we just bounce off of a high time frame level am I taking a trade inside of the wake of that high time
frame level and what’s your style of entry on this am I going to go full contracts at
the edge of the range am I only going to trade the wings the beginning of the range and the end of the
range am I going to do like a test contract at this edge of the range and the rest of my contract at the other end
for example if I’ve got a backside front side and break level I might do one contract at the front
side and the other five contracts at the break level that’s really trading the wings
it’s doing a test contract if it bounces off the backside and goes great those are the best bounces I don’t mind just
being in that with one contract are you going to use our three contract system that works really really
really well it’s up to you but these are the decisions you need to make before you
enter a trade and these are just the ones that came to my mind this morning when I was sitting here I have not done
a three-hour in-depth analysis to prepare for this particular lecture
these are things that are just obvious that you should be doing okay the more in-depth trainings
in our boot camp and then what about your exit so
Exit Discipline
should I be trading do I have my leverage metric worked out cuz risk is the only thing you can
control have I considered all the ingredients for a good entry clean clear crisp level backup levels ideal stop
loss Trend or counter do I change my leverage am I Weare the high time frame levels and what style of Entry am I
going to use okay you have now entered the trade you are now at the mercy of price
action you’re you just jumped off the boat you got one of those little circle
life preservers like they used on the Titanic I don’t know and you’re floating in the water you now have very little
control the only thing you can control is when you get out of the water so let’s talk
about the exit discipline once again this is all self-analysis to yourself
are you doing these things is this a video you should bookmark something maybe you
should visit each week for a while okay
so um not moving my stop loss okay what’s the first thing you
should do when trade goes against you or the first thing you shouldn’t do is make things worse don’t move your stop loss
you before you entered the trade you’re less emotional you are less emotional there you are more emotional here so
while you were less emotional and you were examining whether or not you wanted to enter you already made a lot of
critical decisions you’ve already determined your IDE ideal stop loss now you’re in the trade is that a good time
to move your stop loss H I think when I made my first decision what my ideal
stop loss was is the decision I need to go with and if I turn out to have been
wrong at at you know let’s say you take the loss you get out and you go oh man my stop really should have been here
because of this this and this and this cool make the adjustment I encourage you
not to make the adjustment while you’re in the trade and you’re not thinking as clearly and you’re it’s hard to think
when you’re losing money it’s hard to
think so not moving your stop loss is key knowing how to manage for a half
loss when appropriate and the gift of Break Even I’m not going to go into detail
into that one we talk about that in our room constantly next thing I’m not going to
add to a losing trade I will not add to a losing trade I will not add to a losing trade I will not add to a losing
trade now there’s a little variance here because let’s say you were going to do a
Wings entry one contract at the front side five contracts at the break I don’t
consider that adding to a losing trade I’m talking about you move your
stop loss now you’re past your original stop loss and I’m going to add to my trade
okay if you never move your stop loss um well you’re probably not adding
to a losing trade unless you add more contracts than your leverage metrics
tells you too then you add it to a losing trade but as long as you don’t move your stop loss and you don’t trade
more than your maximum contracts you’re honoring the maximum loss per trade you you’re not adding to
a loser but we’ve all added to losers and you know what I’m saying okay you know exactly what I’m
saying are you following your trade management protocol
yours might be different than mine it’s okay but the fact is is that you have
worked out your trade management protocol how am I going to do a half loss when am I going to do a half loss
when am I going to take the gift of the break even I’m not going to add to a losing
trade unless I’ve decided I’m going to do a Wings entry and I love the wing entry there’s another video here on
YouTube where I talk about the different entry types I love doing like the one contract at the backside the five at the
break level because the five at the break level are taking the smallest risk um so yeah I like that a lot when will I
add to a winning trade when will I add to a winning trade think about how much
of a better Trader you’d be if you never added to a loser and you only added to Winners so I was in a trade trade on
Friday right it’s a 20 pointer um I did that in two different accounts One
account I got out at the 20 points so I locked that in the other account it was just one contract um and I said when we
get above vwap in the opening I’m going to add that was a beautiful place to add it was I was already up 20 points um so
I had some room to be able to take the add on and it not affect anything I was still going to end the trade a winner
even if that contract took a loss which by the way it did I I don’t know what’s going to happen
after I enter a trade all I can do is manage the trade but by and large if you add to winning trades at
places that you would have at at okay my ads are still perfect intrigues even if
I wasn’t long on that 20 pointer that would have been a place to initiate a trade one of my Traders initiated his
long when I added cuz that that was a perfect place to initiate a trade even if I wasn’t in
it that’s how I add to winning trades all right not allowing a winner to become a loser I just don’t allow a
winner to become a loser I missed I was short yesterday at that 50 and I said if it goes from 50 it’s going to 3150 and
it freaking did but when I entered at 50 it was too much wiggle wiggle wiggle I
was up two points and it came back well I got out at a tick profit oh well and then it slammed down oh
well I know that I can’t allow a winner to become a loser that’s not a good
strategy and then let your runners run you have a good system even if you’re not in my group you need to get a good
system for letting a runner run we use several things to keep us in a trade um
and we do really well at it I mean we had so many 10 20 30 40 Point Runners this week in our group it was absolutely
fantastic so and it’s so amaz it’s one of the things that’s interesting is when a lot of Traders join the group they’ve
never had a 10 pointer or 20 pointer or third and once you get them like it just happens over and over and over and over
it’s so cool okay and then the exit you got to be aware if you’re coming to a
high time frame level so let’s say we entered on a 3 minute level short price is going down beautifully you’re up 10
points but you’ve got a 30 minute a 1 hour a 4 hour and a daily combination
level at 12 points you might want to just exit the
trade at 11 points and two
ticks right because you’re probably going to get a 15 to 25 Point bounce the other direction you got to know when
price is going to bounce back in your face now let’s say you had several contracts you might take off all of them
except one contract at that level and keep one just in case this is the time
price vomits right through it or it only has a fivepoint bounce and then price continues going no problem 90% of your
Runners should probably get out at one tick profit anyway and then the other 10% you are smiling ear to
ear so the whole purpose of this is for some
self-examination having a system here that acts as the
bumpers and a bowling lane to help keep you safe so that you can knock down the pins almost every time am I trading at
Good Times am I mentally here to be trading am I leveraging properly do I know where I’m at do I know where prices
is probably going based off the magnets of our system is it a clean clear crisp
level do I have backup levels is it within the ideal stop loss do I know the trend am I aware of any High time frame
levels that price might bounce what’s my style of Entry here how am I going to
manage my stop loss am I going to manage for a half loss am I going to take the gift with the break even
am I going to spread out my entries here am I how am I going to take contracts off how am I going to manage the runner
am I going to add to this winning trade where would I add to this winning trade under what conditions would I add to this winning trade how do I keep my
stops behind the levels where that keeps us in a trade for a long run never
allowing a winner to become a loser these things will help you become
a consistent Trader where you’re green every day you know I have Traders that’ll say
Where Traders Mess Up.
I was green for 21 days in a row and then I messed up I didn’t trade with a
backup level I didn’t take the gift of break even and it’s always one of these
things well I hope this was educational if you’re not a member I
hope that you would entertain becoming a member if you are a member thank you for being a member thank you for giving me
the gift to be able to teach this to you to help continually reinforce good
practices and it’s really cool the longer you’re in our group and you see Traders develop and develop and develop
and develop so thank you for allowing me the gift to be able to do
that until next time stay green my friends and to learn more about our group go to micr [Music]

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