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Price Action Bounce Trading System. How To Scalp ES Emini or MES Micros Futures.

Helping Futures Traders Via Our Core Strategy Academy Training Program and Futures Trading Group – The Best Emini Group IMHO. okay so let’s review the day I think
this is really important especially if
you’re selecting a e- mini trading room
that you might want to be a member of so
this morning in our
pre-briefing I kept remarking in My
Traders on zoom and inside the group
when we were done with zoom the risk of
a short squeeze is high be
careful yes the trade is Shor or flat
but be careful especially when we come
to some high time frame levels and so
let’s talk about that so this morning we
started trading and I actually turned to
zoom off early this is horrible price
action as I mentioned in the video and I
said I will be back in the
afternoon and then before the
fomc I made this post in the group five
minutes before the announcement and I
said this is what I expect to happen
we’re going to come down here to this
white line and we’re going to short
squeeze and we’re going to short
squeeze and then here is the chart
seeing it a little more clearly and the
first time we came down here we were
looking for Longs a couple of us went
long the next time we did this I
actually had a long right here at the
bottom of my strong range didn’t quite
get there I wished it would have um and
then we were looking for Longs here and
looking for Longs here at 7372 SC one of
my new Traders uh made a 10-pointer
today by going long here and I kept
trying to be going long down here wasn’t
as successful as I wanted to get into
the right trade um because once this
thing started short squeezing it is stay
out of the way and I’m just really happy
with how we saw the price action kept
the Traders safe and some of my Traders
did very very well because of that
staying safe and staying consistent in
your play calling staying consistent in
how you trade and not just jumping into
trades you want a good trade location
and a good reason and I was very pleased
with how we did that so if you’re
looking for an e mini trading room check
us out at micr Stay Green my
friends and to learn more about our
group go to micr