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Price Action Bounce Trading System. How To Scalp ES Emini or MES Micros Futures.

Helping Futures Traders Via Our Core Strategy Academy Training Program and Futures Trading Group – The Best Emini Group IMHO.

Here’s a refined version of your message:

“Alright, it was an absolutely fantastic morning, and I hope you had a great one too, staying safe. The bull-bear line played out well, bringing us to a strong range where we had successful trades.

I took a short position and exited in this area. Amidst the market fluctuations, I also took several long positions with the group, and we performed exceptionally well. Let me walk you through it.

In one of the accounts, when I was trading small, I went long in this specific area. Another account was shorted, resulting in a profitable trade. The best account of the day had a maximum drawdown of only $10—not too shabby. Overall, it was a fantastic day with a high win rate. Riding the price movements in the right direction was satisfying, especially when sticking to our core strategy system.

One of our traders, James, made a remarkable 10 points today. Congratulations to him for keeping the group safe. Moving from one strong range to another, I felt confident taking long positions against the backdrop of this strength. However, it’s essential to be cautious with longs below certain levels.

I’ve already taken my profits and decided not to return for afternoon trading. After a fantastic morning, there’s no need to risk anything. It’s crucial to resist greed and maintain a content mindset. So, take your win, be satisfied, and step away from the computer. Enjoy your day, stay green, and for more information about our group, visit”