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all righty all righty happy CPI day
let’s just get right into it so
yesterday one of the things we do really
well in our group we’re good at calling
the turn what’s the turn price goes up
then price comes back down the turn
beautiful reversal box there uh for my
members and I’m certain that you see
that um we called the top not the top we
called the turn really good that um Not
only was it based off levels trend lines
it was based off understanding of all
the indices and so that was really
really fun uh when not to trade so in
the morning had the smallest IB range in
recent memory 7 and a half points for
the first hour of trading are you
kidding me I really don’t remember one
that small and a lot of my members
decided hey I’m not going to trade this
and I’m out I quit at my quitting time
and got out
uh did a couple things here around the
house and when I looked back on the
chart we were here and that’s when I
popped back on to the stream inside the
Discord group with a couple members and
uh we were able to take a little bit of
money out of this top but I missed the
big flush I missed it I had to go run a
couple errands and I just missed it and
that’s what happens and so you have to
be content and in fact when we got back
on Zoom here in this late morning time
um looking back over it I missed a
beautiful long at 50 our core strategy
would have given you that and then
because I had to go run in her in the
afternoon I miss a massive short and
then I miss this beautiful long right
here against Trend and this first touch
of this strong level the warning shot to
Bulls missed me by two ticks and missed
out a beautiful 10 pointer like H are
you kidding me just wasn’t here wasn’t
here missed it happens it happen
so when can you look for a short and a
parabolic move like that well go view
this quick small video that gives you a
little bit of insight when not to short
go look at that video on parabolic trend
lines and it’ll give you a little bit of
insight into that so today is CPI day I
Meet CPI The Chicken
want you to try listen to me I want you
to try to to chase this little chicken
what do I got to chase a chicken for as
embarrassing you know first because I
said so and second because chicken and
chasing is how we always used to train
in the old days you catch this thing you
can catch grease lightning ready yeah
well I’d rather eat it than Chase it
ain’t very mature if you say well
neither are you very mature now listen
get this thing a fighter ain’t a farmer
come on go on and get him get him get
him get him come on what’s the matter
with you get him pick him up it’s one of
the three days of the trifect of news
events fomc non-farm payroll and CPI
today the rules would be small all if at
all don’t be a Chicken Chaser wait till
the Sea of 8o candles stop and no
chasing you don’t need to make your year
gambling today um this is going to
reveal the people who have not matured
in their trading to a point that they’ve
gotten past
gambling okay so today is
CPI and CPI is really really important
What is CPI: Definitions
so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
read a couple things to you so the first
one core CP I core CPI is the change in
price of goods purchases by consumers
excluding food and energy uh what’s this
CPI and what’s this CPI they’re a little
different so the first one excluded food
and energy this includes food and energy
this is the change in price and goods
and services purchased by consumers um
consumer prices account for a majority
of overall inflation inflation is
important to currency valuation because
Rising prices leads the central bank to
raise interest rates out of respect for
the inflation containment mandate so
that’s the official stuff there why that
matters to Traders and those are the
numbers we’re getting today 1 hour
before the Market opens we will be on
Zoom if you’d like to join us even just
for one day grab you a zoom pass and
I’ll make sure that you get on the zoom
us so um once again you don’t have to be
the first to short although several of
my Traders were short up here I know
papy and Justin and and Jackie and
Warren uh those are the ones I just know
about you don’t have to be the first
short there’ll be plenty of time to do
that we’re looking for trend line breaks
and multiple daily lows okay so now
Trend Lines
we’re going to discuss the trend lines
and once again that parabolic video I
will include an image for you here and
probably a link in the first comment so
so this was the primary trend line in
the morning I want you to notice it
broke it and it typically does a nice
retest and if you have one of our bounce
levels there that is a perfect time to
uh go short miss this long here by two
ticks but notice the trend line here
notice the respects of it even on the
other side of the trend line and then it
loses it so this has been on our am
Zoom seems like for days and days now
then it’s come to this second trend line
respecting it now it’s back testing the
backside of it it’s now went to my next
strong level I’m not trading this this
early in the morning so I did not take
this trade called The Bull bear line so
it’s testing two more 30 minute levels
it took this one out and it looks like
it’s taking this one out what’s below us
More Strong Levels Below
I have watch out below here 5,000
975 what do I have further down it’s CPI
so I’m interested in what do I have
further down okay further down I’ve got
some meat right here this is I call this
a strong range um we’ve got another 30
minute trend line and we got a daily
trend line so this area here is going to
be really important um it’s somewhere
8350 to
5 um and I also am noting here put
7825 on your
chart and now let’s scroll down let’s
scroll down if this thing wants to flush
then I have another level here at
2975 and I also want you to denote 2850
those easily could have been strong
levels but TP sometimes when I pick a
line I’m I’m just
picking it’s several lines and I’m just
picking one and sometimes I do a range
but put these on your chart as well as
Overnight Session
targets so what has happened
overnight you have
Asia London took Asia’s liquidity and
pulled in to my next strong level so how
well did this strong level work first
touch beautiful bounce did it prove to
be a strong level
yeah and then it finally flushed it and
now we’re going to tap dance off this
bull bear line I have not made any
adjustments to the strong indicator
today there’s no sense in it um I think
all these levels are still valid so
we’ll see what happens on Zoom see you
guys on Zoom here in a little bit Stay
Green my friends and to learn more about
our group go to micr oh

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Wrap Up Video: ES Emini & MES Micro

all right good afternoon Traders this
wrap-up video is a little later in the
day than it normally is I traded with my
Traders all day and to be honest I was
exhausted so it took a little rest so
morning um before we got our morning
candle 3 minutes before the
candle I gave the group the same two
predictions I basically gave in this am
briefing that we would come here to the
strong range and maybe we would make it
all the way down
there so how did the day actually
perform so these were the two magnets I
had that we would come down to the
strong range we made it and almost made
it to this one but not quite so today
was a good day I was 100% on my trades
made 15 points I should have been up
much more based off how I saw the day
but you cannot be upset making 15 points
be content be happy yes you didn’t get
move it’s okay so the Watch Out Below
line that was definitely watch out below
and then it came here to this strong
level and basically what it
did it went to the bottom and then we
went out and we just tested and tested
and tested and this surely turned into a
strong range these trend lines obviously
playing a role and then when inq and NQ
was the key today when inq turned around
I told the group let’s keep our eyes on
inq let’s keep our eyes on inq and when
inq finally turned around we had a
really nice move down now if you’re in
my group today’s lessons were do not
take trades without backup levels we
discussed that several times today and
it proved to be very true that the next
thing is obviously the parabolic trend
lines that I talked about in this
morning’s a.m briefing when you are on
the other when you’re on the wrong side
of the parabolic trend line do not
counter trade do not counter trade the
other thing that was real interesting
today that I remarked this was the most
controlled little selloff I’ve
and I just didn’t trust the down move
and then at the end of the day you got
this strong up move giving it all back
there were two sets of single prints
that just got ripped
back I wish I could have say I was in
that but I wasn’t there was no entry for
me to be in it now for if you’re in my
group this down move here was
characterized by lack of no backside
development this move was characterized
by lack of backside development but this
move you had backside development but it
was such a controlled selloff I kept
warning be careful that this the tempo
the pace the Cadence here is just so
slow and that NQ seemed so strong that I
advised to be careful don’t go short
thinking this thing is going to vomit
today and it didn’t really vomit yes
this was a vomit but then the rth
session this was it was nothing that
incredible it was nothing that
spectacular to the downside and they
almost took it all back isn’t that just
utterly amazing we basically came back
to the
opening okay
so the Bears still in my opinion could
not get it done but this was a much
relief that the market needed I was
prepared to do a call play if it came to
my level here I got out of my put play I
did on Friday down here made 300% that
was very very nice and I literally got
out of at the at the turnaround here now
I wish the market would have done this
all day because it would have been
absolutely delightful but I was
following very tight and when we finally
broke here I got out and did very well
on my put play if we’ have went a little
bit lower I might have done a call play
here and uh by the day by by the time
the day was over it was already up 40%
so oh well didn’t quite get into that
trade so you can’t be in every single
trade you can’t be in all the trade it
happens all my trades were really done
this morning um they were done this
morning and I watched the rest of this
develop I just didn’t feel like it was
giving me the entries that I personally
wanted so I didn’t take them I stayed
strict on the discipline and very
pleased with that so this chart
basically resets for me I’ll have to
relook at everything as far as the
strong levels are concerned I’m hoping
I’ll have the energy and time this
evening to do that so what finally
happened what I’ve been talking about
the last several days we needed to take
out at least two daily lows that’s what
we needed to do is take out two daily
lows so what did it do let’s go check it
let’s go to the daily
chart let’s
everything let’s go take a peek one two
4 five daily lows and I don’t even know
if it actually took that one I think it
did um five four to five daily lows and
I was hoping it went a little bit
further to my next strong line so
excited about that I can’t wait to see
what price does overnight now we had a
large expansion move what typically
happens the day after a large expansion
move well this Market’s been so strong I
wouldn’t be shocked if it retraced the
whole thing but typically it is a day of
complex chop and so I’m excited to see
what the overnight does to give us a
clue going into the rth Stay Green my
friends and to learn more about our
group go to micr