Learn How To Scalp S&P Futures With An Exact Price Action/Market Profile System.

This Page Offers Links to Unlisted/Hidden “Member Only” VIdeo’s You Will NOT Find On My Youtube Channel.

This Page Also Includes SAMPLE Discord Training Posts. This Page is Rich With Information You Will NOT Find Anywhere Else. Enjoy.

How to Trade ES Futures Contract

Core Strategy

A Brief Overview

First, a much more detailed explanation is on the official Core Strategy Page.

Let’s begin.

If you are looking for a trading system that is…. When A PLUS B happens, then do C.

A + B = C

You found it!

We see every trade BEFORE it happens. There is PLENTY of time for analysis to ensure this is a wonderful high-probability setup.

At the very essence, we are “bounce traders”.

You see… with high certainty, we know where the price will bounce. We play the bounces.

Sometimes the bounces are counter trend, and sometimes with the trend.

Personally, I love “With The Trend” trades. They offer lots of juice for the squeeze.


Our core strategy is threefold, working in unison to offer confluence.

Cotton + ICT + Market Profile = Core Strategy

I know, I know. You probably said, “What????” lol. No problem.

This Quick Start Guide will walk you through this Core Strategy.

These three strategies offer confluence on top of confluence on top of confluence.

I took these three independent strategies and created one CORE STRATEGY out of them. It works like gang busters – it really does.

Join my group for one month and you just might NEVER leave!

Trading as a GROUP, via zoom, with the SAME charts looking for the SAME trades is just awesome. You are looking at my CHART to make sure you are marking YOUR chart right. Plus we talk trades, set-ups, market direction, ….


I know… weird name.. but amazing information and trader.

If you had to know ONE THING, this is it!

ICT and Market Profile is icing on the cake, so-to-speak.

Trust me, it took MANY attempts to get through his stuff but this guy is ON THE MONEY! Accurate and precise.

Cotton is the FOUNDATION of my core strategy. He is the first ingredient into my Gumbo.

You will hear us say, “Cotton Levels”. We are referring to this guy!

A majority of this Quick Start Guide is a “cliff notes” version of Cotton’s training. BUT, if you want to hear it DIRECT from HIM… use this link!

I recommend you take notes! Start a new training document on your computer. Save links. Screenshot and save them to your notebook to reference later.

This IS like going to college for trading!

If you want to get it straight from the horses mouth, start with Level 1 and go through them all. It is about 100+ hours of training.

I have done them ALL three times PLUS I was in his private mentorship for additional training.

If you want to “Do It Yourself”?

Here you go (Or you can join our group and I will lead you through the training).

Our System Is A Combination of:

* Cotton (His information is central. Watch every video 2-3 times!) After you have done all of Cotton’s videos, joined his Discord, and are still interested in trading with some MES/ES traders using Cotton + Market Profile + some ICT Concepts, consider Joining our trading room.

LINK TO COTTON VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/c/c0tt0nc4ndyTA/videos

* ICT (2022 Mentorship, specifically. He is a madman!) https://www.youtube.com/c/InnerCircleTrader/videos

* Market Profile (Shadowtrader, Paul Asmar from CamelBack trading, Dalton).


“ICT Mentorship 2022” is the group of videos you are looking for. There are about 50 of them.

ICT is incredible.

This guy’s set up is basically Cotton on Steroids!

Do NOT worry about ICT stuff UNTIL you have went through Cotton. Cotton is the FOUNDATION on which everything is built.

You will learn an amazing set up AND you will learn about the power of FVG (Fair Value Gaps).

Market Profile

Just to recap so far. You NEED to learn Cotton. Then ICT. Then Market profile. Inside the Zoom each day, you will be exposed to each of them.

Market Profile is a tougher one. This takes the MOST time to learn in my humble opinion.

I will boil it down to the essentials inside the Quick Start Guide.

I do not have ONE resource to use for this.

But… if I had to give you a BOOK or GURU for Market Profile… here you go.

James Dalton
Markets in Profile

But the book is so blinding boring, I couldn’t even read it! Seriously.

Shadowtrader is a great resource. Personally, I subscribe to this newsletter. It is only $20 and worth every penny to me. Shadowtrader (Peter) also has a youtube channel.

When NOT To Trade

“There is time to go long, time to go short and time to go fishing.” – Jesse Livermore.


VERY Important.

Look what happened this AM!

40 points in under 60 seconds. Can you afford to be wrong? (One ES contract would hurt.. 40 Points X $50/Point = $2000 in 60 seconds.)

What if you were on the wrong side?

OUCH… a SINGLE candle CAN blow up an account, thus setting off a chain of emotional events and horrible trade entries promising “if I can only get back to even”.

Just don’t trade that!

How do you AVOID that?

Know WHEN news is being released.

See picture below.

You BETTER know to be FLAT (no position) BEFORE that news release!!!

☑️ ForexFactory.com

What news will be released today? What will be released tomorrow that might effect todays trading? What is being released the week? FOMC? Non Farm Payroll? CPI?

Look for yellow and red folder events. This will be discussed more in the “When Not To Trade” part of this training series.

☑️ FinancialJuice.com
Times To Avoid Trading

Yellow and Red folder events! FOMC, Non-Farm Payroll, CPI, Fed Chair Speaking, …

MARK these events on your chart. I will draw a VERTICAL LINE at the time and add a NOTE. A big thick RED vertical line.

There is more INSIDE the DISCORD Group….

How to Trade ES Futures Contract

Training Videos

“Quick Start Guide” Videos ARE “Members Only” Level Videos

Sample Training Post

Robotic Entry: Hallmark of a Professional Trader

You are a professional trader.

Right? If so… say it out loud. Own it. Most people NEVER say the words. They are too afraid. Not you! You are a lion. So… Declare it to yourself. Take ownership. Make it known. Shout it like Braveheart. Wear it with a badge of honor.

“I AM a professional trader.”


Now.. let’s get down to business.

Robotic Disciplined Entry.

Take GREAT pride in your ENTRIES. Be the ENTRY KING. Demand impeccable entries.

__Perfect entry solves nearly all problems.__

Robotic entries **ARE** within your CONTROL.

Robotic exits **ARE** within your CONTROL.

Robotic Discipline Entry requires strong BUTT muscles. WAIT & WAIT & WAIT.

Robotic disciplined entries TAME our emotions too. It keeps emotions in line b/c you KNOW you did the right thing (*and will do the right thing*) at the right time.

Undisciplined entry with an undisciplined stop loss will WRECK YOU.

Taking perfect entry with a perfect loss is par for the course. No biggie. You ain’t scared! Bring it on. I BEG you. POST your perfect entry, perfect loss trades. These should be celebrated!



Track your losses:


( ) Undisciplined Entry. (*I like losing money. It’s my favorite. Level-Schmevel. I am smarter than Cotton, ICT, & Profile combined. I’ll do what I want. George can go jump in the lake. My chart. My way!*)

( ) Undisciplined Exit. (*Never let a winner turn into a loser. Always respect the stop loss. “I like bigger losses b/c I know it will come back. Trust me, I know.” *)

( ) Disciplined Entry. Wrong Entry Analysis. (*”I had patient entry. However, my analysis to enter was incorrect. I have made the necessary changes in my playbook. I “see” where my analysis was incorrect. I understand it. It won’t happen again.”*)

( ) Great entry. Great Analysis. Perfect Loss. (*Great Job! It happens! No BIG Deal! Next!*)

Sample Training Post

Laddering Up.. or Laddering Down… or Balance?

“Seeing the Market”

Todays Action:
Laddering Up
To Balance
To Laddering Down

Adapting One Time Framing Up, One Time Framing Down, and Balance from Market Profile principles.

THOUGHT: When we take out a 3 Min (or higher) break level… we are no longer “laddering up”, nor “laddering down”… We are NOW in “BALANCE”. Today was a great example.

Balance could mean… do NOTHING. Or play the range bounces til it doesn’t work.

Sample Training Post

Nice Long
Nice Add

Doing as many day reviews as possible using With The Trend Backsides.

Daily Chart Analysis

Daily Chart Walk Through

Mon Aug 29th Video Walk Through

17 Winners Total
1 Loser in RTH (BARELY!)
1 Loser or Break Even. Gray Line
1 Loser last half Hour. (Which you should not be taking IMHO.)

"Morning George! I originally met George through one of many discord trading groups, and truly enjoyed trading with him at the time. His demeanor, style and approach was different than others i have worked with, and he has a very natural way of connecting with people.

We went our separate ways for awhile, and re-connected in July of '22 when he mentioned he had a new approach and strategy combination that intrigued me. After studying countless hours of content, practicing over and over, working with George nearly every day, I began trading live in August.

While I'm still trading small and perfecting my craft, what we're doing here WORKS. I have only had 5 losing days in those two months. An 87% win rate overall. Every day is a learning experience with the group to continue to improve. George is a great teacher, mentor, friend and trading partner that I'm happy to have met."

Craig H

Futures Trader

I am thrilled to share my incredibly positive experience with MicrosTrader, the MES futures trading group led by George Dean. This group has truly revolutionized my trading journey, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities it has provided me.

George's innovative trading system has completely changed the way I approach the markets. His ability to define precise price levels to trade at is nothing short of extraordinary. It's evident that George has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to develop this system, and the results speak for themselves.

What sets MicrosTrader apart is not just the effectiveness of the trading system, but also the supportive and nurturing community that George has fostered. From day one, I felt welcomed and encouraged by fellow traders within the group. The camaraderie and willingness to share insights and experiences have created an environment where everyone can thrive together.

One aspect that I particularly appreciate about MicrosTrader is the emphasis on education. George doesn't just provide signals; he ensures that every member understands the reasoning behind each trade. This not only helps me make informed decisions but also equips me with valuable knowledge to grow as a trader over time.

The consistent profitability of George's system is truly remarkable. It's clear that he is dedicated to refining and adapting the system as market conditions evolve. This adaptability and commitment to improvement are qualities that I highly respect and admire.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend MicrosTrader to anyone who is looking to enhance their futures trading journey. George's expertise, combined with his outstanding trading system and the supportive community he has built, makes for an unbeatable combination. My trading success and confidence have skyrocketed since joining MicrosTrader, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next.

John T.

Futures Trader, San Diego CA

How to Trade ES Futures Contract

"Thank you for all your hard work.

I thought you should know that everything you are teaching is sticking.

For me, the journey into trading trading was massive success my first few months followed by bad structured trades with really bad planning giving a lot of that back.

However, after a friends recommendation to join your group, working with your systems has given me structure and patience.

Seeing is believing.
Every time I want to take one of my "gut" trades I check myself.

While I have a lot to learn, I really feel like your systems are bringing out the best in my trading. I can't wait to learn more and keep pushing for that ZEN level.

Here are my results since I started on 10/24 taking 1-3 trades a day AND I missed a week. Some ES some MES, but mostly MES. I should note I trade 1 cash account and 10 funded prop accounts (thanks to you). "

Mike M

Futures Trader, San Diego CA

How to Scalp (Day Trade) the S& MES Futures Contract
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How to Scalp (Day Trade) the S& MES Futures Contract
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I first met George in a different service where he was generously helping people to improve the trading and understand the system.

He was teaching it in much clearer, simpler and effective way than the service owner.

After starting his own Emini Micro trading group, George was very kind to invite me as well.

I’m a beginner trader with 3 years of experience mostly in options trading. I did not have any skills in futures scalping.

Now after being around 3 months, under George’s mentorship, I already funded 2 prop accounts. Easily passing evaluation phases.

George is a gifted teacher and a great open-hearted person. He spends enormous amount of time on trade analysis, psychology, trying new approaches or adjusting the current ones and openly shares what he learns with others.

He always takes time to answer the questions and analyze others’ charts. He focuses a lot on the discipline, preparation, trade reviews, risk management and trading “well-being”.

So it’s not just about the technical setups. It’s all inclusive system to make anyone consistently profitable trader constantly learning and enjoying the process.

I’m very grateful to George for what and how he’s doing it. It was a great luck to meet him and probably one of the best decisions to join his group, patiently keep learning and get a confidence in the future."


Futures Trader, Lausanne, Switzerland

"George has integrated several trading strategies into a cohesive approach that provides a strong (Emini & Micros) Futures trading foundation. He allows his tactics to evolve as a result of his tireless search for the optimal combination of chart timeframe(s), entry, and trade management all within the framework of his approach.

As a part time trader and new to Futures, I have found George to be an extremely giving, patient, and collaborative mentor. Always willing to answer my questions, his energy is infectious and inspiring.

George is a practitioner as well as a teacher, and frequently shares his trade set ups with the group including winning trades and improvement opportunities. His zoom sessions encourage thoughtful, inclusive discussions and feature traders with a wide variety of experiences.

Can’t thank George enough for helping me become a successful Futures trader!"


Futures Trader, Seattle Washington

"One of the key areas that I continue to be amazed with George is that he simply has a way of taking a very difficult and complex set of rules and make it understandable. He has the unique characteristics of a wonderful teacher who can take a subject matter , break it down into its individual components and present it to you in a way that is very clear, concise and it just makes sense. Many people try to do this and fail because they don't get down in the weeds with the students at their level of learning. The ability to make those hard to understand concepts very clear, is a true art of teaching.

I have been a teacher of options for 7+ years, so I understand what is needed to take a tough subject and be able to teach it to anyone regardless of experience. For someone looking to join George's group, I would feel comfortable knowing that he has that unique personality and skillset that enables him to be able to provide a great service to people that want to learn this type of Day Trading.

The amount of material that George has put together along with his personal videos of many difficult subject areas, do truly provide the student with a great learning ground to get up and running very quickly. Since most of this work has been compiled via the originator CottonTA, I can't stress the streamlined program that George has put together to get the average student up and running with the knowledge required to perform the tasks of this style of Day Trading.

Personally, I completely trust George and in this world of all different kinds of people in this business, that is saying something. It is simple, but it gets to the heart of the matter. George has one purpose and this is to selflessly try and improve people's lives via this trading system. It takes very hard work to do it, but if you are willing to do it, George is there to help you along the way and is also providing a group of great traders to also learn from as well."


Futures Trader, Seattle Waashington

"“From George’s first member!

George recommends an excellent baby-steps process to learning day-trading.

Step 1: get profitable in sim and keep a detailed trade log.

Step 2: Join a funded trading program. There are several but basically for $100/mo or so you can trade others’ real money…if you’re profitable you get to keep most of the profits. Keep at it until you build up $20k+ “house money”.

Step 3: Use only that money to trade live with small size.

Step 4: Size up when ready.

But we met randomly in 2021 and I was immediately impressed.

As a physician, I’ve spent years learning and working alongside some of the most intelligent, motivated, ambitious, perfectionist, meticulous, fastidious, DISCIPLINED, anal-retentive hard-chargers you will find on this earth.

I could envision meeting George during one of those 12-hour rounds of studying in the medical library. He ended up using these strengths to become very successful in real estate earlier, and more recently laser-focused on becoming one of those rare 1% profitable day traders you hear about.

It appears he has done it.

I saw it all from the beginning.

First, George casually let me know about this free trading course on youtube. I’m like sure, whatever.

But then I watched him drill down on it with so much focus and determination, I thought I’d try to figure out why he’s so excited about it.

It really is mind blowing how he found this obscure youtube course that is way longer than it needs to be, with this mediocre teacher, but that has a true hidden gem of a trading edge and stayed at it nonstop for 2+ years.

So George, rather than watching 20 minutes of this, getting bored, and moving on to the next thing like most of us would, instead consumes the 80+ hours of videos & materials, taking detailed notes. He thought this TA “science” had legs, and so he watched most of those videos a 2nd time, and many of them multiple times. And then he pays $1,000’s and many more hours in their mentorship group to make sure he had it all drilled down even more.

(The discipline!)
(The patience!)

He would not stop until he understood it…and then kept going.

Meanwhile, he was scanning for other trading programs to enhance his strategy even more. He found OTHER gems to make it even better (and never stop searching). He has then been able to help others get through the training with targeted tutoring and Q&A, wrap their minds around it (in a fraction of the time) and nurtures them along to make sure they become successful too.
He’s so far studied ShadowTrader, Market Profile, ICT/FVGs (that I know of), and much more. He’s put in the hours studying and paid the subscription fees and he has been able to find complimentary take-aways to the core TA “science”. He keeps at it tirelessly until he masters these to the point that he can teach it to others. Perhaps even more importantly, by now he has plenty of experienced-trader nuance and finesse he teaches us as well.

And this is the key…

I went all the way through “25th grade” if you count medical residency and my MBA and have known many, many teachers…some you just endure until the class finally ends, and some make your life better forever. George is one of the best teachers I’ve met..and he seems to enjoy it too."

Dr. Propst

Futures Trader, San Diego CA

I've grown leaps and bounds as a trader since joining George's Emini trading group in a very short time. Prior to joining, played simple supply and demand strategy, and going by my gut. Which, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Overall this led to a boom/bust cycle, without consistency. Since joining the group, George's system has put me into boundaries that provide precise entries, and targets for exits. All the guesswork is removed. This has led to fewer trades, less boom and bust, steady but more consistent growth. Just today got my first 93% win rate, with each day being a steady climb up! The zoom calls are the icing on the cake, keeping me out of trouble, and hearing the big picture across the other markets. George has a great attitude, and his teaching is world class. Whether it's useful feedback on a loss, to a congratulatory pat on the back for the the big runs, he's always there to help his fellow traders. Excited to see what tomorrow holds!

Justin B

Futures Trader, North Carolina