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good morning es and Mees Futures Traders
if you’re looking for a group whether
you’re a brand new Futures Trader or
you’ve been doing it for 20 plus years
you are welcome to check us out at micr all right there’s quite a bit
to talk about on this chart so monster
move last week monster
moves plural monster moves and we have
been softening up the ground here
overnight I mean look how tested this
area is we explored underneath it for a
little bit and laded back up past it all
of the indices are below Friday’s
halfback at this point seems to be
softening the ground for perhaps a run
underneath it so today’s tip is going to
be the opposite of a short squeeze
careful with Longs below
careful with Longs
Below in other words if you do decide to
go long because of some
level don’t make things worse if it goes
against you just to get out as we say in
our group there’s another high
probability trade right around the
corner you just have to wait for it just
get out daily trend line that’s what
this red dotted line is we are still
over that red trend line okay single
prints so we still have these three sets
of single prints that are still valid
until they are tested in the rth session
so there they are and then the halfback
from Thursday February the 22nd I think
needs to be there each of these are
little sign post post on the trip
down okay each of those little sign post
touch it in the overnight means nothing
it doesn’t mean anything really um it
doesn’t count until they’re tested in
the rth session and then I have my
warning shot to Bulls
here I could even probably have that a
little higher but it makes sense that’s
the warning shot and then just a
reminder careful with Longs below could
be the opposite set of a short
squeeze news drivers today there aren’t
any the big news drivers are Tuesday
through Friday with pce being the core
news driver this week overnight I feel
like they’re softening up the ground
here we’re laddering down we’re under
half back it’s been a good long time
here came up and grabbed this
liquidity what’s going to
happen it’s real hard to want to be long
but if you were to say Trend you’re
above this daily trend line below there
things could get dicey could what do I
know this thing could go to 5,500 this
week what do I know we trade the levels
as they’re presented paying attention to
Trend and being cognizant of trade
location and being aware of where the
most significant magnets for Price are
on the
chart so let’s talk about the strong
levels the strong
levels I usually say they’re strong but
right now are they sort of maybe kind of
weak levels because if this thing
decides to
flush how it correlates to my tip
here am I going to want to go long off
these levels probably
not what I would most likely do is I’m
going to be looking a ly to be short
heading into them
cognizantly aware of where those levels
are because those are good places price
could have a reaction that might send
price back in my face I would just
monitor those levels to be honest to
look for evidence is that all they
wanted to do and it starts lading back
up so careful today and careful with
below all right I’ll see my group on
Zoom here in just a little bit Stay
Green my friends and to learn more about
our group go to micr

all right good afternoon I hope you had
a good day I had a fantastic day only
really three trades but my first trade
today happened to be on
inq I took this short here at
18043 and did well and then on
ES I wanted to go short here missed me
by three ticks and then it actually hit
the level and bounced there but I I
wasn’t in that
trade I did take this short and made
small then I was in this short and did
it with a little more leverage and did
very well I deleveraged from es to Mees
the mees made nothing I only got out at
a tick I didn’t want to hold a short as
we were obviously really starting to
Ladder Up um so no big deal I’m out
Mondays are typically the best day of
the week to not trade especially when
there’s no news events and uh if you can
sit here and just be patient and wait
and wait you will get an opportunity to
make a trade or two but you’re going to
have to build a lot of butt time and be
very picky and allow the levels to
develop one thing that didn’t really
happen in this morning was level
development it was very difficult to
trade no big deal when it’s difficult
what do you do you don’t trade you don’t
enter it’s no big deal you wait for
tomorrow or you come back in the
afternoon as I advised my traders to do
so what happened from our am briefing
well two things yesterday’s
halfback provided a nice area and
Thursday’s halfback against the daily
trend line provided a nice area we had
very little level develop in the morning
but we did have a downtrend and you can
see how that trend has been hard to
break but it has just been sloppy sloppy
price delivery hardly any level
development there were only a couple
three trades today according to our core
strategy but it kept you safe and you
could have done very well if you’re
interested in learning our system check
us out at micr Stay Green my
friends and to learn more about our
group go to