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Daily Homework
Extra One-On-One Coaching
ES Scalping System
               ✅ Discord Community
               ✅ Live Zoom: ES/MES Charting & Trading
               ✅ Core Strategy Academy
               ✅ TV Indicators

✅ Complimentary Access To All Workshops.
               ▶️ Must Pass All Four Badges First
✅ Access To Bundle of Price Action Workshops
               ▶️ Must Pass All Four Badges First
✅ Can Be Removed From Mentorship
               ▶️ Continuation In The Program Is At My Discretion
               ▶️ Poor Attitudes & Work Ethics Are Not Tolerated
✅ $1500 Month
✅ Weekly Zoom Call, at Minimum.
               ▶️ Failure To Be On The Call Forfeits That Weeks Call.
               ▶️ Use It Or Lose It.
✅ Daily Accountability/Reporting/Trade Reviews
               ▶️ Daily Reporting When You Are Trading
               ▶️ Daily Homework! Yes, DAILY. 5 Days A Week.

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