folks I hope everybody’s doing well so tonight we’re doing a little bit of a
lecture here on some important information about finding setups
and I get a lot of questions as a mentor teaching Forex and recently
index futures and the things I’m going to talk about tonight are not limited
to any one particular asset class so it’s kind of like remove all of the
uncertainty of where you’re supposed to be looking in the charts when am I supposed to be
utilizing electronic trading hours what am I going to be referring to regular
trading hours for what reason what type of setups form when
and that way it allows you to have a setup for life
now some of you may have thought this was going to be a pattern or a PD array lecture it’s not
I’m teaching you how to find your own setups but specifically when and where they form that’s the part
that is always a constant that’s the thing that a lot of new Traders and those that are
struggling as a break even Trader lucida it’s a matter of knowing what to look
for and when it incorporates Market profiling and that is not Market profile in the sense
that we’re using like v-wop and things like that we’re talking about schematics
things that I’ve taught and have shared publicly on this YouTube channel you can find that information in the
core content where I’m dealing with specific day profiles
the topic would be alerted day trading and I cover a lot of this stuff also when
I’m talking about specific market reviews and
I understand it many of you you maybe knew okay and you wanna you wanna one two
three easy get me in get me out pattern and I’ve already produced all that okay it’s on the YouTube channel
but for the folks that really want to find a lot more setups or not be limited to a
one-trick pony not that that’s a bad thing because the 2022 model is excellent
the optimal trade entry pattern is excellent so when I talk about these areas in the
marketplace tonight and I promise we will not be here very long usually when I say this on Twitter
and I’ll do a Twitter space we go for hours and hours it doesn’t feel like hours to me but yeah I do have a time
limit tonight so I have to get through this and because of that I presented it
in a PowerPoint presentation so it helps me keep my focus so I always have some kind of a
monologue coming in so I want to kind of set the expectations
for everyone that’s going into this study so that way you know what it is you’re going to be trying to glean from
it what’s the purpose and then we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty it’ll be right to the point
and I’ll show you some details in terms of executions and such
SO algorithmic trading with ICT models for all assets and again the premise is
one trade setup for life now
what do you think that would entail something that would repeat
over and over again it’s not ambiguous it’s very specific
now when you see me doing my trade executions sometimes they look too good to be true
and sometimes I’m question as to whether or not I’m using something that’s delayed and whatnot and today I had a
little bit of a Clank today I’ve shared some things that uh my wife wasn’t expecting me to spend any time online
today but uh I felt like I wanted to share today and I answered a couple things that came
up over the years in terms of doubts or concerns and
I really want you to think about the lesson tonight that we’re going to cover and think about how your setup
your multiplier the PD array that you gravitate to most it may be the fair
value Gap it may be a breaker pattern it may be the optimal trade entry pattern
it could be a simple order block it could be a turtle soup
it could be a number of things whatever it could be the inversion fair value Gap
whatever that PD array is that you see easily in a chart the one that you
don’t have to look too hard for or strain your eye or scour through the candlesticks to find
it the one it just simply makes sense to you when you see price action your eye goes right to it that my friends is the One You’re
supposed to be looking at that’s the one you start with it does not mean that it’s going to be your entire career
it just means that that’s the one that resonates with you right now it’s a new student of mine and then you grow from that
I promise you when you learn one PD array and how to use the information I’m going
to share tonight it’ll be so much easier for you to see all the things that form
in all the PD arrays that I’ve taught and then we’ll teach but you have to have some kind of a
baseline to grow from and if you’re rushing through it or trying to push too much on yourself
the the time limits that you place on yourself are learning how to do it is unrealistic something you’re going to
learn sooner than others and other is going to require more time I can’t speed that up for you you’re
bringing in your own learning curve and the things that you’re going to worry about are going to find its way to the bin
as you learn how to focus on the things I’m teaching you and not anything more than that per lesson
so let’s get into it
all right so draw on liquidity okay it’s the sole purpose of price delivery and I
wish to thank Patrick Weiland for getting this screenshot from his
live stream today I needed to make a point about uh liquidity and the
resources that are available in the market today and how I’m going to help you
not lean On Tools like this now admittedly
if this type of thing was in existence when I first started in the 90s that’s the 1990s by the way not the 1900s as my
youngest son always says makes you sound like I’m really really old but uh this is a screenshot of the book
map okay I am not a affiliate with them I’m not suggesting
you should subscribe to it and I’m not trying to kick dirt in their face either I’m just saying that
the primary function for that tool can be made redundant with tonight’s
lesson now I don’t want you to take my word for it you’re welcome to compare and
contrast and then see if there is any validity to what I’m going to say tonight but I promise you you’re gonna
see that these things while useful to a new student to a new Trader they’re absolutely wonderful crutches and that’s
not to be demeaning or to talk down to it because believe me if I but I had
access to this when I first started I would have absolutely subscribe to it because it would have helped me learn
faster the whole premise of liquidity but the problem is with a tool like this
it kind of like brings more attention to levels of liquidity that are not so
pertinent to right now okay or what’s about to take place in terms of a narrative and price action okay and when
I teach smart money Concepts by the way when you hear SMC it’s my
Concepts okay when I talked about it and first started teaching it I referred to them as smart money Concepts and when we
look at liquidity there’s a specific range in mind
when I’m looking at my charts and I hear or see people in comments
um I I’ve watched other YouTubers and their complaint is you never really understand why ICT is picking this high
or that low he’s hiding it from you that’s tonight I’m going to show you that that has never been the
case I’ve always said these things but it’s always tucked in during the discussion the boring parts
because you’re not trying to listen it goes over your head that’s why when you go back and look at old videos it’s been
there the whole time but you’re looking for that one trick pony that magic trick that sleight of hand thing is going to
let you go out on social media and look like a rock star if you want to be able to do that you have to learn like tonight this is a
lesson that gets to the heart of the matter where is it that you should be framing your focus
and what liquidity what specific liquidity does ICT refer to
yes we’re going to cover that and you’re going to see by contrast if you look at the things I’m going to cover tonight
and utilize it with this resource here book map I don’t know if they offer a free trial
I don’t know that at all but there’s YouTubers out there that stream and kind
of like share this at least their Affiliates they want you to sign out with them I’m not saying don’t use it
I’m not saying you should use it I’m just saying that for folks that are trying to do this without having extra
things to pay for or look at you can take the information tonight and
compare and contrast and see if it doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter in terms of where liquidity it should be focused on for any one given
period intraday
all right so when we first start talking about liquidity the assumption is is you’re a
day trader whether you’re a scalper whether you are a session Trader
a intraday day trader where you’re trying to do the entire daily range or if you’re just a short-term Trader or
you’re looking to time the market for your longer term swing trade or position trade all of that
is encapsulated in tonight’s discussion so it’s not a just an intraday chart
concept you can use these Concepts to really narrow down the amount of risk reduce it
to minuscule amounts it doesn’t mean it’s without loss doesn’t mean that you will
have winning trades all the time it just means that if you understand the concepts I’m covering tonight
you will have the ability to go in and fine-tune your risk model
be able to reduce the amount of risk that’s associated with your trades and also time the market
know where the Market’s going to go to next okay first session we’re going to talk about
is the PM session ranges okay and this is always going to be referred to in terms of previous day
okay so previous day we are going to be referring to the 1 30 pm to 4 pm time window and this
is always in New York local time now I’m saying that because I want you to set your trading view chart
to New York local time I say this as much as I can in all my lectures because
I get confused when I talk to people around the world and you’re in different time zones and I have made mistakes in
turn in terms of telling them what their conversion would be so to eliminate all
that confusion if you just simply set your charts to New York local time and look at the charts that way yeah all
the confusion goes away it’s very simple so PM session ranges you’re looking for
the highest high in the lowest low between 1 30 pm and 4 pm now is there any ambiguity there
no it’s very simple it’s succinct right to the point now what do you do with it
if you are bullish okay and we are trading in close proximity to that range as we see here
this example here I’m using the June contract before rollover took place at the time of this
recording and live stream we are looking at the September contract for the indices for 2023 but I’m showing you an
example because this is something I utilized in commentary something I use in terms of learning analysis and
executions and such but I want you to understand that when we look at
PM session ranges it is always referred to in regular trading hours
notice this down here in the lower right hand corner let’s make the chart a little bit bigger
so down here in the right hand corner the rth that’s regular trading hours now you can toggle this if your
membership permits you I don’t know what
I guess membership is required for trading view
um if you’re absolutely against treating you then I’m sorry you’re gonna have to have to find the equivalent and I don’t
know what that would be for you okay I chose treating you because my community said go to trading view when I left mt4
so we’re all here now and I don’t know what it’s going to cost you
and I don’t have an affiliate program with trading view I get no money for it if you subscribe to it and I don’t know
what the amount of membership would be to allow to get that I don’t know okay so give me
the liberty and latitude to be able to talk freely and you’re gonna have to work that on your own
but this toggle from rth to electronic trading hours eth okay one or the other
is going to be utilized if we’re going to be looking for PM session ranges it’s always going to be into
the previous day the time window the amount of time that you’re looking inside of what price
range what high are you looking at ICT what’s low are you looking at ICT regular trading hours
it cuts out all the overnight Trading the algorithm once we start trading
regular trading session hours the next day it’s going to refer back to these specific times
and what liquidity exists above and below it so if we’re bullish and we’re
trading near the opening in this little orange line here that’s going to be in every slide
that denotes the 9 30 opening bell you know when everybody’s on CNBC
they clap their hands that’s when the opening valve occurs for
the stock indices and stock market now obviously they’re trading all night long but that opening window
starts that opening range for the next 30 minutes where will that usually run for the
higher level if you’re bullish and we take out the PM session low where
it’s going to be sell side below that that’s wonderful because if it’s bullish and we have a higher time frame premises
expecting the market to go higher how do we know that that’s what I’ve been teaching you when I do my reviews or I
do my commentary or if I’m pointing to something on Twitter if you’re not following me on Twitter you’re really missing out because I’m doing a lot of
information there and like real short succinct manner I’m taking your attention to right then and there
today I did it and a lot of people actually followed it and it’s not to be used as a signal service but I’m calling
things live there drawing your attention to it so that way you can study it real time but if you’re bullish
and the market drops down below PM session lows notice that this low here and this low
here that’s encapsulated inside of the
1 30 to 4 o’clock New York local time
So Below those relative equal lows there’s cell sign liquidity it’s really simple it’s it’s simple
isn’t it when when you go through the process of listening to me and doing the things I tell you to do and I justify
why you should do all these things that’s the boring part the folks that have started making real money
six figures payouts okay Doctor salaries in a month
or less that stuff comes by listening and practicing and going into their charts
and not taking my word for but going in and seeing if the things I’m saying are in the true
this logic if we’re bullish we’d like to see cell site taking why because that means that
smart money would accumulate those sell side liquidity and absorb it
for their buy side so they’re going to treat that sell side as counterparty to their smart money buying so they’re
accumulating in the Judas swing the drop down here just goes into this area here where the
liquidity is so we definitely want to be looking at previous day’s session not just any old high and low
the high in the lows between 130 and 4 o’clock New York local time that’s the PM session
that range the highs and the lows there’s liquidity above and below it
if we’re looking for higher prices we definitely expect it to be running to the buy side but at the opening we
expect not always but we expect we anticipate a run lower that Judah swing
that every Tom Dick and Harry on social media are going to chase that they’re
gonna think it’s breaking the new lows it’s going to keep going lower no no no no no it’s only running down air
to take sellers in the marketplace and they’re going to buy them and then the market runs to buy side now
you could be a Trader that simply takes this order here as along as a turtle suit now
admittedly this takes a great deal of conviction it probably won’t be the first thing you
reach for learning from me in fact it took a lot of time for me to trust that idea of buying below old lows
and selling above old highs for entries not targets it’s easy to do it for a Target
but it’s entirely different it takes an entire paradigm shift in your thinking
to go into the marketplace and anticipate that as an entry but it can be done and it takes time how
you get there is you study old moves like this and you Journal them but your model could simply be wait for
the sell side in the pre previous PM session range if you’re bullish that’s your buy if you’re going in that means
that you’re expecting the weekly rings to expand higher the draw on liquidity higher on the weekly time frame we cut
out all that stuff in the previous discussions but going down into liquidity like this
when we’re bullish we would reasonably expect it to run for what the buy side where what buy side what high are you
looking at ICT that one right there why because it’s inside the range between 1 30 and 4
o’clock Hal pray tell is that complicated it’s not complicated and I’ve taught
this ad nauseum over and over and over again but you’re not listening so I’m taking
you by the hands knowing right into the charts that way everything is perfectly laid out for you you have absolutely
zero excuses you have no excuses now to know what I’m anticipating what range am
I looking at I’m not hiding it from you folks I want you to succeed I really really want you
to succeed if you can’t learn it from tonight’s lesson I don’t know how to do it better
than this one okay
going further into the day now we’re considering a a full 24 hour rotation
okay so over the course of 24 hours what is the mind of ICT what are the inner musings of inner circle Trader
I’m going through the process of going through this very routine right here
I look at PM session range if it’s not a factor or it’s not to be
considered because we’re not in close proximity to that range because we could be significantly higher or lower around
9 30. so what am I looking for then if I’m not close to PM session previous PM session
130 P.M to 4 P.M range at the time of 9 30 at the opening bell
and I’m watching that next 30 minutes which is the opening range what am I going to look for then next if
it’s not that I’m looking at the London session raid that means I’m going to be looking at
the range between two o’clock in the morning and five o’clock in the morning New York local time now again
tell me is that complicated no simple
so in your charts you want to be annotating what those levels are now you
can do it like this here where I have actual annotations that I hand draw I
don’t have a indicator thing that plots them for me I prefer the high touch over
high tech it means I’m putting some thought into it I get closer to the marketplace by
doing that and sharing it with you I just don’t trust an indicator to do it
okay so I’m an old guy I’m a dinosaur I’m used to doing everything by hand anyway and believe me it doesn’t take
that long to tell me you have to have because it saves time and it’s a cop-out you just are lazy ain’t nothing wrong
with lazy I mean lazy people can do things very efficiently if they’re smart but let’s Zoom this in here
all right so London session Reigns if we are not in close proximity to the
previous PM session at 9 30. remember this orange line here denotes the 9 30
opening bell of the stock market so
where are we at in terms of proximity so we’re starting the trading here
so where are we are we in close proximity to a PM session high or low
but we are in close proximity to what London session by side we’re digging
into that so all of this can be viewed pre-930 as a Judas swing
now notice am I showing you regular trading hours or electronic trading hours
electronic trading hours so that way you’re gonna be able to see the overnight trading if you have it toggled
to regular trading hours you won’t see this information folks it will be hidden from you which is one of the conundrums
that retail Traders fall into they don’t know either how to toggle electronic
trading hours or regular trading hours and even if they do they don’t know what to do with the information it’s hidden it’s in plain sight but it’s
hidden from them you don’t have that excuse anymore tonight so London session buy side liquidity we’re
seeing that read up into it here and then where’s the low in it
remember two o’clock to five o’clock in the morning New York local time that’s not ambiguous what is the range
the highest high and the lowest low here and here
so if we raided the buy side and we did it on a run
that’s a Judas we anticipate that as a false run higher
and then we’re going to see does it shift lower how can we use that information well you can use the 2022
model you can use uh breaker a parish breaker you can use
the ICT optimal trade entry in here from this low
to the high is a fair bag Gap this is a shift in Market structure below this low right there
that’s your 2022 model or optimal trade entry what would you be aiming for
numbing session South Side liquidity
do you have to sit through a retracement yes but we’ll cover that
because that in itself is also a range that we utilize intraday
notice what I’m taking you through the whole routine of 24 hours where are
we at open open is 9 30. we have to wait for 30 minutes because
there’s going to either be a run higher or lower or it may consolidate and then we’ll have to wait for the 10 o’clock
displacement and then you can look for a silver bullet between 10 o’clock and 11 or you could use a run into
the launch macro which we won’t talk about tonight but I promise you I will be teaching those things I can’t do
everything in one lesson everything line upon line preset the
phone precept it’ll be taught here and there but before November you’ll have more than you’ll ever need
so we have two ranges we’ve identified here for defining where liquidity is
let me go back to discussion of that book map application or software
I want you if you have availability to do this
look at what bookmap is saying when we’re Trading
like here tools like that will start showing you
lots of liquidity if they’re accurate right below that low if it matches
if it matches the premise that I’m teaching here tonight then it’s valid and that’s where the market will draw to
every little small little liquidity above the marketplace or below the
marketplace is irrelevant when I say I’m looking for a draw on liquidity I’m looking predominantly
around the levels I’m teaching you today so think about how many times I’ve called things on Twitter live
and how many times they were wrong what three times Maybe
everything’s on Twitter it’s not deleted it’s not edited I don’t do any of that stuff but all of you 300 000 plus now have
watched me take your attention to a specific price point and then the market ran off
it went right to it how was I doing it it’s what I’m teaching you tonight
you can do this folks now there are going to be times when you
look at the market and it’s not going to be clear to you if you don’t have a clear depiction of what should be taking place where the
market should draw to because there’s going to be times when I’m either going to be on vacation or I’m not going to Tweet or I’m not going to talk about something
I’m living a life so if it’s not clear to you what it’s reaching for
don’t put a trade on study it and that experience will grow over time and
you’ll get better at doing it but when you’re journaling I want you to go in your charts and journal like this
this should be part of your journaling if you don’t journal and you don’t
record these types of things your brain and your subconscious can’t retain it it needs to be trained and conditioned that
way it activates a reticular activating system so that way it allows your mind to see
it and when you’re looking at Price action live it’ll be like oh I gotta look oh there’s that high I’m looking at there’s that low I’m looking at
notice we’re cutting through candles folks it’s not supply and demand and it’s not Wyckoff I’m sorry
I wish it could be something I could point to and say go every day and learn that but it isn’t anywhere else
all right opening range gaps okay opening range gaps are a specific
event that takes place when you’re utilizing regular trading hours
so let’s zoom in so down here in trading view you want to
make sure you’re toggled to regular trading hours by doing that what it’ll do is it’ll remove all the overnight
trading so you won’t see anything like London or anything like that where we stop Trading
for the rate of trading hours and when we start trading again
at 9 30’s opening bill that’s what you’re seeing okay that separation that
is my opening range Gap so whenever you hear me say an opening range Gap not to
be confused with opening range opening range is the first 30 minutes I will
have a specific teaching in its entirety all by itself on this video only on this channel it’ll be opening range lecture
but when I say opening range that is the first 30 minutes after the opening belt 9 30. so specifically it’s 9 30 a.m New
York local time to 10 a.m New York local time not ambiguous as it folks very very
specific this opening range Gap is where we stop trading using River Trading
hours and when we open up at 9 30. if there is a gap lower
at 9 30 you will see this Gap here it’s being shaded with this little Orange Box
it doesn’t mean it wants to run up there immediately okay and this is what I watch a lot of
YouTubers that understand there are gaps and I didn’t invented the Gap but I did codify some things around how to use
that Gap and I’ll teach more about that also in its own lesson but tonight
I want you to think about how where the market reaches for liquidity
where it reaches for that liquidity and where does it want to go to after it goes there
this low over here right in here that low is occurring in the morning
session or the am session between 9 30 and noon so we’ll be residing below that
sell stops so we call that sell side liquidity so we Gap lower
and then run into that liquidity right there using regular trading hours
now if you’re using electronic trading hours you may
have a lower low overnight and then in other words between these two price points here
where we close the registrating session and open it regular trading session
between those two price points you have all of the 6 pm to 9 30 in the morning
worth of trading that could have made a lower low here
I don’t care what I don’t care
if I’m going to refer to the opening range Gap and we get a gap lower like this I’m filtering out all of overnight
pricing that’s it now is that ambiguous
is that complicated no what low whatever you’re looking at well
on regular trading hours on this chart that’s a pretty obvious low isn’t it that’s the stuff I’ve been doing on
Twitter I’m picking the right highs and lows folks because there’s a method behind
what I’m doing I’m not inventing it as I go I’m not going off on a whim making up as I go I’ve been doing this stuff for
30 years it’s the same stuff all the time it’s a well-written well-read novel
to me that’s why I’m so consistent that’s why I’m accurate and if you stick to these
rules you will become this accurate too it’s transferable you should be excited I know somebody
you’re grinning like right now he’s like man if I would have had this stuff just a couple months ago I could have passed my funded account challenge I
could have done this I could have done that I could have bought a boat a jet ski a car
a down payment on a house but you have to go one step at a time
now the opening range Gap if we run to a portal code like this
here wouldn’t it make sense since we’re now into a discount and inside of liquidity
below old lows or in sell side now we’ve already moved a lot from the previous session here
here what would be reasonable
well look at that on my calendar today we had the Fed chair pal jaw
booning at 10 o’clock in the morning do we trade around pal or fed share
testimonies no not if you’re new not if you’re trying
to keep your money now if you don’t want to be a gambler you wait
and you wait for what the PM session exactly what I said this morning on
Twitter I said in Twitter I said today and tomorrow Fed chair will be testifying
so you want to be what trading the afternoon if you’re going to trade it all the probabilities are going
to be high in your favor if you wait till the afternoon that means 1 30 in the afternoon New York local time
to four o’clocks close is that ambiguous is that complicated
no wouldn’t you know it there’s a low here it forms at one o’clock
and then at 1 30 or so it creates another low here it’s pretty interesting
what happens after that low forms it runs right on up into that opening
range Gap so all this mess in here every Instagram Trader every Twitter
hero every YouTube Trader live streamer they’re in here trying to look for patterns when there is nothing to trust
it’s going to be running around going amok just seeking liquidity and it’ll
frustrate you that’s the reason why I tell you to focus on the sweet spots in the
marketplace I don’t care about retail Rick that’s going to come after the fact because he’s not going to tell you on Twitter
when I’m tweeting and saying oh you said don’t do this I’m going to go now and trade it they don’t ever do that they’ll come back two hours later
and they’ll say look what I did over here so stop listening to those neophytes
the logic that I’m sharing don’t take my word for it go into the charts and you will be convinced of it
100 guarantee I guarantee you you will see this logic there
so it runs up in the opening range Gap after
the New York lunch after the morning session chop
and it runs to a logical level based on the information I’ve shown you here
see in the morning a lot of folks that understand this Gap exists we’re looking for any reason to
run right up there then no they’re not going to see it why because they don’t understand time the algorithm
runs on time it Engineers liquidity in the morning
session and then it Engineers it going into lunch and then it runs on that liquidity
why would they want to do that we’ll talk about that
New York lunch raid now
in the old days and I was trading when the old days were the thing before electronic Trading
we had open out cry pits and when you called into the broker they would answer the phone he had to
wait for them to answer the phone by the way and then get transferred to the trading desk that you are
seeing the account managers for that account you have and you got to go through the process of giving them your
account number and then your pin and then you got to give them your order they repeat the order the whole time the
Market’s Trading then they ask you if you want to wait for your fill
and if you say I’m going to wait for my fill you’re put on hold for a minute or two then you come back and they tell you
confirmation number and where you were filled and many times you’re upset because you have real slippage
because you’re all spoiled you press a button you’re in there right
and the open outcry and the pits would have a lunch hour where it was
very almost like a routine unless it was a big trending day
the lunch hour between noon and 1 pm New York local time would
generally be a consolidation now the way we could use that back then and I’m going to show you how I use it now but
for historical purposes I’m giving you a reference on how I become ICT
the lunch hour many times was a reversal
and whatever took place in the morning was completely reversed on and then if it was a trending day it would just keep on going and it would repeat whatever
the morning low was up the lunch high and then run into three o’clock four o’clock and that would be their full
Daily range other days if it was bullish it would go up and then consolidate during the 12
o’clock and one o’clock in the afternoon and then do the same move in the afternoon between two o’clock and four o’clock that it did in the morning
session but it would do it in half the time so it was a measured move ABCD type of
profile and in other days you would see just a morning move and then consolidating
launch and then stay Consolidated the rest of the day in the same thing if it was a bearish
day it would create the morning move then consolidate in lunch and do nothing extra now it’s pretty it that was pretty much
it that was that was the profiles that existed back then now you might be thinking well that’s all
well and good Michael but which one do you use well which one would you expect based on the economic calendar
the draw on liquidity for the weekly range what is it trying to do where’s it reaching for all those things have to be balanced
that still requires you and your study to get to that degree of um
well understanding and implementing the things I’m teaching but you have no excuse when I’m pointing
to it in advance I’m taking you to the higher time frame weekly charts I’m telling you where the Market’s going to go and we watch it daily and weekly move
thousands of points not five handles thousands
hundreds okay so it gives you time an opportunity to get in sync with that
type of moon you don’t have to have the lowest low in the highest high so a New York lunch raid between noon
New York local time to 1 30 pm but ICT you just said
it’s an hour long noon to 1 30. and there’s people out there say oh the market doesn’t care about nobody’s going
to lunch uh the algorithm
doesn’t take lunch but it runs on that liquidity so everything that was utilized
since the dawn of Market manipulation when the powers that be
figured out that they could just run a numbers game and everybody thinks
it’s a free market and they think it’s buying and selling pressure that makes these markets go up and down and where they go
they utilize that information that was not efficient at all when it was used in
open outcry and that price that manipulation that engineering
of Market Direction was made much more efficient when electronic trading took over
so nothing has changed in regards to Market manipulation and Market making
we’re not talking about dealers folks okay if somebody’s out there saying I’m a market maker I’m a former Market maker
you are not a market maker you are a dealer the folks that are in control of price
where it’s going to go how high it’s going to go how low it’s going to go that’s who I’m talking about and you don’t see them they don’t have a face
all of that’s been changed now in its algorithmic it’s highly efficient they never get sick
they never mess up because it’s 100 electronic it’s following code it’s following
instructions period it’s all delivered on time
so a lunch run on liquidity a raid if you will
you have to define the range between 12 o’clock and 1 30.
but you said it’s an hour long 130 starts the PM session
that’s when the algorithm can start doing its macro a macro is a short order of instructions that will create an
event in price delivery
your focus needs to be on the highest high and the lowest low
I’m showing you the highest high in 12 to 1 o’clock
because there’s nothing higher than the high here the low formed here
between 12 o’clock and 130 that’s the lowest low here so we see this low it drops down there
if we’re expecting price to be bullish and it’s not done anything in the
morning Pals talking there’s a afternoon event that’s expected like fomc something to
that effect you avoid the morning session let everybody else
Chase everybody else’s opinion in ignorance on social media everybody’s
looking for the the guy with the hot hand the guy that’s doing all the trades the guy that knows or the gal
indifference to the ladies that do Trading they’re looking for the people that have
something to say about the market right now and if they’ve been right in the past well damn it they’re gonna be right
today let me follow what they’re doing no you trailblaze your own path using this
information you will be confident that you have no requirement to be in
anybody’s membership or audience you’ll be able to do this make your bread and
then go live your life and do whatever you want to do not be chained to these charts not looking at what I’m doing on Twitter
because in November and 2023 that’s stops you have to do all these things on your
own and that should not be scary it should be exciting I’m excited for you
but the session hind session low for lunch hour well I guess it’s really technically 90
minutes isn’t it do you said nine minutes oops laughs
below here we can see it running down taking that when we’re expected to go
higher what do you think exists up here that’s not being noted on the chart
hmm we’ll get back to that the market starts it’s running 1 30.
completely random now you’re probably watching this video and you’ve never seen anything else by me or never listen
to Twitter spaces that I’ve done and you don’t know that I’ve said that
time at 1 30. you don’t know that I’ve said this many many times
referring about the New York lunch and how there’s an algorithm that
controls price and there’s a macro that begins at 130 that sets the tone and pace for the two o’clock to three
o’clock Silver Bullet baby
hmm the dots are starting to connect aren’t they
starting to see a little bit more of the tapestry that’s a bit that’s eluded you and
everybody else out there that doesn’t believe there’s an algorithm doesn’t believe that these markets are absolutely controlled by AI
I promise you that’s exactly what’s going on
we want to see when we’re bullish the market dropped down and take out
the New York lunch lows
even if it’s going to reverse you can trade that
here how can you trade that
wait for a shift in Market structure fair value Gap don’t trust the five minute chart I’ve
already shown you today using a 15 second chart and we’ll get to that too
what do you say a 15 second chart yes yes friends and neighbors price is price
and you have to look where the inefficiencies are and every retail Trader is using a 15-minute chart an
hourly chart a four hour chart and there’s this taboo around five
minute charts or less because they’re not informed they’re not initiated
they think it’s noise they’re probably the Goldman Sachs cult sorry boys but price is price and
whatever you see in terms of measuring it using a time-based chart you have
every advantage using a Time based chart
in fact that’s the only way you’re going to see it so don’t listen to people that say don’t look at the time based chart it’s
nonsense wrong right away that tells you they have no idea algorithmic delivery it escapes them
sorry it runs on time time is the first Factor
what am i showing you here tonight very specific Windows of time and what to reference it in terms of liquidity go
back and look at my examples folks your draw is going to hit the floor it’s always been there
and it’s always been explained to you in this long-winded rants these stuff that you say I’m boring
now I’m teaching you I’m trying to teach you everything that would bring you as close as I can bring you without having
the third years experience I have so I’m I’m taking you fast track through three
decades of understanding if you don’t have the patience to sit through whatever the duration is for the
lecture that’s a little bit myopic and unrealistic you’re selling yourself
short I don’t care if you learn it really and if you’re going to be lazy I don’t care but if you really want to learn it I’m
telling you what to do I’m telling you what to avoid where your focus should be
if you’re bearish you can wait for
a run up into the opening range Gap take out a lunch box out liquidity pool
and then watch and see how it trades back below the New York lunch High
if there’s a displacement what does that mean see that low right here
displacement what does it leave this candle is high and that candle’s low what is that
that’s random look at that it’s like it’s this you know
it has no Rhyme or Reason right wrong that’s your 2022 model
boom sell short aim for what ICT
the New York lunch hello well it made this one here at one o’clock but you can use this one while
you’re long or bullish I know it looks cherry-picked and talked about I I promise I got something for
you they’re thinking that right now I promise you just sit tight but in the afternoon session you can see how that
lunch hour plus 30 minutes that 90 minute window that low right here is where sell side
resides and in the PM session it reads that liquidity
TT look man there’s some relative equal lows down there and you teach relative equal O’s right
but before you get there where’s the next logical rain to look for for in terms of
liquidity that lunch hour or 90 minute period
now I said a lot of talking about things that some of you get pissed off about because you think I’m some of my news
that you’re talking down to you but no I’m talking to you like a friend if you were friends with me from childhood this is exactly how I talk to
you I know what I’m talking about I know how to make crazy ass profitable
Traders but I also have students that are lazy they’re not going to do what I tell them to do and they’re going
to make excuses why they failed because they didn’t listen and they rushed too fast to get into live Trading
that’s your mistake that’s not my mistake in hiding things from you I didn’t do that I’m not doing it here
tonight either you have every Advantage after tonight
going in looking at what I’m looking for where am I focusing I promise you after tonight your shit’s
gonna be different yes it’s gonna have nuts
am session ranges 9 30 in the morning to noon
so right away we are considering this in the afternoon
so we can always refer to it in the same trading day so we could be anticipating a market
reversal profile something to that effect if
we have an elongated Market where say the New York session
morning session rather of the current trading day is consolidation and then we have a
directional lunch hour or during the lunch hour it’s con in consolidation as well
we can refer to and if we’re bearish we look at the previous sessions trading
now if you look at the previous session you’re using electronic Trading
what specific low am I looking for I’m looking at the 9 30 in the morning to
noon if I’m not going to look at the PM session range remember I’m taking you
through very specific pools of liquidity I’m going to look past the PM session
well why would I do that because we’re already trading below it over here
so what I refer to it for sell side no we’re already below it so if I’m bearish what am I looking for what low am I
looking for what’s drawn liquidity am I looking for in this regard I’m using the am session
South Side liquidity if I was bullish it would be everything I just said here in reverse and opposite
I would be looking for the buy side but if we’re bearish I’m looking for a very specific pools of
liquidity if I showed this on regular trading hours it would still get that low
very important even though I’m showing you down here [Music]
the electronic trading hours I’m doing this for the sake of under showing you and understanding that
whether your chart is on regular trading hours or electronic trading hours and I’m looking at previous daily range or
if I want to trade below yesterday’s lows what low am I looking at
the PM session low or the am session low
very very specific not ambiguous not well I don’t know which one he’s looking
at he’s always changing around no I’m not it’s always the same stuff always the same logic always the same
logic what’s changing is the profile that I’m operating in
because the Market’s delivering a specific way and I have to adapt to that
and then I anticipate I’m not reacting to price I’m anticipating where it’s going to run to
what does that mean everything I’m teaching you tonight now I don’t expect you to watch this
tonight and walk away feeling like you know everything about what I just said you’re gonna need to watch it a few times
and if it’s something you don’t want to do you won’t learn it I promise you you won’t learn it one
time watching it ain’t gonna work you need to listen to what I’m saying in here and then go into your charts
spend weeks and months going back through it that’s what will convince you that this
is Sound Logic it’s not contrived it’s not conjecture it’s not made up
it’s absolutely what the market does every week
every day and it will not stop
so you can see the previous am session low over here south side liquidity this dotted line here the notes we’re looking
at the 20th of June 2023. so I can’t use the afternoon session
high and low because we’ve already starting at 9 30 we’re already below that
so what am I looking for ICT what am I supposed to be looking for that low
it doesn’t matter if it was a lower low okay listen
if there was electronic trading hours showing and it had a lower low and it went below that low here I would still
listen I would still refer to the PM session range as I
mentioned a little bit ago in this presentation tonight and before that one I would go to this
specific range here it’s a Civic time I don’t care about overnight highs and
lows I’m looking at very specific regular trading hours
regular trading hours is going to be referred to in the next trading session they’re either going to be respected or
blown out it’s simple it’s not hard
all right so let’s blend some things here okay so as you can see we have several things
here in this chart and this is today’s trading the 21st of June 2023 and it’s the email s p
and I photoshopped some things in here obviously being facetious by saying that
the opening range as I taught you here tonight that was one of the factors I
utilized today in the if you’re following me on Twitter I showed my PM session trade which is
what you’re seeing here using everything that I talk to you tonight
let’s go through it okay this morning we are watching Fed chair
pal give us testimony at 10 o’clock and I had my favorite Usual Suspects
that I like following on Twitter not Twitter on YouTube rather and those that were live streaming I’ll
listen to them and no disrespect gentlemen and meme
uh they had really no idea what was going on which is exactly what one would expect
because the Market’s gyrating and going sideways churning up accounts going sideways
beating up everybody you have to wait until we get through lunch if that chair
pal is going to talk and it’s a 10 o’clock testimony or whatever
wait wait for lunch wait for lunch
if you do that you will get the cleanest setup for the
day the easy what does that mean cleanest setup like what do you mean when you say that
where everything just simply jumps off the chart it just it makes itself very
obvious you want setups that are very obvious that’s clean okay I don’t want
you as my student going into the marketplace and trying to just be an action hound and try to trade everything
I don’t teach my students to do that the ones that blow their accounts or fail their funded account challenges
that’s a characteristic that they have that is not a a derivative of learning from me
that’s a personal character flaw and you can correct it you can fix it
but you can’t place that blame on me if you wait and you listen I counsel all
of you real real time live on Twitter don’t touch this right now
all right focus on this time of the day and when it’s appropriate I’ll point to where the Mark’s going to go to next I
did that today the opening range Gap here
was utilized to get what would otherwise be done if you had done these same entries and managed at
the same position would have resulted in a 9 362.50 before commissions
now I don’t know about you where you are in the world and you know you’re walking life but the almost ten thousand dollars
is a pretty respectable amount of money I mean you can go on a nice vacation with that can get your spouse something really
nice you probably do some really good Christmas shopping with that so that’s not chump change
and I want to think about the logic that’s shown here pal
10 o’clock trash Market okay just ignore it
just ignore it just don’t even worry about it oh but it’s gonna run it’s gonna move that is you that’s a neophyte
Trader and an action Hound you feel like you have to be able to do something in that
I’m telling you I’m telling you with 30 years of experience you don’t need to
you don’t need to it’s liberating when you just relax and say you know what this is the highest degree of
manipulation right now and you don’t I don’t know what they’re gonna do because
they can manually intervene and send price careening higher or lower and you
won’t be able to see it coming so don’t torture yourself do something
else sleep in go have breakfast with your spouse work
out longer take your boat out Roger jet skis
cut the grass whatever don’t do don’t do anything in the marketplace just wait
and then what time does your shift start at 1 30.
that’s when the macro will start running at 1 30 the market creates a a low here
Market trades down below the New York lunch South Side liquidity
again they can sweep it again but notice it doesn’t take that lower here I don’t
require it to the logic is it’s going down there once
more just in case
rallies comes back down into this down closed candle which is a bowl of shoulder block
I’m not teaching order blocks in this lecture the market rallies we have displacement
again fair value gaps and whatnot I promise you I’m going to take you into a 15
second chart where I utilize the information I’m going to show you here what I saw
was the market drop down below the initial New York lunch sell side
liquidity it’s dropping down below here and then I’m anticipating it to go up into the
opening range Gap that’s this shaded area up here I don’t need to show you an example
where it goes all the way up there I’m teaching you low hanging fruit that’s the first threshold for you to learn
under my wing you can and you can see it tonight the logic is leave a partial on for that
but I’m trying to encourage you while you’re learning to learn how to do this
modularly step by step you’re not going to go out there and do you know a lot of
contracts in one time you won’t know how to do the pyramiding that you’re going to watch me do here in a moment
you’re not going to know all that stuff okay and to remove all of the oh man I
wish I would have had a partial on I wish I would have held it longer
you don’t know where your growth is going to be and how long it’s going to take you to get to a point where you can
trust doing that so I allow for and I build into my teaching room for you to
develop independent from my personal timing see what I think a student should
require in terms of learning may be more or less than what it’s going to require for you
so I’m trying to be a realistic Mentor not just someone that says go through my
workshop go through my training in this many days months weeks or whatever you’re going to come out knowing what it is you’re going to do and if you can’t
then you suck that’s just not practical so what I do is I teach you where the
Market’s going to go what is your terminus Terminus while you’re first learning is
the easiest low-hanging fruit objective so if we’re buying down here
on the basis that that sell side liquidity pool for lunch has been swept here and we see this
returning but not respecting a run into and below that low it’s
denying that and it showed a willingness to repel back above this low that’s what
I was looking through all of this lows here I’m looking past all that going right to that low right there remember
this low here doesn’t get taken out until the PM session
look at your chart yeah I mentioned it earlier this low I trusted it but Michael what
happens if it went down there then I would have got stopped out what yeah sometimes I get it wrong
sometimes I mess it up sometimes I bring the baggage okay the scar tissue or my
ego into it and I try to outperform my own algorithm and I get my ass handed to me I get
stopped out if the trade’s still valid I’ll go back in and re-enter you’ve watched me do that I’ve recorded myself
doing that go on Twitter it’s there it’s there
if I get it wrong you see it if I get stopped out you see it if I get stopped out and it’s still a good trade I’ll get
back in if I get stopped out and I’m done I’m done I don’t hide that from you
so I’m buying Under the premise that we’re returning into that South Side liquidity here one more time
what is it doing here though if it’s not taking out that low what is it doing it’s trading below the rejection block
which is the lowest closing price in this swing I don’t need that low to be taken out I
don’t want to see it taken out so all the understanding of price action over here I’m anticipating this
accumulation and smart money jumping on board like I was to run to
relative equal highs and more specifically inside the opening range from record trading hours where we stop
Trading and where we started Trading
42 22 and a half that’s this high in here
I could have very easily had a runner run up in here and try to get one tick
below the high of the opening range Gap but if I do those types of things you
already some of you already get pissed off at your own performance because you think you should have 30
years of experience and performance and results too because you’ve watched my videos or you spent enough time which
isn’t realistic because none of you spend enough time to do what I’m doing it’s not ego it’s not it’s not arrogance
it’s it’s real practicality I mean think about it folks
I may have 30 years of experience but I can’t Pour That Into You in a short period of time and you have 30 years
experience too it’s unrealistic and some of you are very hard on
yourselves and you think that you should be able to do what I do so I try to teach with that in mind and
I teach low hanging for those terms are my way of saying okay
to go higher where is it going to go to logically well if it’s taken sell side out here
that means the sell stocks have been rated there and we swept down into the rejection block and preserve that low
in the afternoon should see a run up into that Gap and for those that are on you
know wondering why should that happen and not take out the relative equal lows is because we’ve already worked below
that am session low remember before we trade into the well not trade the transitions into this slide here we
traded into the previous session am loves so we are really in a deep discount
in that opening range Gap has not been traded into from the open it opened and
ran away from it quickly it’s never came up to it until here
and it left what relative equal highs what time of the day did it do it between 12 o’clock and 1 30.
so that’s your lunch buy side liquidity everybody that’s short thinks it’s going to keep going down that’s where their
stop loss is who’s doing that funds not retail Rick
large funds Deep Pockets
buying and every time the market gave me a buying opportunity very specific PD
arrays on a 15 second chart I was entering this is a one minute
chart by the way if you’re looking at it here it’s one minute every one of these entries were based on a 15 second candle
I recorded it I’ve already shared it on Twitter but for the folks that don’t have Twitter or refuse to watch it because
they don’t want to be on the Bird app or whatever I got you covered tonight but every time it reached above relative
equal highs I’m taking a partial profit up in here another partial profit
Above This High here partial profit and above the high here partial profit
so I don’t require it to trade above this high
and I’m teaching you that you don’t need to do that either I mean if you got out just with this 44 22 and a half that’s
below the actual liquidity above this high
and if you mimic this same trade in your own account whether it be funded or in life funds and you profited 9 362.50 are
you going to beat yourself up because you didn’t have that run up um to the opening range Gap High some of you might and that would be
unfortunate that’s not what I want you to think that would be really a toxic mindset about your performance and what
you’re trying to do you try very very hard to filter out negative thinking that’s why social media is the worst
social media is like cancer okay for a developing student because everybody’s got an ego they’re all
pulling their dicks out for a measuring competition okay and the point is you’re trying to learn how to make money and all I’m trying to do is teach you how to
stay in the game long enough so you can keep your money learn the skills that’s on showing you so that way
you can leave your job and then live your life and do whatever you want to do okay and you don’t need to listen to me the rest of your life I don’t I
don’t want to be doing these videos I’m going to be doing it so I’m leaving you a legacy so that way you can come back to this information take your kids to
this information whatever and build Legacy wealth you don’t need you don’t need to entertain these people’s egos
you don’t need to come back and keep me feeling good about myself either this stuff works
but you have to graduate in your understanding about where is it going to go and be realistic
and then over time when you start seeing this unfold reasons for it to go higher
you leave a runner on that’s the only way if you’re in there
trading and you’re thinking to yourself man I don’t know I should probably leave a runner on there I know if I leave a
runner on you know it’s probably gonna you know stop me out and if I don’t put one on it’s going to run oh put one on
what’s the worst thing gonna happen it’s going to stop you out in profit see you’re wrestling with being right
and many of you are trying to do that if you’re doing it in front of an audience that is hard
because not only are you wrestling with your internal dialogue about what you should do and how you’re managing the
trade but you’re inviting everybody else’s feedback to your trade and guess what guess what girl boy that’s not your
trade anymore you’ve invited the entire Community that’s watching you and your audience to manage your trade for you
and that means you brought in a level of uncertainty fear Pride
and pain that would otherwise not be there if you were disquietied about what the you’re doing
that’s what this is all about folks it’s not about getting out there and Showboat Showboat and show what you can do improve this improve that
is it going to matter when you’re paying off a house how many people believe you did it
how many are going to have to come back here on social media when you hit seven figures and you’re a millionaire how
many of you have to come back to social media and go to the usual suspect and say haha ICT made me a millionaire
if you think that you’re doing this for the wrong reasons the people that are really killing it
they don’t come on Twitter they don’t leave comments in my section of my videos
they don’t do any of that stuff they’re out there living a life they’ve already thanked me they’ve
already shared their testimony and they’re doing big wheel grow like that
all right so uh this is a 15 second chart
and I have to make sure that I don’t play sound on this and I gotta make sure
I do this correctly here
I recorded a song as I typically do on Twitter I love Twitter for that reason
it’s like a like a a text message to you like if you had my personal phone number
and yeah so there’s a lot of people that have it and yes they abuse it and yes I’m changing my phone number in November
a lot of you that listen to me or follow me on
Twitter when I’m tweeting that’s the same thing if you were like my best friend and I’ll say hey look at the look
at this Market here that’s that’s real time right now right from my mind right
into Twitter and I can’t put the music on in the in a presentation format that I
love doing over the years I used to be on Twitter uh before leaving it they started censoring me and I left it and I
came back and one of the things I was looking forward to was going back and doing vignettes where I record myself
executing putting on trade putting a stop loss on managing it for you know putting on a pyramid position building
it up taking profits and watching the position go from beginning to end and I
usually put a song on there it may not be the type of song that you like it may have foul language in it it may be a
genre that you don’t like I don’t give a because it’s what I like okay I like doing that because it’s what I like
doing it’s usually received well in the community but I can’t play that here
because I’ll get a copyright strike and I I don’t need all that here so I’ll leave a link so you can look at it
in the format that I gave on Twitter but you don’t need it’s gonna be the same thing here
as a reminder every Candlestick you’re seeing here is a 15 second duration now
think about that lunch sell side liquidity pool and where the market was
going to go up to now right now you’re looking at the dollar Index it’s going to change over to index
features but I want you to think about what I showed you before we got to this slide here
because when the when the video starts playing it’s like two minutes long and I’ll walk you through as much as I can
but everything that has already been told to you tonight that’s what I was using
okay I promise you I didn’t have something secret okay everything that I
taught you tonight is exactly what I implemented here and everything I’m commenting and annotating in the chart
real time as I’m recording it that’s what I was seeing so I try to do
as much as I can in terms of annotating the chart showing the reference points where I think the Mark’s going to be respecting
certain levels why it should behave a certain way keeping in mind that I’m doing this
with 15 second candlesticks so I have to know what the I’m talking about to
be able to do this to be able to annotate it show you where the rivals are going to be respected and I was going to reach out to this and do
it think about seriously seriously folks think about what would be necessary to
be able to know what’s going on if you’re just simply looking at the 15 second chart like everybody else on Twitter was doing today
and they watched it and look at the comment section like what the heck what the hell’s going on how what 15 seconds
forget the time frame forget the time frame think about what
I’ve told you tonight with the lunch macro it’s running down to the sell side and it’s going back up into that opening
range Gap to take the buy side on the New York lunch High where the buy side is
that’s all that I’m doing and I’m gonna use every PD array that is discount
I’m gonna put in every every one of these things could have been your individual entry
based on the things I’ve taught just using a 15 second chart now there’s other things if you were
looking at a one minute chart the far less entries obviously but you could see certain entry patterns or PD
arrays to get into the trades based on a one minute chart two minute
three minute four or five or a 15-minute chart but you have less entry opportunities
the higher time frame get you go so this to add insult to injury for the
people that say this is and it’s fake and all this other stuff I go into these Ultra short-term time frames
just to Overkill just to rub their nose in it to show you that this stuff works and it will work
for you it ain’t gonna work for you the first time you watch the video it ain’t gonna be working for you because you’ve watched a couple videos and you wrote a
couple sentences down you think that’s journaling you’re gonna have to really roll your sleeves up and dig into this stuff and study it it’s a lifestyle if
you don’t make it a lifestyle forget about it it’s it’s not going to work for you you have to be passionate about it
all right so I’m going long here on the S P here’s that uh run that didn’t take out the low at one
o’clock and I’m adding a pyramiding and I’ve already annotated that fair value Gap
and told you that it’s an inversion for everybody you got that means it’s going to go above it treated as support and then rally up
into the buy sides that I’m going to show you here so you can already see that 4422 even level is highlighted as a bicycle
liquidity notice it’s below that high I’ll show you when we’re covering the
lunch liquidity so that’s the order Block it’s reclaimed and it dug into the uh
inversion fair value Gap and for the folks that thinking all the order block doesn’t work see here that entire range is the order block
and I’m adding into it here inside the fair value Gap that is already identified as an inversion for your value Gap
so this is going to be dynamic support here watch how it respects it
I’m already showing you here it’s going to go up and just like magic on a 15 second chart
look at that it’s unbelievable isn’t it now my stop loss is below the inversion favorite you
got and I’m showing you where the executions are so everything matches now folks this is not replay none of that
here’s another partial here and my stop is below the low at 44.16. I
don’t want to chase it up there because that’s inefficient it can trade down inside that so I don’t
want to put a stop loss at 44.17 in half it can come back in there deeper I’m making allowance for that so my stop is
staying below that I’m not in a hurry to guarantee higher profits I’m more concerned about my
limit orders filling my stop is not being concerned about
and here comes another run up into a
10 lot limit order that would put me at 5 remaining see that retracement down in there
I’m not worried about that you might be freaking out because you put your stop loss higher or you maybe even stopped
out but this is proper stop loss management now here’s the limit order and then now we’re going to run for that buy side here
and then once it runs that high I’m holding the trail my stop loss up then
this is exactly what I shared on Twitter today everything was recorded this is not Market replay this is not uh the trading
view replay none of that stuff okay the logic that I showed here
doesn’t show everything that I taught tonight but what I was utilizing because you
don’t hear me talking in in the trade but the things that I’m doing to trade
this everything I’m doing is what I was teaching you tonight
it’s not conjecture I didn’t form fit it I do this stuff every single week with
you all on Twitter over and over and over again and when time permits it I’ll give an example every single day today I gave several
examples this one today I told you to wait for the PM session that was the morning advice
and I went in there and murdered it so every single one of these individual
entries that could be your model some are better in terms of where their
entry was but I’m using them as pyramiding opportunities none of the things in here that I showed
violated any of the bullish order flow this is real order flow notice there’s
no Dom depth of Market level two data required no book map required everything
that I’ve outlined here is shown to you on a time-based chart my partials are
based on liquidity look at my exits on the partials they’re at the highs
my entries are in very key levels that would be a discount array for what I’ve
taught you and I’ve done so on a 15 second chart that’s not even a minute it
takes four of these individual handles to make one minute does it look like noise to you look at
how the market reacted right there I time traveled folks I time
traveled when we were down here I drew this out and labeled it in version Fairbank app for the folks that have
been following me for the last couple weeks of the month or so probably two months I introduced the inversion
Fairbank account okay so every one of my PD arrays can be utilized as a contrain entry
but unless you have the narrative in mind knowing where is it going to reach for where’s the liquidity it’s going to be drawing price next
how do you know how do you know that ICT well you started with the weekly candle
where is it going to gravitate to I don’t care if you use another way of trading folks I don’t care if you do
trade with harmonic patterns okay if you use what I’m teaching here tonight it’s going to make your start working
the times that it fails it’s going against what I’m teaching you tonight I promise you that is not arrogance or
Pride or ego speaking your ain’t working when it goes against this
if you trade retail concepts with this stuff your retail ship will start working
you don’t have to like me okay you don’t have to tell everybody that you trade SMC or ICT or whatever
you want to call me okay I don’t care I really don’t care but I really want to see you succeed
even if you hate my guts and you troll me you make videos about me and all about I don’t care I’m not
losing any sleep okay I can still do this stuff whether you love me or hate me
and I really want you to listen and you never ever ever have to tell me that it improved your Trading
I don’t need it I know it works
I want you to think about everything I talked about tonight and how it gives you a plethora
of opportunities that will always be there folks these intervals they happen every
day and guess what they can’t hide it they cannot hide this information from
you it doesn’t require any kind of subscription to any thing it doesn’t require you to do anything extra
it’s simply just looking at the time intervals where is that pool of liquidity above and below and where does
it fit in a narrative I’m guiding you I’m teaching you but teach me bias ICT this is all part of it
it’s all part of it go back and look at the tweets I’ve told you the focus on the PM session what is
that 1 30 to 4 o’clock
think how many opportunities
are going to be much more Within Reach for you now because you have this understanding in
price it doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to go out and do it tomorrow remember I said in this lecture tonight that you
have to go through weeks and months of back testing studying what it’s done
logging it journaling it and encouraging yourself in the commentary in the chart
that you screenshot that you put into your journal and you talk to yourself like you knew it was going to happen in
advance and you’re tricking your subconscious into believing that is experience and because you’re
sugarcoating it with everything positive and you’re never saying anything negative when you watch real-time price
it won’t feel scary subconsciously if you’ve always looked at Price action or
looked at people like me or other people that you think are fraud scammers or they don’t really know how to trade or whatever you are literally
flooding your brain with toxicity and I guarantee you probably can’t make
a penetrating because you’ve done that this game is 90 psychological
it’s easy to talk yourself out of it and it’s easy program your mind to keep
you in the game before you really know the skill set you have to cheerlead yourself nobody’s gonna be able to do it for you
just watching my videos is not enough I promise you I have paid members that have paid me
and they still can’t do it because they have not done what I’ve told them to do or they think they’ve done enough but
they haven’t the fruits and the results will come because of what they’ve done and they
gotta lead the at the door when they come in they can’t bring in Wyckoff Theory and harmonics and other stuff and
try to blend it together you have to learn this first forget all that stuff learn this and then once you understand
this it’s easy to go into a John Murphy Financial uh what’s it technical analysis of the financial markets that’s
the retail Trader’s Bible everything in that book everything in that book can be contrary
if you understand this but same side of the coin if you flip it over you can make those
retail Concepts work if you understand this premise tonight see the problem with retail Traders is
they don’t look at the market like this they’re looking for patterns for pattern’s sake they’re looking for
indicator confirmation they’re looking for things that cuts through all the
they think noise or uncertainty or randomness of price action if you’re believing that price is random what the
are you thinking the indicator is going to do it’s not changing the randomness it’s just adding something else to believe in
so that’s not the right way the right way is understanding why price delivers the way it does and it does
own a basis of time and price there’s a time that it operates and it’s reaching for us very
specific price I’ve already taught you the time elements and today I’ve already taught you the price elements time and price
between those two you will always have a setup for life you can have a breaker you can have a
institutional order flow entry drill you can have a fair value gap an inversion fair value cap I did this trade today
the rub the nose of the guy that was in my comment section and you know you don’t see him but he’s in
the videos where I uh it looks like my comment section open is open rather like
It’s usually the pre-recorded videos I think it’s what it does I think I don’t think it lets you do a comment or it doesn’t look like there’s going to be
comments open for a live stream but whenever I do a pre-recorded video this section underneath the video it
looks like you can leave a comment and I have so many people saying first first first comment whatever that’s silly but
invariably I get some goober that comes in there and will say like you know this is never done in advance and you you’re
making this stuff up it doesn’t work it only works sometimes well that’s true for you because you don’t know what the
you’re doing but I know what I’m doing and in inversion fear value gaps I know which fair value Gap is going to be
inverted here it is folks and I’ve shown it to you on a 15 second chart like you can’t get any planer than that
it’s real it’s absolutely a real phenomenon it’s really there
but you know what makes it valid and how to predict it understanding liquidity
understanding time and price that lunch hour
that nobody goes to lunch the algorithm runs on that liquidity
and then it starts repricing and spooling to the next pool liquidity so since it took sell side okay what did I
teach you price only goes up to take buy side or buy stops or it goes up to an
inefficiency above market price that’s the only two reasons that price goes up period and the story I don’t
care how many years you’ve been trading you can call yourself a market maker I don’t care what institution you work for you banked that this one you did this
trading for that when you managed funds and I don’t give a price only goes up for one of two reasons to go up to inefficiency above
market price where it runs up for buy side liquidity buy stops that’s it folks that is it it’s not going up against buying pressure and it’s not going down
because of selling pressure it’s going down for inefficiency below market price or it’s going down
for South Side liquidity period and the story that is it if it’s not doing one of those two things
it’s going sideways I already teach you and taught you the economic calendar tells you when it’s
going to consolidate so what does that leave up or down okay how do you know if it’s going to go up
or down look at the weekly chart what is it going to reach for on that Weekly candlestick something above the price or below the
price which is the most obvious there’s going to be a fair bag Gap or
liquidity which is the most easiest closest proximity PD array
it’s probably going to go to that one but what if you’re wrong then you lose
You’re Gonna Lose sometimes you’re gonna lose folks you’re gonna get it wrong sometimes why are you afraid
look at how many new opportunities are made available to you now you have information that is not found anywhere
else I have laughed at all these clowns for 30 years on an internet pretending
they had some kind of Holy Grail and they’re Clueless
absolutely Clueless and they perpetuate and regurgitate all
the stuff that I’ve bought in books over 2 000 books and it’s all horseshit
and I just can’t bring it throw I can’t bring myself to the point of throwing them away because number one I spend a lot of good money on it I
worked hard for that money and it just reminds me of what I had to Wade through
and all the horseshit and lies and garbage that people believe that makes these markets move up and down
and it’s all horseshit it’s a waste of time all the things that you think is
going to make the price go up and down if it’s in a book unless I wrote it it’s all horseshit and yes I just let pride
and ego speak right there because I can do it I have the authority I have the authority to do so
you have a setup for life if you use this information I have given you the freedom
to be able to pick what your entry model is going to be
which one are you going to use is it going to be an overblock a fair value Gap optimal trade entry inversion
fair value Gap turtle soup uh consequent encroachment of a wick
hmm all these things are left into your hands and I’m making
allowance for that because I don’t know where you started in my videos and if you’re wondering where to start
the 2022 model or 2022 mentorship it’s 41 videos I promise you if you start
there you will get the shortest route to going into the charts and finding something that works every day
every day works every day now here’s here’s the caveat it may not work in the
market that you’re looking at right now but it’s in every single one of these markets it’s in there
so what does that mean if you’re an index Trader it will be in one index
it may be in multiple index but it might only be M1 and that’s why I
teach you to look at all three of the averages the Dow the NASDAQ and the s p it may not be in the pound but it is in
the euro you see the difference that’s why I teach at least a Triad when I talk predominantly only
Forex I was teaching dollar euro dollar and pound dollar you can’t miss it then it’s there
you have to have intermarket relationships and study like that with a closely correlated Market Euro and cable
or euro dollar and pound dollar are closely correlated they’re inversely correlated
with the dollar so when the dog goes up they go down but just because the dollar is going
down doesn’t mean it’s a good buy to be in Euro sometimes it’s a better buy-in cable most times it’s better than cable
better in cable rather but there’s going to be times when the dollar is going sideways in the Euro or cable May
outperform one or the other what does that mean it just means that the real trade is not
in that one it’s in the Exotic meaning that you can use the pound dollar if it’s really running or it’s predisposed
to go up more if the dollar is consolidating that means you probably have a really good trade short I’m sorry long and
pound yen don’t take my word for it just consider it I’ve done lessons and core content
about that stuff too those videos are not coming down in November everything on this YouTube
channel will stay I won’t be here updating it after November
but I promise I will leave you with more than you will ever need and you study at your own pace don’t
rush if you rush you just make it just makes your learning curve longer
you can’t you can’t speed learn this you can’t learn I I saw a guy
I watched all of ICT videos and I’ve condensed it into 15 videos
and now you can do it quicker and sooner and faster more efficiently Porsche that’s you hear that that’s me
laughing at your ass you are clown if you think you can take everything I’ve done and condense it into the smallest little time frame of
presentation you’re going to miss so much information there’s so much information in the stuff
I’ve given and you don’t even appreciate what it is because you just went through it one
time and you haven’t even started trading with real money and when you start trading real money you come back and you watch those same videos again you’re like oh he said
that I didn’t hear that the first time you’re gonna swear up and down and I made an edit to the video and I haven’t
it just doesn’t mean anything to you right now because you’re not even a demo Trader yet with consistency when you start trading with real money
the lessons and all those droning discussions jaw burning by ICT all that’s that’s
going to be much more meaningful to you it’s going to be rich understanding
because it’ll be you that’s prepared to hear it you’re not prepared to hear it most times
you’re not and to be honest with you I’m not talking to you
I’m talking to my children that’s what all this is for
that movie with Michael Keaton my life that’s what I’m doing right here When I’m Gone
they’ll have all this they’ll have all this to listen to and compare and contrast with notes that I have for
enigma which I am not teaching and none of these presentations ever had Enigma in them and no joker has cracked it and
figured it out either they may call what the they’re doing Enigma that anything close
I promise you it’s not even close I am enigma
[Music] appreciate you hanging out with me
tonight hopefully this was insightful and helpful to you in your learning and if you could
give me a thumbs up on the video it doesn’t cost you anything it’s an encouragement for me to want to come back and do more like this until talk to
you next time be safe