How To Improve

What Do Serious Traders Do?

1. Risk is #1. Know your max risk per trade (dollar amount) and never let the trade lose more than your pre-determined. amount – EVER. Take the stop loss like a boss. Take the loss as soon as the price action proves the trade in invalidated – a half loss is better than a full loss. Remember… there is another high probability trade around the corner.

2. Know when NOT to trade. There are better days and times. Monitor your level of tiredness.

3. Map out your ideal trades and print it out. Know exactly which trades you will take, given trend.

4. Track your trading performance. Are there specific days you do better than others, do you trade better in the AM vs the PM, what is your ETH trade performance, how well do you perform on Red folder news events, how well do you trade the day AFTER a huge move, what is your perfect trading size, what trades/trend do you trade best, …

5. Manage Your Emotions FIRST…. then the profit will follow. Develop a trading plan that CONTAINS the accumulation of emotion that leads to poor decisions.

If You Are A Member Of My Group

I would do bar-by-bar, candle-by-candle, replay every night.

AND… then on the weekend… DO IT AGAIN FOR EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That is right, do it again! This is equivalent to studying “game film”.

What you do while the market is closed will determine how well you do when it is open!

Do them each day and THEN redo them EACH WEEKEND.

AND.. POST your EOD chart INSIDE the Discord group!