Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: Mon Feb 19, 2024
I Know Nothing About Trading, Can I Learn?
Learn It Right… The FIRST Time… The Core Strategy Academy

Can I Learn Your System For Free?
Not fully, but you can certainly try…

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What Is The #1 Thing I Can Learn From You?
If you can’t control your RISK, you will never make it as a trader. The market will take every dime you got!

Risk Rules!!!

Leverage Matrix

How Do I Cancel My Membership?
How To Cancel Instructions.
Can I Have A Free Zoom Pass?
From time to time, I will offer a free zoom pass. Watch my YouTube Channel for announcements.
How Much Is The Membership?
The Cost Per Trading Day Is $5 Per Day. 1 MES Point. Not Too Shabby.

There are two paths to Full Membership.

The $50 “Dip Your Toe” Mini-Membership can get you started. It includes some training and a zoom pass.

OR… Become a Full Member Today and get started!

More Details.

Do I NEED Tradingview?
The short answer is…. “Yes, In My Humble Opinion.”

Could you chart on another charting software? Sure. Would it be enjoyable? No. Will you get frustrating using something else? 100%!

Sometimes, using a HIGH QUALITY tool is worth the price. Tradingview is that tool. Nearly EVERY trader in my group uses it. Your mileage may vary.

PLUS, our suite of indicators will not work on another platform. They only work on Tradingview.

Start with the cheapest package and when they have a BIG SALE, jump all over it.

Do I Get Access "Forever"?
The short answer is…. No.

Your access to everything continues with your continued membership and ends upon your cancellation.

See Terms Of Service

Do You Offer Private Coaching?
Yes. Buy a small Zoom Package. We will PM and back and forth to nail down dates and times.

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