ES Scalping System  Core Strategy Academy: The Training
βœ… A Strong Foundation Is Laid Here. Building Time on Zoom Constructs The Trader. You Need Both.
βœ… Slow Systematic, Nearly Robotic Entries/Exits, Might Be Boring But It Creates a Strong Foundation.
βœ… In Depth Training. This System is Very Exacting. Your Lines WILL Match My Lines. Finally Learn Market Structure Like You Have Never “Seen It”. You Will Swear You Can Looking Into The Matrix of Price Action.
βœ… Lesson Plans: Take a Sneak Peek πŸ‘€
βœ… Detailed Backtest “Trade Analytics” Results
βœ… Earn Badges: Your Charts Graded
βœ… Recorded “How To Mark Levels” Workshops. Watch Other “New”‘ Traders Mark Their Levels For Critique – Extremely Valuable To Watch!
βœ… Recorded “Price Action” Workshops
βœ… The Academy is Self Paced. It Takes About 8 Weeks To Complete.
βœ… Your Access To The Core Strategy Academy Continues With Your Paid Membership. Your Access Ends When Your Membership Ends.