How To Stay In A Trade Longer

all right I thought I’d pop on here and record this
so I be high I don’t need this anymore I don’t need this
anymore I don’t need this anymore and I don’t need this anymore and this is where I went long right here I’m here
let’s scroll down went long down
here and just simply you stay behind protection layers now truthfully this was my Runner and what I showed my group
or let me I’ll show you so let’s say this was where I entered a trade I can put and I went
long one of my stops I have here whatever this distance is I can put my
lotto contract the same distance in the loss category okay so what happens is
this is financing that and that’s what I did here because what did I know
today risk of short covering is high risk of a short squeeze is
high so I did that with a nice number of contracts and have done very well today
with some Mees and the beautiful thing about Mees is it’s pretty easy to peel
them off so now I’m looking at this in okay where do I put my stop because when this
thing goes extremely parabolic like
that where do you put your stop so let’s come in here and
draw this so this is this primary trend line and then what did we do we pretty much
went parabolic uh most likely in here but one
could also throw it back here and go yeah I think we’re par
IC now this morning I shared this level if we get there what’s going to
happen um so I believe the short squeeze is on
but what do I know all I know to do is stay behind protection layers when price like this skyrockets up like that well I
really want to stay in the trade I love my trade location this thing could come all the way back and it’s not that big
of a deal um but I think what I’ll do is I’ll lock in 10
points I’ll lock in 10 and give it
room and give it room cuz there’s still a lot of time left in the day here still
an awful lot of time here and it very well could come back in fact I want to
see where is that 35 I’m totally fine with 35 where did it really take off it
took off here at 41 I’m behind that which is totally fine with
me and let’s see what happens this is what you call handsfree
trading keep your hands off the mouse let price do what it’s supposed to do here
now that doesn’t mean this thing can’t fly back in let’s go to 30- minute
chart yeah you would think at least it’s going to reach here and in
fact let me do a couple things here let me remove actually I need to keep that
trend line on there um I want to remove all the
drawings but I actually want to put back on my strong level so I got to turn them
back on so let’s take all these things put them in my low time frames folder let’s
get off that let’s get off that let’s get off this so yeah this morning in the AM
briefing this is kind of where I said all right if it squeezes there now this is obviously this rth it could just grab
that liquidity vom it back in and we make new lows uh but above there
I believe we’re going up what do I know so let’s turn that off let’s go down to
a one minute chart me I could capture 20 points one
point I could have captured 30 points but let’s go more let’s see I
went long at 25 boom boom
boom right in here so yeah there’s the
30 where’s 20 20 is
here and my Stop’s at 10 where’s my stop at 35 I should have known that I
don’t know why I had to look 35 let’s go to 35
here 35 so that’s where my stop is
and all you do is you go handsfree um if I wanted to be more aggressive and I thought okay this
thing’s really going to pull back in here I would be behind two fair value gaps is kind of how I I do
that but I’m up really nice on the day so I’m just going to stay
here I’m just going to stay here no sense in doing anything
crazy let it go this is the easiest money you make Let It
Go handsfree Trading
all right so I’ll check in back with you when there’s something to
share all right let’s check in here we’re still long we’re still doing
good we’re still in the money honey not bad for one Mees sometimes you get these
nice Runners comes from seeing the day
well coming from seeing in the day well I wish I’d have streamed a longer on Zoom so that non-members could have seen
us but I gave the Longs at 16 for people to take Longs at 16 and Longs at the uh
25 area and uh because of risk of short covering is High inq um took back the
Gap from Sunday night we did not take the Gap back from Sunday night and I told the group that that is actually
bullish cuz inq was the weaker so why are we surprised it took back the entire Gap inq was very I mean es was very
reluctant it did not take back the Gap so it was very
bullish and we saw the writing on the wall got our traders long and the one comment I told them is do not short this
do not short
this so now it’s just handsfree trading you just stay out of the way you are in
a monster move move this is irrational price action this is short covering this
we just got an alert put in the group careful trading
parabolic careful counter trading it’s just a suggestion you can do whatever you want I’m not in charge
of your account I’m not in charge of your
trades now for me the next stumbling block is this little strong range right here what’s it going to do there I don’t
really know no one’s shorting this shorts are
running out the door all the Bears are trying to squeeze out the door at the same time
here and that’s what creates this meteoric rise
up very very nice now I could EAS move my stop behind here that would put my
stop at 50 so I think I’m going to move my stop to
50 let’s come down here and remove it from down
here and you just stay out of the way handsfree
trading man those are good days right there all right so there’s 40
points now we’re coming where’s
50 me put this in my
group I’ll put this on the price map on my website micr if you click
price map I give periodic updates and so I just put one in there with this exact
screenshot all right I don’t need session levels anymore it matters not none of your
levels matter nothing none of your levels matter is that a parabolic move should
you be shorting this only if you hate yourself
and now if I wanted to play the two fair value Gap game I would be able to lock in 30 at
54 um 30 at 54 let’s do that this is a nice
nice move 54 it’s not that far from where I’m currently at let’s go to
54 right here and we just got an 8-point candle
Let’s uh let me turn on my essentials indicator there’s the 8-point candle you love when they go in your
direction so my group just got on the trading floor uh careful counter trading
parabolic question mark that means check your chart be on sides the play is long or
flat at this point you can’t even go long like that you just are in the
move can we get to 5125 I have no clue but there’s the
5125 all right I’ll check back in when there’s something to
share by the the way that would be a 100p pointer so come on get up there get
up there that’s right go go go go all right
I’ll be back when there’s something to share all right 2 minutes to the uh top
of the hour the beginning of the Silver Bullet hour hopefully we just keep
squeezing into the close
well we got two hours before we close but you know what I
mean and it could vomit right back in what do you know what do I know all I can do is play the protection
layer game this is my lotto
Runner we’ll just let it keep going I’ll come back when there’s something to
say all right having a little pause here had eight-point candle up and an
eight-point candle
down go to one minute chart just to look at this more micro
so how much did I lock in okay I’m just
there well a 30 pointer is just a little bit more I’m going to move it to a 30
pointer which is here yeah I’m fine with
that all right let’s just
watch uhoh I can see price action in my stop loss on the
Dom oh good it disappeared
let’s go back to a three minute chart for a second okay all right I’ll just come back when there’s something to
say okay just to connect where we’re at versus the am briefing we are at this
parabolic trend line we’re pausing here we get over
this I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all it did I can’t be surprised if
that’s all it did but short squeeze man your levels don’t mean a whole
lot come on Bust It bust it right here give us a white candle straight up to
the strong range you can do it um that’s 40 all right so 50
points to somewhere right in here okay cool I would expect if it did pop up here it’s going to have some sort of
reaction there but we’ll
see all right I’ll be back when there’s something to say hold on come on push it
you can do
it come on all all right I’ll be back with there’s something to
say all right here’s a more put North see if it’ll get to the strong
range there found out other Traders are long
with me and took the same entry I took that’s awesome and that’s what we do we trade
the same chart looking for the same trades and supporting each other we’re talking about stops and where they are
and how we want to adjust this and what about levels up here and I said I removed every one of them they don’t
matter they don’t mean anything just remove them off your chart right now just turn them off they don’t matter are
you going to counter this move no are you looking for a reason to get out well
Trends are hard to break when should you get out when the trend breaks so you stay in the trade you stay
in it you just stay out of the way
so let’s do this as I said here’s you got this trend
line and then somewhere you got to say this thing went parabolic I mean look at that that’s
what you do you just stay out of the way I’m going to tell them okay I put these two
lines okay I put these two lines
I didn’t paste it come on
all right that’s that’s a it’s almost 50
points actually that hit 50 points 75 yeah okay that’s cool that’s
cool you could take it off and walk away but why how often do you get short covering
rallies and you’re in it good you go for the
ride all right I think I’m going to move my stop up a a little
bit yeah I’m fine with all that turn that
on all right we just stay in it we stay in it I’ll be back when there’s
something to say all right so we’re flirting with the
50 pointer just under the strong range I’d love to just see a candle not respect it
like just rip its head off just rip its head off don’t respect
um 2 minutes to the final 3 30 minute
periods so we’ll see what’s going to happen I’ll be back when there’s something to
say all right just to make sure I point out once again this is that 30 that 30 minute High time frame trend line that I
have been talking about this is the normal trend line from when we push down
we’ve now went parabolic making new High new high now
let’s come over and check everybody else out so this is when I say is everyone on
the same train Cho CH everyone’s on the same
train I’m going share this chart in my
group they know exactly what I’m sharing it they know exactly what it
means all right coming up to the strong range here get up
there you know it’s so hard not to just take a 50 pointer and go boom done thank you
bye-bye see what happens
trade add up man sometimes you get days where you make two poter and two poters and two
pointers and one pointer and one tick and gift to break even and you you grind
your way to profits I was grinding my way to profits
to this trade and now this
trade has if I took it off right now almost doubled everything I did this
morning just to show you I don’t know if I’ve showed you or not so I’m sorry if I’m showing you something I’ve already
showed you
um come here let’s paste this in here so this
is what it looks like today and I haven’t taken this trade off yet and this is just trading Mees
contracts Mees
contracts and that loser right there was a runner that I kept back so I had
multiple contracts who so sorry I I had multiple contracts and what I did is I took one off in the profit at two points
and then I moved my stop two points negative and uh you know you never know
you might be in the move like this
move because here’s what happened here let’s go back and talk so I gave the formula to the to my traders of why they
want to go long here lot and I did multiple contracts did very well I kept one back at my
entry I kept the other one back at two points that is what saved
me that is exactly what saved me to be in this trade here it came back to the
strong level it’s strong level I gave you this morning I’ve given you for many days but you got to see the writing on
the wall this morning I said you got to know when things turn around we’re very
good at that in our group actually we’re very good at trading with Trend and with
with good trade location let’s see what happens here let’s see if it’ll finally pop it like I
said I would love to just see one strong candle RI through there proven to me once again we’re just really in a strong
up move which we are there’s nothing to to tell me we’re not but we are
coming against an area that price could potentially pull back in but I expect us
to continue up I’d love to see us get to this 5125 I have no clue if that would happen
today but it
might so I’m going to pull that in just a little
bit all right give it plenty of open air bias Yourself by where you place
your chart all right I’ll be back when there’s something to say
all right is that strong range proving too difficult is it proving too
difficult I’m going to add at 60650 if it gives me the
opportunity I got room to go if it vomits through who cares
and that would get me out on both of them which is
fine going to need a little more uh buyers to get above that strong range
of course I don’t change all my numbers over here but who
cares actually I’m going to add one here
and if it gets me out of all of them what a great trade though I’ll take it I’ll go for it here I’ll go for it
here there we go get up there right now I’m won’t do
this ad
see what
happens yeah a point candle No Lie
and if he gets me completely out what can I complain you had a 50 point run
there let me make sure my 63 75 my stop should be 6175 by my rules
all right let’s see what happens all you can do is play chess no
tears no cry
babies so on a high time frame let’s say this thing pulls in on this 30 minute
candle this will be just a wick and then pull back in it’ll be a wick and pull back
in and that’s okay
come on defend it here boys defend
it looks like I’m about to be
out and I’ll be a 30p pointer I’ll get to record if it gets me out cuz I didn’t get out at the 40 point mark I would
need to have gotten out at the 65 Mark come on get up there let’s go grab
that little bit of liquidity right there now let’s go up get up there let’s
go come
on there we go come on come on
all you can do is watch Once you enter a trade you have no control all you
control is how much leverage where you placed it and how you
manage I honestly didn’t think it’d get to the 63 there or I would have added a little greeder
but I was up nice enough to add at the 66 and that’s
fine what’s the low of this candle here 6225 okay I’m perfectly fine where my
stop is if it gets me out oh
well but it needs to defend here if not it’s going to be a pretty fast move down in my humble opinion but what do I know
come on it is against this trend line it’s a tough place to go long but we’re
in a parabolic move I’m going to take it
how refreshing to add to a winning trade versus what a lot of people do they add
to losing trades I much rather add to this winning
trade and go oh well I lost five points on the add-on who
cares who cares not looking
good not looking good come
on awesome 37p pointer I’m happy with that and have things changed very
possibly but right here against this strong range I knew that was just going to be tough and against this trend line
you were hoping that you would get one of those big candles up but that’s not what happened you play Perfect chess and
you are done all right I’ll see you all in the morning and to learn more about our group go to micr